Meet a new breaking Los Angeles based music label God Knows Records

In the age of TikTok and short videos, is that true that being part of the music label is not importnat? In fact, even though virality is more accessible, than ever, recrd labels are more important than they have ever been! And here s why.

We’d like you to meet a breaking Los Angeles based music label God Knows Records.

Established on desire and fulfillment, God Knows Records is a Los Angeles based, independent record label and publisher, a part of the story of great talents in music.

First of all, the label is home to the next generation of the most promising artists. God Knows Records understands that each artist is their own individual, reserving the artist development to be flexible and suitable to their story and vision.

God Knows Records is run by people with experience in the industry who know what kind of music your audience wants, and how to bring out the best in new artists.

The third reason is that for live instruments, that expensive studio time and access to the producers is something that God Knows Records provide the musicians leading to better sounding music.

God Knows Records are also perfecting the PR of the artists. Check the insta of the artists Dorin Hirvi - @dorinhirvi, Sicksways - @cultleaderharley, Harley - @sicksways who are the members of the label.

Lastly, while self-releasing music is an option for unsigned artists, getting music onto popular distribution platforms like Spotify, Beatport and iTunes can be an arduous and sometimes expensive process. This is where record label come in. Digital music distribution is not always straightforward or easy to wrap your head around. God Knows Records advise artists on which platforms to distribute their music through, and can get the music onto those platforms for them, saving the musicians time and money.