Cherry On Top! The hottest party of the decade!

Imagine beauty, luxury, the hottest beats in EDM, with lyrics that express the celebration lifestyle of the party culture, in one party. This is not only the Cherry on
top, this is a Cherry Pie Tour, you've never imagined a party experience like this in a club for an entire night. It's a new party concept, made by people that kn
ow and love how to make the party you would consider the Cherry on Top.

Designed by the artist The Kraken Music, with half a million streams and views on youtube and Spotify, Universal Music Italy, Waner Brasil, and ST Entertainment USA, Cherry Pie had the first edition in 2015 " I've been creating parties before working with music and I also went to incredible parties in Brazil and all around the world. I knew what people wanted to dance and sing along and the place and concept that would highlight this experience. I thought - What could be the cherry on top? Music can't be just beats and hits, need to talk the celebration language, the stage is beauty, performance, energy, the place needs to have a concept, people are not there to watch, they need to be part of this world we created. So my closes friend in the Fashion Design School decided to join me in the first edition, we created a party so memorable that 5 years later still is the hottest party for the 550 people that came. After my USA tour last year and the opening of ST Entertainment in Florida, my friend contacted me about the buzz of bringing back the Cherry Pie project for Brazil, people were asking constantly about it. Clearly, the word spread and we decided to make it worldwide available too." The Kraken Music
This new edition is the combination of the previous concept with the international structure. In the Music line up The Kraken comes leading not only the headline but the main idea behind the sets in this party, all of them must highlight the music experience of the best nightclubs in the world, DJ Shara is the resident DJ, we have special guests and one local DJ. The Kraken see the music and the lyrics as an important central part of the experience " One of the reasons I decided to also produce party songs is that every time we wanted to create the set of the Cherry Pie performance, not every hit song helped to make people have the best night of their lives, because it didn't speak the words they wanted to say in
those amazing moments of celebration. So the music at this party is very unique, is designed to make you feel amazing, is the show you'll be part of," says The Kraken Music.

Cherry Pie Tour previously was an exclusive party in Brazil, now is available in North America, Europa and Asia as well, with one edition at the time. "We definitely want to take the CPT everywhere. I feel that everybody should have the opportunityto be part of this experience, people deserve the best when it comes to celebration, I don't play around when it comes to this, maybe I'm a perfectionist. But this is also one of the reasons we are still restricted to our international agenda, we have a development plan to follow to ensure our details and concept, and thought we receive very interesting proposals and requests, we won't commit to all the places we want just yet," The Kraken Music says.