Because, it's the closest thing we have, to magic

  To me, he was nothing short of a miracle. Generous, simple and in so many ways gorgeous. I was besotted right at the start. It was the eleventh grade, and he helped me with a lot of school work. There was something about the way he spoke, just so honest, he'd nothing to hide. Brown eyes, wide with innocence, incapable of telling a lie and genuinely so. Sometime in the first few weeks, I sensed a bond that'd last a lifetime. I had nothing to ask of him ,just his company made me ecstatic. It was the most honest, simple and unconditional relationship. He was my best friend. I cherished our candidness too much to jeopardize it, so I kept my feelings private. Surprisingly one day, he told me he loved me. I don't know if that was impulse, we were just children. The curiosity of what it'd be like to belong to him numbed  my instinct. Oh and did we have a blast! He moved to another city to study, and somehow that made the bond more meaningful. I'd wake up to his messages and we'd talk each other to sleep. He'd wait for a break to come visit me and we'd count the hours together. Taking each other's opinion on every damn thing and then fussing about it, petty but fun. Every birthday and New Year meant more now that I had him to share time with. It was beautiful. Of course we had our differences, often silly but the most heated arguments. Somehow, almost cosmically, every quarrel would lead me to realizing I'd be better off milking a bull .What was the point of winning the tiff? I'd forgotten how to function without him. So irrevocably in love. Even in times of chaos I'd feel an unwaning confidence because I knew he'd be there if I wished to cry. No fear of the uncertain, no dubiousness of his affection. For several reasons, the best days of my life.
       Soon enough, we'd to get serious about our careers. Now, we spoke lesser, and one day he left the country to pursue his studies. It's been a while, but I still remember the day he left. I was a wreck. I trembled at the thought of not knowing if he'd ever come back, if he'd remember what it was like to be in my company. He took away so much with his absence. The clouds drifted, so did he. In a few months I saw a new him, the simplicity dwindled because everything around was new, sensitivity and concern began to ebb , perhaps it didn't make sense to care for someone so far away, and of course,  honesty was ludicrous since we were unaware of almost everything in each other's lives. He lost himself to the splendor of possibility. For months I questioned the days we'd laughed together, had he really given up on everything I loved about him? I understood his being stressed about life's challenges, but it just seemed like his priorities had shifted. In some time, we were barely speaking. A deafening silence. Our days didn't share the same light, he got busy and I didn't intrude. Everyday, I battled my inner tornado to fill the void, and it didn't affect him that I was hurting. Never do we foresee these things, there was a time when I was immensely confident of our solidarity, and now we didn't even know when we needed each other. Merely being of relevance to him seemed arduous.
     Despite everything, each time I pass a coffee shop we'd visited or the place I first met him, I smile because those are still the most beautiful days I've seen. Love is larger than us. Innocent but Powerful. Often beyond our control, we get hurt but that doesn't curb our capacity to love.
   How many stupid times a day, must we have dwelt on our dissatisfaction?! Fundamentally greed, our craving for attention turns us into beings beyond our own handling power. Obsession cultivates a deep rooted negativity, a dark energy that taints our prudence. 
       The ones we love might not necessarily find their haven in us. Life will go on and they'd eventually gather their sanity from other sources. Perhaps, even fall in love again. Well, they're only human. Going through agony, might make us a little harsh, but we still hold a massive potential to love, and so we're beautiful!

Through the several days I spent mulling over what went wrong, I didn't realize I'd retreated from my real self too. My faith in him had shaken, I'd become terribly quick to judge and grew selfish. We only react to our environment, our circumstances and our pain. The truth is, we all have issues, he isn't perfect, neither am I. After all, when he was around, he only gave me what I wanted, any girl's fantasy, a quintessential version of what I imagined love should look like.
       We spend too much time expecting from the other end. Blessed enough to experience love and we ponder over the slightest debates. I know, I'd never be able to shake off the shadow of my first love, but I also know he'll never be the same again. Love is for realistic people. We build our hopes on an intricate web of daydreams and that makes us fragile. It's our ability to love, the complacency of being able to offer ourselves emotionally, that we cherish. Love, because it warms the heart. Whether it culminates into something or not, love because we're fortunate enough to know its bliss. People change, isn’t change the only constant? Accept the reversal, walk with the wind, it’s much easier than walking against it. Let's be grateful for the experience and accommodative of each other's flaws. Believe the best in them and derive strength from your ability to acclimate. Have faith in the beauty of your soul; your capacity to give is endless. If it's the only way, love them enough to let them go and love yourself enough to smile everyday. This Valentine's day, let's stop questioning ourselves and the ones we love. Break free of those shackles of doubt and rage, and love unconditionally... because, it's the closest thing we have, to magic.

Article by: Sweta Subramanian. She is an engineer by qualification and is currently a Singer/Performer based in Bangalore.

Designer Audrey Soie Spotted in $100 million Necklace from Ocean’s 8

You have seen Ladies Of “Ocean’s 8” exclusively wearing Cartier on the Big screen. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helena Bonham were honoured to touch the masterpiece reproduced by drawing’s from 1931. The original “Jeanne Toussaint” necklace,  was designed for the Maharaja of Nawanagar by Jacques Cartier. This jewel no longer exists, however the creation sketch was used as a reference for the realization of the Toussaint necklace, which plays a pivotal character in the story. Described as “the finest cascade of coloured diamonds in the world,” it was, according to Jacques Cartier, “a superb realization of a connoisseur’s dream.

The Cartier piece seen in the movie features zirconium oxides mounted on white gold rather than real diamonds. It took eight weeks to create, according to WWD, and was made in Cartier’s Paris workshop.

Had actual stones been used, the necklace seen in “Ocean’s 8” would certainly be worth over $100 million — far more than the movie’s entire $70 million production budget.

Taking the story further, exclusively for our cover, artist and designer Audrey Soie was wearing the same necklace for the photoshoot. “I am honoured to wear Cartier’s creation for what it represents,” she says, — Ocean’s 8 necklace was named after Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s Creative Director in the 1930s who was the first woman to embody Cartier’s spirit. To me it represents women’s power and belief in your dreams. Be bold, create your future now and one day you’ll wake up the you of your dreams!”

See exclusive pictures in the “Rich and Beautiful” magazine:

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Linjie Chou Zanadu on his work with Pamela Anderson, Royalty nowadays and development of Peace and Culture Order.

Linjie Chou Zanadu, award winning public relation strategist helps his clients to explore their dreams in reality. He helps his clients to execute world-class PR strategies and link them with the right contacts and decision makers in their respective fields around the world. Among his clients From Hong Kong to Monte Carlo, from Beverly Hills to Cannes, Linjie’s network expands from political lobbyists to Hollywood celebrities. He has been working with public figures like His Royal Highness Prince Adel el Hashemite of Iraq, Pamela Anderson, Bertie Higgins, President Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, and Film producer Steve Moore.

Today Linjie is starring on the pages of "Rich&Beautiful" magazine, he will share his thoughts on success and give some tips to the readers.

Hey Linjie, we are very excited to have you! You are helping clients to explore their dreams in reality. What is you one simple advice for every day to achieve your goals?

I think self determination is very important, in life we are always battling the naysayer or people of negative energies. We must learn how to balance the self insight and ignoring the negative energies. 

You released a book "Cracking the Code to Success" teaming up with the best-selling author Brian Tracy. How long did it take to prepare the book? What was you exact role in this project? How was it to work with Brian?

I had a chapter in his book and talked about how the universal energy can help us to facilitate our goals in life for career and personal. How our success is determined by the right energy flow. Brian is very down to earth and a man of practicality, which I am much inspired.

When you worked with Pamela Anderson, how would you describe her she in person? Is she a sexy woman? Is she the one having a "start fever"? Do you have any fun story about your collaboration?

Yes, Pamela is a wonderful person, she is always reinventing herself. From the bombshell to her current role as an advocate for animal rights and mother. I could sense she is becoming more and more elegant in her work and life. One thing I have to remark on, she is one of the most caring moms I have met, she was so much into her son’s development and growth. In my culture, a lot of mothers love to brag how much they gave to their children, Pamela on the other hand, is doing everything for her sons without even letting the public know. She is also fun to work with, always with positive energy and a lot of laughter. 

How do you see the development of Peace and Culture Order?

The Chivalry Order has been a dream since early childhood and I was very much inspired with noble deeds. Changing the world might seem like an insurmountable task, but with some hope, I would be able to create the initiative, which will combine both old Chinese philosophy and chivalry traditions of Europe. Now I am transforming the Peace and Culture Order into a structure, which will be a lot more comfortable to manage in this world.

What do you think about Nobel Prize of Piece? 

It is indeed based on the Scandinavian idealism. I adore the simplicity and non-confrontational culture of that part of the world. I do wish if we can all be that simple and honest. The home of Noble awards, both Norway and Sweden are the role model countries we all aspire. Currently I am also supporting the Global Children Initiatives of Princess Madeline of Sweden. I strongly believe if we want a better world, we have to start with children.

There are quite a few royals among your clients, what do you think of royalty nowadays? What are the goals of royal dynasty members and /or aristocracy in the modern world?

All people are different, and the ones you are referring to are not to be excluded. Recently I met H.H.Princess Karina Bagration, a highly organized, motivated and professional educationalist who had a science internship in the field of applied pedagogical studies at Temple City Education Center in California, USA. It took place in the frame of a lifelong learning educational project called “From 5 till 105” which I helped as philanthropist and St. John of Kronstadt Foundation (Russian Nobility Association), too. She also had a chance to communicate with Madam Megan Beck, New Directions for Academic Advancement representative. Princess Karina met people of various age groups and cultures, the youngest was 5 and the oldest -105 years old. I had less time to communicate with H.R.H. Princess Madeleine of Sweden but all of us, who lived and worked in this country, know her as a motivated philanthropist, who supports UNICEF and the World Childhood Foundation. 

Read the full interview in the upcoming issue of "Rich&Beautiful".

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Youth Shine Dietary Supplements For Your Nutritional And Fitness Needs

In modern society, dietary supplements have become a staple addition to our food intake. But with hundreds of different types on the market, deciding which one is right for you can be a daunting task.

While a healthy balanced diet often provides most of the vitamins and minerals you require, taking dietary supplements on top of your diet can prove beneficial in ensuring your body receives all the nutrients it needs each day.

Youth Shine is one of the leading wellness companies based in San Francisco, with all their products made and packaged entirely in the USA. The company offers premium quality dietary supplements that can support a balanced diet and help you achieve your goals.

Youth Shine dietary supplements are based on years of scientific research and are made of natural raw materials to ensure quality. The supplements can provide essential boosters to heath as they fill the gap in nutrition and protect your body against dietary deficiencies. They will not replace a good diet but can serve as a way to enhance your health.

Youth shine products fall into four distinct categories based on the benefit they provide:

Youth Advance (Anti-Oxidant)

Youth Advance includes invigorating ingredients and provides an antioxidant synergy of quercetin, resveratrol, astaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, coenzyme Q10, ApplePhenon, and bilberry.

Charm Max (Skin Boost)

Charm Max is a product featuring natural bioactive collagen that promotes skin hydration and skin whitening. Clinically-tested ApplePhenon and Peptan combined with herbal blends such as German chamomile, olive extract, hawthorn, and ginger extracts help boost collagen synthesis within skin cells, creating plumper firmer skin.

Body Ease (Detox)

Body Ease is a detox formula that helps maintain intestinal functions and promote a healthier digestive system. Body Ease contains a vast spectrum of natural detox ingredients that help maintain healthy intestinal function and digestive system

Night Fix (Nutrition)

The Night Fix supplement is a balanced, nutrition supplement and supports overall health. It features naturally powerful ingredients such as essential B vitamins, astaxanthin, and premium herbal nutrients.

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Ursula Maria: A Show, A Movie And A Commercial

Actress Ursula Maria, who has just shot an international commercial that is currently being edited, is filming her new show “The Gatekeepers”, a show that focuses on both the music as well as the film and television industry and shines a light on what is really going on behind the scenes.

In the show Ursula is talking to producers, directors, music supervisors, editors, songwriters and many more to find out how they got started and what it takes to not only survive but also thrive in this cutthroat business. Questions like “what can you do if you want to get your music placed in movies and tv shows” and “what are the things you wish someone had told you early on about the business that you know now” will be answered by a high caliber of people, from academy award nominees to industry veterans.

Aside from the show, Ursula is getting ready to shoot a feature film, which will be physically extremely demanding. A teaser has already been shot and is currently being edited. “All that dance training, working out a lot and being very athletic definitely comes in handy now. It is also part of why I have been cast in this role”, she says. “I cannot wait to start filming.”

About the thriller Ursula has just finished shooting, which is currently in post production, she says “I absolutely love the script. I am very excited to see this film on the big screen when it’s finished!”.


Instagram: @ursula_maria_



The new best seller of the year is the book wrote by Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez titled “Follow your own Dynasty”. 
Sir Manuel is a lawyer and journalist that with 23 years old grown up to become one of the most influential people in the Middle East as well as to administrate and advise some of the greatest fortunes of the Middle East as well as different governments all over the World.
In his New Book he talks about the good habits as well as to follow the advises of family and friends, just with the aim of helping fathers to give the heritage of their sons in the greatest companies. As Sir Manuel saids in the interview: “I wrote this book to teach new generations to continue and improve the companies of their families... There are some statistics that shows how in the second and the third generation the companies falled down because of not taking on mind the advises and the experience of the ancestors, as well as to not having good business formation”.
“I am very proud of my heritage, because I always have in mind in all my decisions their advises, I never forget about the good job of my grandfather Manuel and my grandmother María José, without them I won’t be able to start on my business life, because they were saving all their life’s to give to my father the best. Also my father Manuel and my mother Chus did the same, they save the best for me and they always gave me all, and also they are still giving me all. Really without them, without my heritage, I wouldn’t grow up never.”
This young outstanding man of 23 years is now working hard in two new projects, his own company called Mayaimi International Corp. and the Private Council of the Prince Al Din Assaf from Saudi Arabia.
In life I have never considered myself a Playboy and I have not wanted to be one either. For many people it could be a pride, however for me it is something I reject. About the news that you tell me about the internet, they are just rumors, that Latin girl and I were simply friends and nothing else.
Personally, I think that in life, in order to develop, one needs stability. If a person uses acting like Playboy, it is because he must have an inner emptiness. Whoever wants to grow personally in life, I recommend that if you do not find the right person, wait. My grandfather waited a lot, until he was 48, but he found it. My father met her working at about my age, and I have a great partner that I also knew working.
To learn more about this wonderful man buy his new book.

Check it out here:

Meet Julia Daviy — Inventor of the clothing large-format 3D printing!

Meet Julia Daviy, our cover story of "Cosmo Life" January, a 3D Printed Clothing Designer and Producer, Inventor of the method of the clothing large-format 3D printing and 3D printed “leather”.   Julia Daviy debuted at The Fashion Meet Technology NYFW 2018 event with the first ever 3D printed wearable full clothing collection for women, created entirely with the help of large-format industrial 3D printers implementing the FDA and SLA 3D printing technologies. Implementing the ideas of 3D printing of pieces of clothing in just couple parts permitted to achieve almost zero waste in the clothing production, exclude logistics (so as each piece of apparel created and sent as a 3D-printable file) and avoid hundred of hours of hard hand-work which is unavoidable if the similar clothes would be created in traditional way. Nevertheless, the work under the 3D-printed collection which consist of 9 looks took about 350 hours of 3D modeling in CAD-type software and more than 2,000 h of 3D printing. 

Julia Daviy’s passion for innovations implementing in the clothing industry drove her to a course in design thinking and innovation at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business where she took a major in design thinking. Julia is an inventor of the method of the clothing large-format 3D printing and 3D printed “leather”.  She also studied 3D printing at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. By 2016 she already had a decade of experience in clean technology, innovating new solutions to environmental problems caused by industry. Confident that 3D technology is the most sustainable method of revolutionizing most industries, Julia is harnessing the transformational power of 3D printing for her fashion innovations. Her primary goal is sustainability and cruelty-free clothing. She is also keen to reduce waste and environmental footprints across the sector.

Read more about Julia Creations in "Cosmo Life" January:

Cover photo by Vita Zamchevska, model Marcelle Mazzini.

NICOLE D'SETTēMI, writer and poet, cover girl of "Cosmo Chic" Christmas special edition!

 It’s the Christmas season and everybody is hustling about; getting ready for the holidays this year as always! Our guest this winter, writer and poet, NICOLE D'SETTēMI, is prepping for something a little different. — Addictarium, the poet’s first published piece, has recently been relaunched as a paperback now available in libraries and stores everywhere! For the writer, this may appear normal, but Nicole’s road to artistry has been a slightly different one. The offbeat, mystifying, and sometimes perceived as ominous poet, sits with us to discuss a wide range of topics and describes why she prefers the title artist over writer, any day! But before we begin, some background information on Nicole may be of interest to our readers. The 36 year-old former art model, published novelist, poet, and visual pop-artist is a talented woman, with an engrossing life no matter how you arrange it. Nicole, who has been a bit of a “gypsy” or “nomad” at times, as she declares it, explains that she was professionally trained for Photo-Journalism, until she became addicted to heroin in the early 2000’s. A woman who always had a pen in one hand and notebook in the other, Nicole proclaims poetry and writing were for her, something she wanted to do privately, for herself, originally. Never professorially, she explains, with a certain air and it’s hard to decipher whether she is disappointed in that decision, or satisfied by it. But, such as everything with this poet a sort of mystery, as I visit her at her home in Hudson Valley, a fully functional creative art house she shares with her fiance, who is also an artist, I am often baffled by the inexplicable, artistic poet who sits before me. Upon entrance to her home, one filled with decor that most would put on display during festivities, and a closet to match, immediately I feel I’m dealing with a strange female, slightly disturbed, who is difficult to describe. She laughs hard--and wildly--on occasion, when you bring something like this up. A naturally reserved girl when first meeting you, with a soft-spoken and yet, friendly manner, it’s hard to believe she can become so splanchnic, so alive, when you watch her other work. Her performance art and music videos which she publishes on her personal channel, Poetica Beauvoir are a gratifying dose of energy. It’s not that she isn’t animated close-up, but she has a tender quality in person which her videos do not always reflect. Nor her writing or poetry. She calls Poetica her “digitized lounge,” and lights up when I choose to discuss it; “the lounge is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. You see, what I’ve known, what I’ve learned from a very young age, is that connection, human connection, is really the only thing that matters. What we’re here for. What I’m here for.” She pauses thoughtfully, “and the channel is so personal, it is a bit edgy I suppose, but I connect with other artists and poets that way, and yes, it can even be jaw-dropping sometimes--what I can morph into; the animal, that insanity, but it’s me. Part of me. The same way shyness is part of me.”

Read the full interview with Nicole in a Christmas Special of "Cosmo Chic"!