Highlights from Cannes Film Festival and interview with Izabela Zofia Switon-Kulinska about her fashion moments in Cannes.

Cannes Film Festival just finished and we all had a dose of excitement by watching stars appearing on the red carpet. For most people, this festival is a dream. They admire celebrities, movie stars and models. Check their gowns, jewellery and beautiful pictures.

Today we are speaking with Fashion Darling from Geneva, Izabela Zofia Switon-Kulinskia, known as Bella Zofia. She is not new to the world of glam and red carpet, as she already attended the Cannes Film Festival couple of times and today she shares some insights from Cannes with our readers.

Cosmo Press: Izabela please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Izabela: Hello dear Cosmo Press, thank you for having me here. I am a Geneva-based model, content creator, journalist, blogger and fashion shows producer. I have been working in the fashion field for 25 years since I started to work as a model. Currently, I live in Geneva and run the Bella Zofia webzine and Instagram account, where I focus on Fashion, Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle.

Cosmo Press: Tell us please why it's important for you to be in Cannes during the festival?

Izabela: For me, it's important to take part in the most important events in Europe, where there is a lot of visibility for me and the brands that I am promoting. That is why I always attend all Fashion Weeks and Film Festivals. For Cannes Festival I am representing a few fashion brands and it is a great and prestigious advertisement for them. It is with no doubt an exclusive event that has worldwide importance.

Cosmo Press: Which brands are you representing this time?

Izabela: I am promoting Italian designer Gianluca Alibrando, who is creating haute couture designs and I was wearing his dress on the red carpet and to some events. I also promoted 2 handbag brands, one Alila Brand from Geneva and 2nd French sustainable brand Thalie Paris. For casual events and beach parties, I was wearing Polish designer Cosel.  

Cosmo Press: Many of our readers are curious if it's possible to come to Cannes Film Festival. Could you please share with us your tips on it?

Izabela: Cannes Film Festival is for industry only. This means if you are working in the cinema field it will be possible to receive accreditation. However, there are other ways too. People who are journalists, videographers, photographers or public features can also apply. Now also many brands who are partners of festival invites their guests, for example, models or influencers to promote their brand during red carpet events.

Cosmo Press: Thank you for sharing these helpful tips. Now please tell us also what are your red carpet secrets.

Izabela: Well, there are no secrets to be perfectly honest. However what is always important for me have a great hair and Make-up team with me. Like this, I know that I will be happy with the results. There are certain hairstyles that are more appropriate for the red carpet and some better for other events.

It's also important to come a bit early and smile! Photographers love beautiful smiles on the carpet. You also need to know the rules of the red carpet. It's not possible to take pictures of videos by yourselves. Some people break this rule, however, I believe that being respectful of the guidelines is essential. Later pictures can be purchased in the press office.

Cosmo Press: Thank you so much Izabela, that was very helpful. We would love to thank you for your time and we wish you lots of success in the future. Would you like to add something at the end?

Izabela: I would love to thank you for having me here. I also need to mention that attending Cannes Film Festival takes a lot of preparation, but it's a magical and unforgettable event. For me this wouldn't be possible without my team, hairstylist: Mariola Dominska, MUA Monika Qbiak and designers that dressed me: Gianluca Alibrando, Cosel, Alila, Thalie and Downtown Uptown Geneve.  Thank you also, dear readers, I hope that my tips were helpful to you. Sending love from Geneva, Switzerland.

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