We are excited to present Christina Islam, the owner of Banglez Bazar online store was Established in 2005 in New Jersey. The shop offers exquisite variety of accessories, jewelry and home decor that is able to satisfy the most demanding customer requests. Christina is passionate about business and we are happy to ask everything you wanted to know from the first hands!
CP: Hi Christina, we are so excited to have you today! How are you?
CI: I’m excited to be here, how are you doing, Marika?

CP: You are a long-time entrepreneur, owner of the Banglez Bazar boutique. How does it feel for you to be a businesswoman?
CI: It feels amazing to be a woman in business. It was something I always aspired to be.

CP: Banglez Bazar offers a wide variety of accessories, jewelry, home decor. Our eye was caught by the exquisite line of the statement necklace. We love the natural materials used: freshwater pearls, corals, turquoise. Can you tell us the story of this collection?
CI: Yes, sure! This collection is so special for our shoppers. I’ve always admired pearls since my childhood and learned about gemstones many years ago from a company called “The Nature Company”, But the collaboration of pearls and gemstones didn’t happen until after my travels to South Asia around 2005. While observing many intricate jewelry designs, and the encouragement of my good friend Sonia who is a stellar jewelry designer, I was inspired to  create a collection consisting of pearls and gemstones with eclectic design that has a “WOW” factor. This collection was designed to inspire and embolden women to step out of the box of the traditional pearl and gemstone necklaces and embrace statement pieces with a global flair. We wanted the best for women’s special occasions and casual wear and continue to believe that customers should have accessories that are not easily accessible. We don’t just make jewelry; we sell an experience.

CP: You also have a large variety of the home decor items. What is your personal opinion on the home decor trends right now?
CI: The home décor trends now are amazing! The trend is so different than it was decades ago. Interior Designers like Rayman Boozer and Bailey Li do a stellar job of bringing together vibrant walls, pillows, and curtains along with furniture that has an African and European inspire in one room that creates harmony.  
CP: Your boutique is not only a business, but it also serves a great cause: you support silk farmers, embroiders and artisan women in Bangladesh and provided them means for education, supplies, material, and basic needs. You also donate to charities from every purchase from the store. Can you tell us more about the charities and causes you support?
CI: Yes, when a customer purchases from Banglez Bazar, 7% of the sale goes to these important charities listed Marty’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary: This charity is special to our company and provides a safe, loving, and protected environment for senior dogs that do not have homes.
Black Girls CODE which gives young girls from underrepresented communities computer coding lessons which will empower them for the world of technology. 
Boss Up Culture: Which brings awareness, in eradicating and preventing workplace bullying.
New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund: raises funds & organize, coordinate resources to fight the medical impact of COVID-19

CP: What is the most impactful thing that your business allowed you to do?
CI: To give back to the communities that need assistance the most.
CP: What is your biggest goal for the 2022?
CI: My goal is to expand the business to the UK, we are currently working on this to date. I would love to see a woman wearing one of my statement necklaces on the streets of London.

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?
CI: It’s a great quote I read one time: “Impossible only means that you haven’t found the solution yet”
CP: Thank you so much, Christina, for being with us today!
CI: Thank you so much, Marika, for having me today! It was a pleasure.

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