The voice of an Angel〜 singer - songwriter asAhi〜

I want music to make everyone happy and create a joyful world.

Japanese singer-songwriter, asAhi, the creator of “Promise” and “Over the Moon”, 
wishes for world peace with her mystic and miraculous music. 

asAhi is a Japan-based singer-songwriter, who has been recognized for her talent worldwide. She became conscious of her nationality while she was growing up overseas; and this exposure gave her a greater appreciation for her country as well as other countries and their respective uniqueness.

We hope you will enjoy this special interview of how she has been pursuing her dream as an international musician. 

Your latest CD Single "Promise/Over the Moon" has been very well received. Please tell us about your new single,  "I Believe Your Heart".

asAhi:  "I Believe Your Heart" is the first happy love song among my original songs. 

When I was writing this song, I thought about what it means to love and I believe that the feeling of loving someone is the strongest feeling a person can have.

In the lyrics, the word "Mitsumete" (meaning gazing at in Japanese) appears many times, and I thought that to love someone means you to want to keep your eyes on that person, so I wrote the lyrics to this song. 

Tell us about your wonderful team. 

asAhi: Since "Promise/Over the Moon", Ikkun Hagi has been working with me as the Executive Producer and Kunio Kubota has been working with me as the Sound Producer. 

It has been a year since I met Ikkun, and thanks to him, my musical activities have deepened and expanded.

Ikkun is also an Art Director. I was so impressed by his artistic work that I asked him directly to create a CD jacket for my CD "Vill Natal". 

He understood my passion for music and agreed to do an executive production for me. Ikkun is a very considerate, rock and passionate person. 

He is also a singer-songwriter, so it is always very reassuring to know that he can relate to my feelings.

So you were destined to meet them?

asAhi:  Meeting Mr. Kubota was very fateful. I was first introduced to Mr. Ikkun at a meeting for a live performance that Mr. Kubota was going to sound produce. I have been listening to this song for a long time when I was going through a difficult period, and it is one of my favorite songs that is very dear to my heart. 

I especially like the piano version of "Ai no Katachi - 2017 ver." and always listen to it. I heard it for the first time at the meeting; and to my surprise, it was Mr. Kubota who arranged "Shape of Love - 2017 ver.”

I always receive beautiful arrangements that are far beyond my imagination, and I feel that Mr. Kubota's loving personality is reflected in his music.

The theme song, "Jump on a Goal" for the web animation, "Triple Threat”, was a big hit as well.

You have been active in a wide variety of fields, including music for the stage, CDs, radio, and animation.

asAhi:  When I sing, I sing to the audience with the intention of bringing love and healing, but when I perform on stage, I play the role without the audience in mind, and I think that's the biggest difference.

“Triple Threat" was my first acting gig, and I practiced the lines for days while watching the anime until I got to the voice-over.

I am a radio personality with my Executive Producer, Ikkun Hagi, so I am able to speak naturally, but I still get nervous when I am invited to be a guest on a show for the first time.

Thank you,  asAhi. Please give a message to our readers overseas.

asAhi:  Thank you for your time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to meet you, the readers of this website. 

I look forward to the day when I can sing in front of you and hope you all will continue to listen to my music!

For more information about her works, visit her website below.      asAhi official site asAhi online shop       FM Radio Fuchues 87.4 ikkun &asAhi Over the Moon