Directed Chaos and Sex Appeal : An Interview with Guinevere Q - No Big Fucking Deal

Nikki Bolaire of Cosmo Chic interviews musician and local celebrity, Guinevere Q, in her home in San Francisco. The walls of Q’s apartment are covered in colorful flyers from past shows, almost all of them themed shows and social justice causes. Her living room consists of a large wooden table with sheet music and sharpie markers, a full-size drum kit, several instruments, amplifiers, and speakers.

A passerby with an umbrella yells through the street-level window from outside into the room. “Hey - Guinevere Q!” Q throws her arms in the air and shouts back, “No Big Fucking Deal!” He laughs and continues walking.

Inside, Q speaks rapidly, in an almost manic manner, while getting dressed. She dizzies around what she calls “found collages” and “field recordings” from her cellphone on a rainy afternoon in the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco.

“All of the art has already been created,” says Q, pulling up black fishnets in a frenzy, “anything you can think of - it’s already been done. The only thing left to do is to remix it. That’s the Situationist International way.”

And is that your approach, as an artist?

No. I’m not an artist anymore. Nobody’s an artist. Art - and I mean all of the art, really - it’s already been made. It’s over.

Then what would you call what you’re doing here?

Directing. I’m a director. I’m directing chaos. That’s what it’s all about - all of my projects, I mean. The world is chaotic. I use my projects as lightning rods to direct the chaos.

You have so many projects: You’re the lead singer and bassist in The Wyatt Act, you play bass in Doctor Striker, Revolushn, and SUNQ. You’re also a session musician and a community organizer.

Yeah, and an apprentice in local 510 sign and display union.

How do you have time for all of that?

I don’t. Time isn’t real. It’s just a measurement of entropy and a sequence of a events. We made it up! That’s what we have to remember. We, as a society, created and agreed on these artificially created things, like time and money, and we can dismantle them, too!

Where can I get some of what you’re smoking?

I’m actually sober. When I first sobered up, I was worried that I’d be missing out, but I’ve since learned that the real high comes from art, stories, music, and sex. Especially sex. Sex appeal is an art. If you look at the psychology of sexual attractiveness, you’ll see that it relates a lot to music - groove, desire, confidence, swagger - it’s about creating surprises through tension and release while always syncing in with the rhythm.

Is that why you married your drummer?

Well, sort of - Young Sun wasn’t really my drummer at the time. We met though music, but I was a performance poet back then. We both come from a background of theater. I hadn’t yet learned to play bass. I was a tour guide, then, too. Those are my roots - open mics, open top double decker busses with mics, and, of course, the whole street corner poetry scene at 16th and Mission. Anarchist punks - those are my people. The stinky, freaky, fuck-the-world dreamers!

When did you first start playing bass?

Jason (Young Sun) was the one who bought me my first bass when The Wyatt Act needed a bass player. Before that, I would just run around the room performing poems and hyping up the crowd.

And when was that?

End of 2011, beginning of 2012. I had just graduated from USF with a degree in Psychology. I was working in the mental health field and it sorta shattered me - the suffering, the broken system - it just didn’t seem to make any sense. I was hugely inspired by the Occupy movement. I wanted to make street protest music. I fell in love with the bass guitar and began practicing obsessively every day. I’ve been studying jazz and experimenting with some new songwriting techniques, especially with The Wyatt Act. We’ve created our own musical language. It’s very new and very exciting!

Didn’t you say that there is no new art?

Yeah. There’s no new art. Sure, but there’s millions of different ways of expressing it, flirting with it, making it feel different, comparing it unexpectedly to something else and questioning everything. It’s really about repetition. You find a familiar symbol - something that connects with everyone but in an individual way that carries a unique meaning for each person. You break it apart - like practicing something when you learn a new skill. You dissect it into little chunks and then you repeat it over and over and over until it takes on a life of its own and transforms you and others and the space around it.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re looking forward to working on this year?

I’m going to record more. This time, I might even release it. There was a time in my life when I was worried that everything had to be perfect. I was afraid that I’d die without leaving a legacy. It paralyzed me and prevented me from releasing my recorded music. Then I just accepted the inevitable. We have no control over our own death, nor do we have control over what people say about us, if anything, after we die - so I let it all go and embraced the chaos and I feel so much better now!

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Ideally? I’d like to look back on my life and know that I tried.

Tried what?

To make social change. To fight for what’s fair. To stand up to our oppressive, fucked up society. And also I’d like to play a sold out show at The Warfield. That would be pretty cool.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers and performers?

You should probably find a career in something more stable and lucrative. This is not a field for you. It’s not for anyone, really. But, if you do find yourself magnetically pulled into the arts, despite your logic and your reasoning, find your story and tell it.

Photo Credits : Brittany Lee Mason, Kaitlyn McSweeney, and Andy Strong.

Nikki Bolaire is an entrepreneur and a freelance writer for many prestigious publications, including Gawker Media and The Cosmo Press Team. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication.

Rooby Man making a cover of "Lounge Club" March

Roobens Steve “Rooby Man” Dieujuste is a Dancehall/Pop artist from the island of Haiti known for his energetic, innovative, expressive and rousing qualities. He has captivated the Chicago music scene, along with national newspaper, television and radio features throughout the Caribbean and beyond. 

He has performed at the Annual Chicago Music Awards as well as winning that prestigious accolade in the 2012 edition of the award ceremony and was completing his 2011 European tour, captivating crowds at La Doumergue Stadium in Paris and then returning to Chicago to open shows for the likes of Bone Crusher, Shawnna, Bobby V, Trina, and Miguel, before embarking on another tour, this one taking him to sold out crowds in South America. Another milestone for Rooby Man was opening for the legendary Wyclef Jean at a sold out event in Metro Chicago in 2018. Today we are happy to welcome Rooby Man for the interview.

LC: Moving from Haiti to Chicago is quite a change what is your most and least favourite thing about this change?

RM: My most favourite thing coming here is the opportunity to go for my dreams. I had the privilege to do a lot of things that i couldn't do when i was living in Haiti. The opportunity here is infinite.

LC: You’ve been a Haitian star in “King of Kings”, then a lead singer in D-Lux with a huge following and love from fans. Yet, you decided to start a solo career. What brought you to this decision?

RM: Well, I felt at that time just be part of the band wouldn't get me where I want to be. Just different visions.

LC: What is your favourite thing about your work now?
RM: My favorite thing about my work now is I love being on stage. I love being in the studio creating. I enjoy the process. It just makes me happy (laughs).

To read the full interview check out "Lounge Club" March:



Cherry On Top! The hottest party of the decade!

Imagine beauty, luxury, the hottest beats in EDM, with lyrics that express the celebration lifestyle of the party culture, in one party. This is not only the Cherry on
top, this is a Cherry Pie Tour, you've never imagined a party experience like this in a club for an entire night. It's a new party concept, made by people that kn
ow and love how to make the party you would consider the Cherry on Top.

Designed by the artist The Kraken Music, with half a million streams and views on youtube and Spotify, Universal Music Italy, Waner Brasil, and ST Entertainment USA, Cherry Pie had the first edition in 2015 " I've been creating parties before working with music and I also went to incredible parties in Brazil and all around the world. I knew what people wanted to dance and sing along and the place and concept that would highlight this experience. I thought - What could be the cherry on top? Music can't be just beats and hits, need to talk the celebration language, the stage is beauty, performance, energy, the place needs to have a concept, people are not there to watch, they need to be part of this world we created. So my closes friend in the Fashion Design School decided to join me in the first edition, we created a party so memorable that 5 years later still is the hottest party for the 550 people that came. After my USA tour last year and the opening of ST Entertainment in Florida, my friend contacted me about the buzz of bringing back the Cherry Pie project for Brazil, people were asking constantly about it. Clearly, the word spread and we decided to make it worldwide available too." The Kraken Music
This new edition is the combination of the previous concept with the international structure. In the Music line up The Kraken comes leading not only the headline but the main idea behind the sets in this party, all of them must highlight the music experience of the best nightclubs in the world, DJ Shara is the resident DJ, we have special guests and one local DJ. The Kraken see the music and the lyrics as an important central part of the experience " One of the reasons I decided to also produce party songs is that every time we wanted to create the set of the Cherry Pie performance, not every hit song helped to make people have the best night of their lives, because it didn't speak the words they wanted to say in
those amazing moments of celebration. So the music at this party is very unique, is designed to make you feel amazing, is the show you'll be part of," says The Kraken Music.

Cherry Pie Tour previously was an exclusive party in Brazil, now is available in North America, Europa and Asia as well, with one edition at the time. "We definitely want to take the CPT everywhere. I feel that everybody should have the opportunityto be part of this experience, people deserve the best when it comes to celebration, I don't play around when it comes to this, maybe I'm a perfectionist. But this is also one of the reasons we are still restricted to our international agenda, we have a development plan to follow to ensure our details and concept, and thought we receive very interesting proposals and requests, we won't commit to all the places we want just yet," The Kraken Music says.


Lazie J, Rock Band From India On Their International Success, MTV And 2019 World Tour

Today we are happy to interview Lazie J, a classic rock band from India that had a quick success with international radios and listeners across more than 100 countries! Their music has been appreciated by Rock Music lovers worldwide. 

CP: Hey, guys, how are you today? Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Jay:  Hi We are Lazie J a classic rock band from India, we have been around for some time and have had our music in some of the radios and TV across the world, Lazie J is basically Myself — Jay Pillai — singer, Lyricist, Music Director and I do play Rhythm Guitars, Manoj — my co Composer, Drummer and he does backing Vocals too, our new guitarist Dilip Nair.  We are joined on tours by Jayakumar — Rhythm Guitars and Jackson who is the bassist.

CP: You video “Don’t Turn Around” was aired on MTV UK and BBC Asia, who came up with the idea of the video? What was the budget? Did you expect it to go viral?

Jay: Don’t Turn Around was one of the songs which had very good response from the audience when we had it spun on radios and won us good reviews across as a single. We thought of doing a video for the same and it took some time for us to think about how to make a good video in a cost effective way. Manoj came up with the idea of natural lighting with poles lit up. Then, Yes!! We had a friend AR Shaji who worked in a Television production house and his camera crew and our Director who is also our band Manager Mr.Sumesh Lal helping us with the shoot and post production. In a way their help mattered a lot. We did not expect it to get into BBC or MTV but then sometimes things do work out better than planned. 

CP: Who is usually writing lyrics and music? Tell us the story how a song is born in Lazie J group?

Manoj:  Normally Jay brings a base version of a song, writes the lyrics for the same and we build It to the final mix . But then there are other occasions when I start a drum pattern or our guitarist starts a progression and then Jay comes in with the vocals which we complete together.  Anyways once we get the groove we finish the song very quickly as we think “over thinking or Over Doing “ a song will kill the feel. Once we complete the song we jam it live in front of a few friends who are also our critics and then we go in for the recording.     

CP: In the “Train Song” you tell “I’m moving on”. It is a song about hard loss and keeping a desire to life, love to humanity. It is a tribute to John Anthony. It says, that you should never give up, whatever difficulties you meet, am I getting it right? 

Jay:  Yes!! The song is about the spirit of moving on and we have just moved on from such a situation. Before Dilip moved in as guitarist we had one of the best-known guitarist in India John Anthony as our Lead Axeman. Some one who had unbelievable amount of energy, passion and determination. He had loads of incredible achievements to his credit and has travelled around the world with the best known faces in “world music”. He could do anything from Indian Raaga to Rockn roll with the same comfort he was an inspiration to all in the band also a lot of guitarists who followed his style here in India.  He had an imposing work pattern and used to get up at 4 am and practice till 9 am when the band ( all the projects he worked in ) joins in and combined practice used to go up till 8 pm. This was his routine for decades. He died all of a sudden and to lose someone like him did put us into a crisis with a lot of existential questions. Luckily as John would have wanted we could move on and bring in Dilip who does a fantastic job in his role

CP: Speaking of which, could you introduce your new guitar player? How would you describe your style of play now in comparison to the one with John? Have anything changed? If so, in what way. If not, how the contribution of a new player affects your music?

Jay:   Dilip for us has been a friend for a long time and one among our critics and advisor as well. He has years of rock n roll guitar playing behind him with various outfits and was awarded many times as best guitarist in many festivals here. But the best thing was that he knew our songs and he knew us so it was kind of easy settling in. Yes there is great workload and expectations and comparisons but then that’s how you move on isn’t it? .  

Dilip : This is a really challenging task for me as the guitar work done by earlier guitarists has been nothing short of phenomenal, and to re-create what they have done might not really be an easy task for  me. So I am not thinking much along the lines of "keeping up the music style", rather I am trying to figure out how best I can contribute without ruining the feel of their songs.

CP: You plan to do a World Tour in 2019. Which countries do you plan to visit? How fans can keep up with the schedule?

Manoj:  We do have an international Collaborative called Lazie Bison, which includes artists from Canada and Sweden. There is quite a lot planned for Lazie J as both Lazie J and Lazie Bsion, which includes touring far east, Europe mostly and yes if things go well Canada. But then there are videos, which are planned, EPs planned to be launched. So yes it will be hectic yet exciting for us. We will sure announce our tours on our FB page and our profile in Reverbnation and hopefully we will have a press release on same all these are done by our Management team.

Our FB page can be reached in this link:

Reverbnation Profile:

CP: Where do you find your inspiration?

Jay: That the band sustained for such a long time itself is a great source of inspiration to us. Before we could get our music heard through the internet and reach out to FM radios far across we spent long time creating music and playing to with a few friends here and occasional TV shows. Myself and Manoj Started this partnership in 1991. Went through a lot of ups and downs as a band but kept this going. But then it is exciting to play rock music and that kept us and keeps us going.  Composing music together and listening to it once it is recorded gives us immense pleasure so does playing those songs live in front of crowds. We still get butterflies in stomach when we go out to play.

CP: What advise would you give to Cosmo Press readers?

Jay: We thank you for the interview and getting Lazie J across to the readers of Cosmo Press. It has been a pleasure talking to you.  We would like to request the readers to listen to and support Independent Music as you get the best there. There is an ocean there full of rich and colorful music, which we tend to ignore because of lack of advertising. But then if you need originality you need to check out Independent music. Do listen to Lazie J and support us. We may or may not meet in person depending upon Lazie J tour plans and how it materializes but then do listen to us if you like us let us know in our FB page or Reverbnation Page because we look forward to. Thank you!

Interview conducted by Tati Richardson exclusively for @cosmopress.


A European woman artist, talent comes from Italy and is called Erika Zoi

Erika Zoi, an artist who must know, with this name cannot be deaf or have no interest in music. 

Let’s start with the background history of Erika Zoi that who is she or what she did for music. If you are a music lover than, you should read this article with your attention and emotion.

Rome (capital of Italy) has a great artist of the music Erika Zoi, we should thank God who gave us a musician with very emotional music.

 She began her musical studies through younger at “st. Cecilia” in Rome, she completed her studies with adding Composing and Directions of Orchestra with M° Bruno Rigacci”.

Erika Zoi is a composer of music and a very refined conductor, writes music in different musical styles from classical music to film to pop music. Listening to his music is good for souls, is "therapeutic", you are transported in a sound and sensory world as only great artists can do.

Many are his compositions and directions, the whole world can listen to his songs on youtube, soundcloud or follow it in social networks and on his website 

We mention two songs like "Cammini" and "Pater Noster", different songs for the style and the communication strength of Erika Zoi's music, the first is a piano solo and it's wonderful how the artist manages to create that feeling, precisely, of the journey. The second piece "Pater Noster" is very performed; just think of the countless performances in the most important Basilicas of Rome, it is the prayer in Latin, because Erika Zoi also writes sacred music. A prayer in Latin, where we talk about time and reconciliation with the world. For the usual voice and orchestra, he has many answers including the one with choir.

Erika Zoi, a woman in music, a gift of music. The art of women who sees in her a great guide to the music scene, a great artistic depth to listen to and follow carefully. 

Khalil Gibran said "Music is the language of the spirit. His secret current vibrates between the heart of the singer and the soul of the listener ", here is the music written by Erika Zoi is this, a current between heart and soul, an inner dialogue, his, and an infinite emotion, ours as listeners, as participants in that sound magic that transports us to another dimension and satisfies us wonderfully.

In a world where virtual sociality takes the upper hand over the emotion of reality, Erika Zoi's music can be the glue between these two existences. Art has always been synonymous with beauty, culture and wonder, we listen to this music to return to excite us, to give space to our sensitivity!

Italian artistic and musical talent has always been a flower of humanity!


Luxury Beauty Cosmetics break the Law of luxury makeup!

The world is changing, so even the world of Luxury is changing with us.
Danique Motzheim CEO and Founder of Luxury Beauty Cosmetics wants to participate by changing the world for a healthier place to live in.
By developing Luxury makeup that is clean, vegan and cruelty free.

The brand will eliminate from its products the industry’s frequently used animal-derived ingredients, including beeswax, lanolin (a wax derived from sheepskin) and carmine (a dye made from beetles’ wings). Founder Danique Motzheim said the brand is asking experts in the bio-tech space to find new ingredients that don’t sacrifice quality.

“Beauty is all about caring and Luxury is a combination of innovation and integrity, and our values have always been exemplified in our commitment to creating cruelty-free products,” she said. “If we are truly committed to being 100 percent cruelty-free, we shouldn’t have animal-derived ingredients in our products.”

Google’s latest report on skin-care trends found that searches for vegan products have grown 83 percent year over year since 2010 in the U.S., the market driving the trend. 

So we are proud to announce you LUXURY BEAUTY COSMETICS!
We’ll make you shine.

Shop your Cosmetics at the website;

Or follow on Instagram: @luxurybeautycosmetics

Convertible Fashion by Monica Nechifor

As consumers, we have become increasingly conscious about our purchases and the people involved in the making of our clothes and environment. 

We asked Monica Nechifor a fashion designer who founded Convertible Fashion how can we make fashion sustainable :

What does" sustainable fashion" mean to you? 

For me as a fashion brand it means that I must create clothes in a way that is most considerable of humanity and the environment. 
There are many ways that we can make fashion sustainable, but my way to contribute to this is that I design Convertible fashion: one single garment can be transformed into many other options allowing you to have several looks from only one piece. Therefore a multi-functional item is more sustainable as it requires fewer resources and fabric to make than its separate counterparts. 
Also the beauty of convertible fashion consists in the fact that you save money by buying more outfits for the price of only one, it saves space in your wardrobe or travel bag and also it saves you time to commute home and change your clothes for the next event on the same day.

What inspired you to start a sustainable and convertible fashion brand? 

Designing convertible clothing it is an easy and natural process for me, I feel elevated and happy when my creativity flows and I consider my talent a gift that I have to put it to a good use for other people. I gave myself a mission to bring value in other people's lives and by designing and manufacturing convertible fashion I can make people's everyday life much easier and better. 
To that it added other factors like sustainability, ethical manufacturing, respect for the environment and community, etc.

Who is your customer? 

My customer is a conscious and smart person that embraced this concept for a variety of reasons, starting with the way the clothes make them feel to the practical side of it.
Usually my customers take pride in the way they look, like to experiment with new styles and showcase these looks on social media. 
I can identify my customer as that busy professional living a vibrant life working in the city and enjoying the social life after work or mums with a hectic schedule juggling school run, gym, work, social events, all at once. 
People want to fit lots of activities in a day , they don't have time to get home to change into appropriate attire for every event of the day, then here convertible fashion comes into play. 

Soumya, the “Cosmo Life” Cover Star

Soumya as @Soumstagram_, the “Cosmo Life” cover star and socialite is best known for her girl-next-door glam and her corporate-business acumen.

In an interview with the young, self-made, Instagram-star, more popularly known on Instagram by soumstagram_ here is the reveal on all the wardrobe and life secrets you need to know.

The Indian born, American raised, (current) London based Social Media Influencer is a well known former model and actress. “Former”? We beg to differ! Her journey has been beyond exciting, isn't it? All the things you need to know about her life, fashion, style and how she manages her corporate job and lifestyle, you can find out right here.

We sat down with this global citizen to pick her brain about what it takes to stand out in the (insta) crowd...

Soumya is one of the most influential personalities in the London fashion scene. A former Technologist at JP Morgan Chase, Soumstagram_’s classic, yet trendy style has secured collaborations with some of the most prestigious brands including Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Ted Baker and Daniel Wellington. Soumya is the brains behind SOUMSTAGRAM_, one of the world's first Instagram driven platforms to combine styling, blogging, influencer marketing, travel and life advice going as far back as 2012 when being an Instagram sensation wasn’t even a thing. Did she foresee growth on the Insta platform? Keep up with our upcoming features in 2019 to find out!

Soumya's style mantra has always been "Less is More" and believes in the power of styling and accessorizing. Usually, you would find her signature summer look consisting of chic white dresses and straw bags and hats, while her winter look would include more fancy coats and trendy boots.

Soumya is everything we vision of the new power generation. In 2018, we have been huge fans of her sassy, slow motioned hair-flips and Instagram captions overflowing the star’s sense of humour and of course her perfect go-to outfits that made her look extra feminine and modish. "Her picks have been effortless and sensational that rule the all year round fashion stratosphere" — UBM Fashion London.

What we like the most about Soumya's style is that she believes that looking fashionable does not always have to come from luxury brands, it can be a mix of your local brands, street style, and some high-end ones. The perfect style sense comes from incorporating your own individual preferences to customise and curate your wardrobe with personal choices. The most important take away from her style is that she clearly does not stick to fixed choices, and often likes to experiment with what she perceives of as fashion. 

For more updates on her lifestyle, follow her on Snapchat as KRMODELA and on Instagram as SOUMSTAGRAM_. 

Do let us know, which of her looks would you like to replicate in your wardrobe!

Read the interview with Soumya in "Cosmo Life" Valentine's special issue!