Meet Julia Daviy — Inventor of the clothing large-format 3D printing!

Meet Julia Daviy, our cover story of "Cosmo Life" January, a 3D Printed Clothing Designer and Producer, Inventor of the method of the clothing large-format 3D printing and 3D printed “leather”.   Julia Daviy debuted at The Fashion Meet Technology NYFW 2018 event with the first ever 3D printed wearable full clothing collection for women, created entirely with the help of large-format industrial 3D printers implementing the FDA and SLA 3D printing technologies. Implementing the ideas of 3D printing of pieces of clothing in just couple parts permitted to achieve almost zero waste in the clothing production, exclude logistics (so as each piece of apparel created and sent as a 3D-printable file) and avoid hundred of hours of hard hand-work which is unavoidable if the similar clothes would be created in traditional way. Nevertheless, the work under the 3D-printed collection which consist of 9 looks took about 350 hours of 3D modeling in CAD-type software and more than 2,000 h of 3D printing. 

Julia Daviy’s passion for innovations implementing in the clothing industry drove her to a course in design thinking and innovation at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business where she took a major in design thinking. Julia is an inventor of the method of the clothing large-format 3D printing and 3D printed “leather”.  She also studied 3D printing at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. By 2016 she already had a decade of experience in clean technology, innovating new solutions to environmental problems caused by industry. Confident that 3D technology is the most sustainable method of revolutionizing most industries, Julia is harnessing the transformational power of 3D printing for her fashion innovations. Her primary goal is sustainability and cruelty-free clothing. She is also keen to reduce waste and environmental footprints across the sector.

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Cover photo by Vita Zamchevska, model Marcelle Mazzini.