Exclusive Interview with Top Model Mihailina Moisa

Mihailina Moisa is one of the finalists of Top Model Europe, an international contest who hosted 25 000 participants and only 25 candidates per category were selected for the finals. 

The Grand final will take place this Sunday, 29 th may in Brussels.

She’s ready to be the winner of this season and model for the big names of the industry as  Dolce Gabanna, Jean Paul Gaultier, Louboutin, Balmain, and many others. 


What made you decide to be a Model?

Since very little I wanted to be a part of the art industry, fashion modeling field, but unfortunately my parents couldn’t afford to invest on my artistic career. When I came to Belgium I decided to invest in myself and so two years ago I started working on my portfolio with Belgian photographers. 

How has your education prepared you for a modelling career?

I come from the poorest country in Europe ,  Moldova, and my parents decided to go to Portugal for a better life. We had a hard financial situation at home. We were prepared for a hard working and organized life style. That situation helped me to develop a high adaptability and autodidactic skills. I grew up having in mind that everything is possible.


Why do you deserve to be a finalist of Top Model Europe ?

It’s the third time that I applied for this contest and previous failures teach me to continue working on improving myself. Failures made me stronger! Instead of giving up I starve to be in the position i deserve the most!

How has failure helped you in your achievements?

In my life I had a person that once told me “ Each NO you receive it’s a step closer to an YES” and this phrase changed my mindset and the way I perceive failures. I believe a yes or a no it always comes with a lesson and we have to be wise enough to accept things as they truly are. 

What type of modelling are you hoping to do?

I want to be a high fashion model and work for Victoria’s Secret it’s a dream that I have since I was 15. 

I want to show the world that fashion it’s not only for rich people, fashion it’s a way of art and philosophy. I want to work for designers directly, I identify so much with designers for their uniqueness, the « no rules » thing. and make people feel empowered when I’m on the runway.


What is your favourite photo on your portfolio? Why? 

I see a scary infinity of feeling in the eyes every time I’m looking at this picture. The pose of the hand it’s like I almost reach the answer and it gets so poetic, it makes me always correlate it to a cover of a movie or something. 


What’s the longest photoshoot you’ve ever done? 

I have a friend, he’s a photographer and he wanted to make his own editorial portfolio. So he invited an art director, an extra photographer and me as a model for that project. Definitely it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had! We spent the entire day! Shooting for 9 hours with no breaks! It’s amazing how time flies when doing things that you love the most!