TAL WATCHES: Cosmos Red-Eye Chronograph

TAL WATCHES was established in 2020. We offer you an innovative way to shop for the fine

watches made in Switzerland you are looking for and to purchase online from the convenience of your home or office, at affordable prices. As a strictly Internet business, we can eliminate much of the cost associated with a retail watch store and pass along the savings to our customers. We hope you'll enjoy your shopping experience with us and we invite you to stop by as often as you like. We will be here for you! We are an authorized dealer for Chrono AG Swiss-Made Watches based in Switzerland. Lastly, we offer 2-3 days FREE shipping to all 50 states within the United States. We also offer international shipping at a cost.

We are actively promoting the Cosmos Red-Eye Chronograph timepiece featuring a precise high-quality ETA G10.212 Swiss quartz movement. This extraordinary timepiece comes with top quality and a premium 316L stainless steel wristband with exquisite craftsmanship. It Never gets rusty; it feels solid, sturdy, and comfortable on your wrist. This Swiss-made timepiece is water resistant to up to 50 meters or 165 feet. We will also add that we cater to a league of extraordinary gentlemen, so if you feel that you are extraordinary, purchase one of our

Swiss-made timepieces today on our website: www.talswisswatch.com All our timepieces come in original packaging and a Warranty Card from the manufacturer. You may read the specific details on how to utilize the warranty effectively. TAL WATCHES in partnership with Chrono AG provides warranty coverage of generally two years from the date of purchase on all of our brand-name watches. Our warranty covers the watch against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

Please contact us at info@talswisswatch.com via email or by phone at +1.347.543.5346. We look forward to connecting and doing business with you soon.

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Exclusive interview with CEO& Founder of 4dshades Jenssy Benzant

Jenssy is a proud afro-latina mother and entrepreneur, originally from the Dominican Republic. She has a passion for tech and fashion. Currently works in the tech industry as a senior cloud engineer and is a founder of 4dshades. 

Jenssy created 4dshades brand out of her desire to be an entrepreneur and create something within the fashion industry. She got the idea for the brand when she was looking for sunglasses that she could wear for different occasions and that were durable. When she found a pair she liked, they were way too expensive. Through online research and contacting manufacturers she soon found out that that the usual markup was more in the brand than the actual production; this led to her  decision to create something for the market that would have realistic pricing and offer stylish quality sunglasses at a fraction of high-end retail pricing. 

The newest collection, Lavish  offers classic shapes with a modern twist and feel. The combination of stainless steel and acetate gives a unique and stylish look that is bold and versatile. The quality of 4DShades starts with the lens,CR-39 lenses offer UV protection, ensuring your eyes are not damaged by the sun. 4DShades frames use stainless steel for the metal for durability and a high-quality acetate which is light, durable, and hypoallergenic. We met Jenssy to ask everything you wanted to know about the 4DShades sunglasses!

CP: Hi, Jenssy! How are you today?
JB: I am great! Excited to be talking with you.

CP: So, how has your journey as an entrepreneur so far?
JB: The journey so far has been illuminating and challenging at the same time. Learning how to create sunglasses and about the quality of materials needed, distribution and logistics has been a great experience with its handful of challenges along the way.  

CP: We are so happy to have you here! Since sun becomes more and more aggressive, sunglasses are a must have for every woman nowadays! 4dshades look so stylish and amazing! Can you tell us how did you manage to create these styles? Who is the designer?
JB: I am proud to say I am the designer, the designs are based on my own aesthetics and are very influenced by the New York city look which is bold and confident. I also  wanted with this collection to accentuate the eyebrows which most sunglasses tend to cover up

CP: Not only style they offer, the lenses you use are also high end. Like CR-39 lenses that are used by expensive brands. So how did you achieve such affordable pricing for your product?
JB: I grew up in an entrepreneurial family so I learned negotiating skills at an early age. Using these skills I have been able to negotiate lower rates with manufacturers. We also don't spend a lot of money on marketing which is a cost saving I can pass to the consumer.  

CP: LAVISH TRAPEZOID, one of the most awaited models is available for pre-order. When do you expect the launch?
JB: We are very excited to have the collection available in october.

CP: What is your best tip for those who want to become an entrepreneur?
JB: Just do it! 

CP: What is your biggest dream right now?
JB: To see a famous celebrity like Beyonce wear a pair of 4DShades.

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?
JB: Some people wake up everyday to see what happens, some wake up to make things happen.

Get your pair of quality sunglasses at 4dshades.com

Innovative skincare at convenience of your home!

The VoeuxTM project set out with a mission to be the brand that offers leading designs and customer-relevant innovations in health and beauty. Our core values include striving to go above and beyond to ensure our customers get the very best in health & beauty devices. More specifically, VoeuxTM has adopted the idea of introducing premium and innovative skin care devices. We believe that health and beauty go hand in hand where one results in the other, and vice versa.

We met with the VoeuxTM project founder to ask everything you wanted to know, but was afraid to ask!

CP: Hi, How are you doing? We have lots of inquiries about health and skincare products. So when we came across VoeuxTM project it seems like a great fit! Can you please tell more about the innovative devices you offer?

VoeuxTM: Hey! I’m quite fine and thank you for having me. I’m really excited to share some insights into VoeuxTM and discuss what we’re all about. At the moment we have introduced our first release, the Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush. We have many other great devices and skincare products lined up, so make sure to follow us on social media @voeuxglobal to be the first to know. Also, we have a lot of incredible promotions for these products so you won’t want to miss out on these great offers!

CP: The VoeuxTM Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush is a great invention! Would it be suitable for oily or acne prone skin?

VoeuxTM: Absolutely!  The functionality of our cleansing brush is meant to treat with a variety of skin types. The brush is equipped with high frequency vibration which delivers just the right amount of pressure and vibration to remove dead skin and blackheads with ease. It allows water molecules to seep into your pores and exfoliate oil, dead skin cells, and dirt build-up.

The high-frequency vibration provides a gentle massage, helping decrease the appearance of puffiness and boosting the skin’s natural radiance. The vibrational effects assist in the absorption of skincare products. Facial massaging assist in lymphatic drainage and boost your skin’s ability to absorb all your trusted skincare products a lot quicker. The silicon does not absorb bacteria unlike many other brushes which can do more damage to the skin.

Additionally, the LED photon rejuvenation technology has so many benefits and complements our brush. The cleansing brush has 3 photon light settings: one for skin brightening, one for collagen activation and another one for anti-acne cleaning. Specifically, for acne prone skin, the Blue LED targets bacteria, sebum production and nodules.

CP: We’ve heard a lot about LED technology, however this treatment is quite pricey. Is it possible to get the collagen activation treatment with the LED of VoeuxTM Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush?

VoeuxTM: Yes, we recognize the importance of collagen to overall skin health.  Our Green LED therapy is used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, and dark circles while also stimulating collagen production. In addition, the Red LED is focused on treating the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin but through absorption of the light, collagen proteins are also stimulated.

CP: It seems like an amazing device! What is the price point of the brush? I want one at my home!

VoeuxTM: The Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush is $59.99 USD. However, we do have our launch promotions where you can save 15% now by using the code: isaved15 on checkout. But for the Cosmo Press family we are gifting 20% off for a limited time!!! Simply use the code: cosmopress20 to take advantage of this incredible offer today.

CP: Wow! That is an amazing price! What is your shipping policy?

VoeuxTM: Shipping throughout the USA is absolutely free! We also ship to Canada, United Kingdom, and selected parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

CP: Thank you so much for revealing the secrets of the beautiful skin! We are looking forward for more releases!

Get your own Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush at 


Meet TikTok star Doctor Blondy!

We are excited to present TikTk Star Doctor Blondy @doctor.blondy who shared her beauty secrets in exclusive interview to "Malina" magazine. Read about newest fashion trends, beauty and art of miu tachibana in this issue! 

"Cosmo Chic" August is out!

We are excited to present you a new ultimate guid to fashion and style "Cosmo Chic" August 22 issue. Our gem in this issue is interview with amazing Aida Maria Guran, niece of the famous Gheorghe Zamfir!

Now is the Time to Flip the Switch

Shedding light on past changes for both the present and future. It was a massive shock, like a bolt of lightning.

It occurred at an "art group exhibition" organized by a junior colleague. For some reason, I was drawn to attend.

On the day of the exhibition, as I was looking around the works one by one, several pictures jumped out at me. 

They were images of beautiful, graceful, and fantastic women. It was an extraordinary scene.

I stood there and couldn't take my eyes off of them.

How many minutes had passed? When I snapped back to reality, I felt the urge to create something with my own hands. I couldn't stand still.

I was completely inspired by the photographer's work. 

It had flipped a "creative switch" inside me.

A month and a half after that memorable day, the second "art group exhibition" was held. 

To my surprise, I was invited to display a large installation there. I had never created artwork before, but a junior colleague,

who was theorganizer of the previous "Art Group Exhibition”, approached me.

 A number of synchronous and miraculous occurrences happened in relation to my creation, and the exhibition was more successful than I could ever have expected. The response I received on that day changed my outlook on life.

Later, I was fortunate enough to hold a solo exhibition and began to receive orders for my art. It was a bit of a strange turn of events. Despite many twists and turns, I continue to create artwork.

My creative activities started suddenly in response to a single photograph. I would be incredibly happy if

I could flip an “important switch” in someone else’s life through my activities.

I still get a warm feeling in my heart when I remember that picture. 

It is still an important part of my life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my junior who called me on that day to attend the exhibition.

The ballet photo is from a "wedding dress shoot" in which I was a model and producer.

This image would never have been created without the inspiration I received on the day of the exhibition.


From Japan with lots of love.

by miu tachibana

(Artist, Aesthetic Space Stylist, Intuition Counselor)


miu plans to send out more and more messages to the world.




Making Your Own Way: Interview With Maria Pellicano

There is something so powerful and inspirational about hearing stories of people that create a career path of their own.. Stories of people who have battled against societal expectations to find something that truly lights them up. These stories ignite a fire in readers, as we begin to dream about the things that we could achieve within our own lives.

One such story comes from Melbourne, Australia with an inspiring woman, who has done just that.

Maria Pellicano is an Australian author, voice coach, public speaker, teacher and singer, with over 20 years of experience, working with singers, executives, managers, CEO and leaders through communication and voice coaching.

She has recently launched her podcast, ‘Speaking With Influence and Power’, neatly packaging together valuable lessons, taken directly from live sessions with clients, to create useful and applicable strategies, that can help her clients, listeners and readers to move forward with their careers, lives and selves, free of charge.


Where did your business journey begin and what made you decide to go your own direction?


I began my business journey about 23 years ago, in 1998.


I used to be very against having your own private business. I used to see it as egotistic in the old days. I used to believe that having your own business meant that you had a selfish intention. 


I didn’t understand that having your own business allows you more control over your time, value and gives you more power to choose how you want to use your life and you also have more responsibility to make the choices that don’t just suit you, but suit your work and the people you serve.


I never knew that when I was very young.. I started in 1998, when I was 30 years old.. It was a long time ago.


As I reflect, I realise that I did have side businesses when I was a teenager. I must have been really geared up for business without knowing it because I was dressmaking when I was 14, and I was teaching guitar. I wasn’t charging for teaching guitar but was teaching as a teenager and I taught four girls in the church at the time and would take them out busking.


Between 14 and 16 I was dressmaking. I was making and selling clothes, which people would come, I would take measurements and make their clothes.


I was also into pots and pans and I was selling pots and pans and accumulating without paying anything for them.


So, as I reflect, I was in business, without knowing it, when I was a teenager and in my 20’s.


Later, I spent some time working a normal day job in the commonwealth bank, then at Vic Roads, as a leader in the demerit points division, at a local council and then Telstra.


I was finding that it was taking me a long time to get to work and so officially began my business in 1998 in the form of my singing school. It really took off and I was making triple the money I was making, compared to when I was in corporate. To me, it was like sitting at a banquet every night. I loved what I was doing because I felt like I was in control and I was just loving it. I felt like it was an incredible gift to me. I was putting my ad in the paper and people were just booking in.

How did you begin to generate income within your business?


My main source of income currently is working with individuals, leaders, influencers and businesses through public speaking and voice coaching, training, mentoring and coaching and corporate development programs.


I am very entrepreneurial. 


I look for opportunities to leverage what I already have and then I build on that.


I never pull apart what I already have.. I just add more strings to my bow. I’m always looking at enhancing what I’ve already done and bringing more meaning into what I’ve always done.


So, my first business was teaching singing. From there, I added in coaching because I was always into human potential and expanding people.. I was really interested in how people think and how we succeed, or not.


I’ve always made money by helping people.. by empowering them and giving them confidence. My tool was the voice.


How long did it take for you to become profitable in business?


I’ve always been profitable.. I was always very careful about how much I was spending.. and I still am. I don’t believe that you should make money and then spend it all.


I’ve been in a situation where I have been able to save, through working at my own home and saving on rental expenses. I bought a house that has a separate area for business, with the top of the house for business and the lower level for living. Through this decision, I have saved myself thousands of dollars.


I’ve also only ever bought things that I really need. I didn’t believe in spending.. I’m more into saving and I still am that way today, even though I don’t have to save. I like to have choice.. and I believe that if we do have extra money around, you have greater choice.


I’ve always rated my expenses out of 10.. If it’s an 8 or above, then I’ll go and buy it, and it has to be tax deductible. I’m very disciplined like that.


I also don’t have a sense of materialism, so I’m into saving and creating money, rather than spending money. 


If I am spending money, it’s either tax deductible, or to expand what I am doing already. Not just because I just want to spend it.


When you were starting out, was there ever a time you doubted it would work? If so, how did you handle that?


Definitely, when I started my singing school in 1998, I was still working at Telstra.


While I was working my day job, I was working with 30 students at the same time.


I didn’t want to leave my job because I didn’t trust the business, so I then took long service leave through 1998 and then in 1999, I stepped out and moved to solely running my business. In 1999, I already had 50-60 students and I could believe it was going to come.


I still didn’t believe it for years and years and years, so I didn’t spend. I would just make the money and then save it just in case.. I would never take it for granted. I don’t believe that our work is necessarily here forever, and so I don’t want to sit in it and think it’s always going to be there.. I’m just grateful that it is, and that’s why I think you need a backup.


It wasn’t so much that I doubted that it would work. It was more about not assuming that everything is always the same way.


How I handled that was that I always have my hands in a few different pies and I am constantly learning and moving to the next level. I am always thinking how I can expand myself, so that I have more options. I love what I do and if one door shuts, I can walk into the next door. I am constantly upgrading and adding more strings to my bow so that I have more choice, rather than thinking that I’ve arrived. I am wanting to expand in those areas that I am interested in.


How did you get your first customer?


I put an ad in the local paper, which was common advertising for 1998.


I can actually remember my first client. Her name is Mary and she just saw the ad that I put into the paper and she rang me and I booked her in.


What is one marketing strategy (other than referrals) that you’re using that works really well to generate new business?


A marketing strategy, now, is to be visible, using social media, and to talk about what you do. 


To have products available and ready for purchase.


Definitely, a website.. I have always had a website since the early internet days. This is probably my most valuable asset for marketing now. I spend a lot of time and money ensuring that the SEO and keywords are optimised for visibility and ready for traffic that comes through via social media and word of mouth.


For a long time, the local paper was my primary marketing strategy, along with advertisements and flyers.


What is the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last few months?


The toughest decision that I have had to make over the last few months has related to my singing school.


I haven’t fully made the decision yet, but I’ve had a sign up outside my house, and I think that sign needs to come down now, because I’m going to continue to operate online for this year.. I don’t believe I will be working face to face with students under current conditions.


I’m still processing the decision, because I am so busy coaching public speakers and making way more money than teaching singing.. but I don’t want to let go of singing because it’s my foundation and I love it and it keeps me sane.. I think it’s really good for me.


The decision had to be that I went online and I am not having people walk through my house, when I used to have about 80 people walking in and out of my house every week. I did that for 23 years. It was a long time.


The toughest decision has been working now, totally online.. It’s been amazing, and I’m still processing when I’ll have people back in my studio.. I think I will, but this year, the toughest decision has been moving online.. It’s worked, but not a lot of students decided to do that, so my business changed, big time.


What do you think it is that makes you successful?


Not giving up.


I keep believing that what I do has been innately a part of me since I was very young. I’ve always been interested in helping people, teaching, mentoring and coaching and that’s what makes me successful. 


I believe that what I do is part of my beingness.. it’s part of my purpose in life and it’s my calling.. and I have nothing else to do. I often say to myself that if I wasn’t doing this, what else would I be doing?


I just love what I do because it empowers other people and the more I grow, the more I connect my journey, my personal life with what I become, the more presence and inspiration I believe it gives to others, because it gives it to me first.


My success is that I live my talk and this is my life.. it’s not my work.. it’s actually my life and I love what I do 


There is nothing else for me to do.. even if I am driving my car, I am still learning.. listening to beautiful podcasts that empower me and as a direct effect, the empower others because whatever I’m doing for others, I’m doing for myself first.


I believe success is the journey.. and the journey I’m on is not my work.. I don’t roll up to a job.. ever.. when people say it’s a long weekend, I say, ‘well, I don’t need a long weekend.. I just love what I do anyway’.. I think that makes you successful.. if you love what you do and it’s part of your beingness. I’ve been so lucky that I always believed that I could do that.


What has been your most satisfying moment in business?


My most satisfying moment in business has been when people give me great feedback, when I get that.

The feedback they give me, just confirms and locks things in for me.


My most satisfying moment is when people say ‘I’ve been looking for that’ particularly around voice tone.. ‘that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for’. It’s like really getting a handshake from someone and makes me feel like I’m not alone and that I’m part of a bigger picture.


What does the future hold for your business? What are you most excited about?


Continuing to expand.. doing workshops.


This is where I’ll get people in a room, where we can do singing, poetry and speaking. I really want to move into poetry.. I really feel that singing and poetry can go together really well.


I’m looking forward to creating this workshop, where I can help people to empower their voices and help them to find their message.


Doing it in a workshop style.. doing it over a few days or over a weekend.. maybe at a beautiful beach location.


Helping people to find their message.. exactly the message in my book, The Art of Powerful Communication.. finding out who they are, what is their message, find their voice in their body and aligning to that, and then understanding the people they want to reach and how they can speak to those people to share their message.


What business books have inspired you?


The most amazing books I’ve read, and I can say the very first book I ever picked up in personal development and human potential was ‘You’ll see it when you believe it’ by Wayne Dyer.. that’s an amazing book and it just spun me out.


The other is ‘A Man’s Search For Meaning’ by Victor Frankl 


Those two books, I will never forget.


More recently, I read ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael Singer about how to live a life of surrender.. I think that’s beautiful.


What advice would you give to your younger self?


I would tell my younger self to relax, to trust.. let go.


You’ve got this.


Don’t give up.


It’s going to be ok.


What you’re doing right now is going to help you for the future, so do what you do, knowing that yes, it did work for the future.


Because as a child, everything I did was a vision, that I did to always help people.


I used to not watch TV.. I would sit in my room and write songs.. At the time, I was reading my bible, because I wanted to preach.. I didn’t know any other way of spreading good news to people.


Now, I not only use the bible, but I use so many other amazing inspirational books.. and, I still am the same person.


To my younger self, I just want to say that I’ve never changed. I am exactly you, and even bigger.


I’m probably more confident, more reassured and more hopeful.


You don’t need to know everything and get everything right.. It still works out.. even if you get it wrong.. Your higher purpose is even bigger than if you get it right or wrong and that’s a powerful point.


You don’t have to tick all your boxes and get everything right because your purpose is even bigger than that.. It’s a higher level than getting everything right or wrong.


About Maria Pellicano

Maria Pellicano is an Australian author, voice coach, public speaker, teacher and singer. With more than 20 years of experience, she has helped over 5,000 people find their voice, presence and confidence and to communicate with influence and impact.

Through her experience, she has learnt first-hand, the impact experienced by people who have not been able to access the power within their voices. There is often an overall feeling of speakers not getting the best out of themselves, feeling stifled and held back.

With a career that began with her passion of working with singers, Maria works with individuals, leaders, influencers and businesses through communication and voice coaching, training, mentoring and coaching and corporate development programs, utilising her three step model of Mindset, Message and Voice.

Maria regularly works with mentoring executives, managers, CEO and leaders from Fortune 100 organizations, with the focus on improving tonality and to move towards effective and confident public speaking, Maria works with clients to develop a voice that is strong, a mindset that empowers you to be passionate and committed to your calling and a message that is appropriately designed to address the needs of your specific audience, clients and relationships.

If you are looking to improve the way that you communicate with an audience, your staff, team or managers, be more effective within difficult and high stake conversations, to create authentic presence when sharing with your team, or within professional or personal conversations, Maria can assist you in achieving your goals.

Maria regularly works with mentoring executives, managers, CEO and leaders from Fortune 100 organizations, with the focus on improving tonality and to move towards effective and confident public speaking, Maria works with clients to develop a voice that is strong, a mindset that empowers you to be passionate and committed to your calling and a message that is appropriately designed to address the needs of your specific audience, clients and relationships.

If you are looking to improve the way that you communicate with an audience, your staff, team or managers, be more effective within difficult and high stake conversations, to create authentic presence when sharing with your team, or within professional or personal conversations, Maria can assist you in achieving your goals.



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Méline's Epigraphy Field Research A Female Figure Dedicated to the Study of the Millennium Epigraphy

Méline's Epigraphy Field Research 

A Female Figure Dedicated to the Study of the Millennium Epigraphy


Edited by: Misko  Pictures provided by: Meiling Liu



Méline's Web3.0 Ethnographic Field Research and her meta-universe Action Community for Entrepreneurship have recently attracted the attention of nearly 300 industrialists in Dali, London, Shanghai and Beijing. In an interview with M, for the first time, Méline spoke to the public about her wonderful experience in the field of epigraphy.


Q: As a woman who has been practicing fashion and art in Paris and London, why did you choose to conduct filed research in epigraphy?


Méline: This started more than half a year ago when I was studying Tomb Tile Pictures of Ancient China. I came into contact with the story of a Canadian missionary named William Charles White and a big tomb in Luoyang. As told in the story, William Charles White bought more than 50 hollow bricks of Han Dynasty and shipped them to Toronto Museum, after which he suddenly became the first person to study ancient tomb bricks in China.

As a Westerner, William Charles White could go deep into the field of traditional Chinese history and culture and made great achievements, which sounds very international and gave us a feeling of meta-universe. The meta-universe a hundred years ago aroused my great interest.


Q: So, you went to Luoyang for field research?


In November 2021, I came to Luoyang, Henan Province from London, aiming to open the door of epigraphy in this ancient city heavy with history. I conducted a Malinovsky-style participatory field research in Luoyang. Like the master of anthropology Malinovsky who ran into an indigenous village of exotic civilization, I also came to a faraway village called Mapo, visited the tomb of Li Yazi, the inventor of Luoyang shovel, as well as came into contact with a large quantity of people related to epigraphy. Soon I found the hollow Tomb-bricks referred to in William Charles White's book in a dazzling antique market.


Q: What you did indeed makes me a feeling of Malinovsky's Voyage in the Western Pacific. So, did you find something unusual?


Méline: Epigraphy refers to the study of non-paper writings and use the materials to study other academic problems. Non-paper writings include all types of bronze and iron articles, stone carvings, jade articles, bamboo slips, oracle-bones, ceramics, tiles, clay seals and other text images. The targeted researched matters in terms of the materials are mainly gold and stone and thus it was called epigraphy.

Using gold and stone materials to examine the history of scriptures arose from Han Dynasty, but It was Yangxiu OU and Mingcheng ZHAO in the Northern Song Dynasty who conducted formal systematic research and special writings. And from then on, there were more than 100 kinds of writings in Song Dynasty related to epigraphy. Epigraphy is a manifestation of ancient intellectuals, which lasted until the dynasty of Qianlong and Jiaqing, reaching its climax and gradually declined in the early  period  of the Republic of China.


As a woman, I suddenly noticed from a female perspective that there were no women in the study of the glamorous science of epigraphy, which had brought the best men to their knees for more than a thousand years.

Using gold and stone materials to examine the history of scriptures arose from Han Dynasty, but It was Yangxiu OU and Mingcheng ZHAO in the Northern Song Dynasty who conducted formal systematic research and special writings. And from then on, there were more than 100 kinds of writings in Song Dynasty related to epigraphy. Epigraphy is a manifestation of ancient intellectuals, which lasted until the dynasty of Qianlong and Jiaqing, reaching its climax and gradually declined in the early  period  of the Republic of China.


As a woman, I suddenly noticed from a female perspective that there were no women in the study of the glamorous science of epigraphy, which had brought the best men to their knees for more than a thousand years.


Q: No women in such a cultured field for thousands of years?


Méline: After in-depth research, digging out Qingzhao LI, the most important epigraphist hidden behind her husband Mingcheng ZHAO, from the writing paradigm under the history of patriarchy, I found that Qingzhao LI, an epigraphist who wrote the ancient famous text "Jinshilu Follow-up", is more brilliant than her status as a great poet. 


Q: Is this the only woman?


Méline: As my research progressed, the wonderful women in epigraphy research were dug out of the old pile of paper one by one by me, where I had a surprise discovery that Zhaoyu ZENG, the first female archeologist in China, is also an epigraphist. And amazingly, the training place where Zhaoyu ZENG was trained for knowledge of modern archology and museum are unexpectedly right in front of my London house.

Zhaoyu ZENG returned to China from London after finishing her academic study, stayed in Dali for three years and wrote a three-year diary. The ruins where she carried out her field investigation were throughout Cang Mount and Er Sea. Zhaoyu ZENG often made rubbings under the low-light lamp at night to decrypt history.

In my research, I also discovered that Zhaoyu ZENG and her classmate Nai XIA’s field research had reached beyond Epigraphy. Petrie, a famous Egyptian archeologist, once lived in their alma mater, the University of London. Nai XIA's doctoral thesis research materials were from Petrie and she received personal guidance from him.

I found that behind Zhaoyu ZENG's search for knowledge, there was a more wonderful woman.


Q: Oh, why’s she wonderful?


Méline: About ten minutes away from my house, there is a Petrie Museum, where there is also a female master who is hidden like Qingzhao LI in a male dominant society. 

In 1873, Victorian novelist and travelling writer Amelia Edwards accidentally changed her itinerary and traveled along the Nile, and from then on, she embarked on a journey that will change the world of Egyptology forever. Edwards' Travel journal in 1877: A Thousand Miles up the Nile was published, the travel notes of which suddenly influenced Europeans' imagination of Egypt. Since then, Egypt had become the most romantic travelling destination among Europeans. Edwards founded the Egyptian Exploration Association in 1882, and she also established the Exploration Fund to support the young man with dreams and talents but frustrated like Petry. She also donated an Edwards Chair professorship at the University of London, thus enable Petrie a professor and do teaching and researching without distraction. It can be said that it was Edwards' good deeds that gave Zhaoyu ZENG and Nai XIA a destination for study.

Q: That is to say, they had influenced each other a hundred years ago, like today's global village?


Méline: Yes, I came to Dali at the end of December 2021with Zhaoyu ZENG's diary, following her footsteps to make field research. I collected a lot of tiles and tile specimens from prehistoric period and Nanzhao Kingdom. Following Zhaoyu ZENG’s example, I also spread them one by one at night for later research. It was under the inspiration of Zhaoyu ZENG that I actually expanded my research field to Sanskrit history, earthquake history, Nanzhao script and other fields, which was unexpected in the past.


After learning the story of Amelia Edwards, I suddenly realized that my field research trip also let my life change - Gender archeology suddenly broke into my life and studying the hidden women and their achievement in the history of epigraphy and archeology became clear and meaningful. 


Q: Is this your hand-made rubbing?


Méline: Yes, when I was conducting field research in Luoyang, I met a local rubbing master and learned rubbing skills. This rubbing as you saw is the same kind as the hollow tomb bricks of the Han Dynasty collected by William Charles White in those years.


You know, in those years, William Charles White had sent rubbings of the same theme to the famous sinologists James Mellon Menzies and John Calvin Ferguson.This is my first hand made rubbing of Han Tomb brick in my life.


Q: Let's talk about your imagination about Epigraphy!


Through field research, I found that Chinese archeology and museum science can be connected with an outstanding Victorian woman, which is really a meta-universe. This is full of enlightenment for my meta-universe entrepreneurship in London.


I often think about my current business in London, just like Amelia Edwards' initiative. I followed Web3.0 travel on the Nile. Who will I meet? Who would I influence?