Youth Shine, Grab-On-The-Go Dietary Supplements for Every Day of Your Life

Health, our most prized possession to behold. Without it everything else pales in comparison. No amount of money, time or material items can compare or come even close to fulfilling our bodies need for good health through well thought-out nutritional choices and supplementation when necessary.

We spend a tremendous amount of time choosing the best produce and grains, carefully selecting which products will not only be pleasing to our palette but bring about the best health we can possibly have.  Exercising regularly, getting adequate sleep, minimizing stress and creating professional and home environments that bring peace and harmony to our lives have become top priorities in our lives, so we can be as healthy for as long as we possibly can.

Youth Shine products are designed to bring about your best health potential every day. By offering products that come in single serving packaging, Youth Shine minimizes the stress and time you spend handling and sorting you supplements. No need to worry how you carry the product around from gym to office and the evening dinner party. Whenever you need them, Youth Shine makes it easy for you.

Youth Advance Antioxidant Formula

This product offers antioxidants that work to enhance the overall health of your body. Free radicals are like scavengers that can wreak havoc and bring about change and damage to healthy cells within your body. We are exposed to free radicals every day from radiation, to cigarette smoke and processed food.  In our modern world, supplementation with an antioxidant formula can not only enhance our health but possibly prevent future illness. Lifestyle changes are also a good way to prevent free radical damage, but supplementation is almost always necessary in our busy lives.

Charm Max Collagen Formula

Hoping to maintain an anti-aging strength on the inside and outside? A convenient way to do this is Charm Max collagen supplement. Collagen brings strength to our aging skin and a youthful appearance.  Through a combination of various extracts and natural collagen, Charm Max supplement can provide us with a foundation to inner and outer youth as we age. The clock never stops but supplementation and good nutrition practices can slow down the hands on that clock.

Body Ease Detox Formula

Our digestive system is the power house processor of all we ingest. Bringing us all the goodness of every bite that touches our lips, and sometimes that bad, proper functioning of every organ involved in this process can mean the difference between good and poor health. Using phytonutrients, Body Ease dietary supplement works to promote the balance within the complex system, enhancing the functioning capabilities of each organ within it. Overall good eating habits should be at the core of our health and dietary decision, Body Ease is a means to enhance this for those moments when we slip from our normal routine.

Night Fix Holistic Nutrition Formula

Looking for a supplement that strives to provide you with a natural approach to repairing damage your system faces from too many late nights? A whole and easy approach is Night Fix Holistic Nutrition supplement. Using herbal extracts and many essential vitamins, this delightful supplement provides a broad spectrum of benefits for general wellness.

Youth Shine’s portable, grab-on-the-go dietary supplements help to change our lives for the better, bringing us more energy, brighter moods, and more confidence. Who would want to take anything else? It’s like the difference between boxed macaroni and cheese and grandma’s homemade macaroni and cheese made from scratch.

Let Youth Shine make the light of you brighter today and every day. You deserve the best life has to offer. Make sure you reach for it, today and every day.

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"Rich&Beautiful" Cover story: Why Karan Singh Started Documenting His Life and You Should do it too?

Karan Singh, a successful businessman, yet not least successful blogger tells his thoughts about documenting life on camera. Being a founder of “10 seconds every day” project, he reveals an amazing way to keep your brightest memory and never give up!

... another day, an idea stuck with me and I started a project called “10 second every day”. Basically the idea was to record the best moment of my day for 10 seconds every day till I can’t record anymore. It can be anything, maybe the beautiful sunset, laughing like crazy at a friend joke, crossing another level of fitness or maybe someone puking outside of a bar. Basically the idea to record 1, 2 or 10 seconds of your day or the best moment of your day which you want to remember for a lifetime. The whole purpose of this project was these 3 reasons.

1. I hate not remembering the things that I have done in the past. There are so many things we do on a daily basis, which we have no recollection of even after a month unless someone brings it up. So even if I live up to 60 years of age, I will have 33 hours of video, which encapsulates 35 years of my life.

2. The second reason was that it motivated me to wake up every morning and tries to do at least 1 thing interesting everyday (which later turned out to be funny). Something different which maybe I have never tried before or maybe something which I did earlier and really enjoy it.

3. I don’t believe in the bullshit of living in the moment. Yes, it's amazing to live in the moment, but there is no harm if the moment is so interesting that I want to capture it via my camera forever and after some time I realized that my life is just filled with such moments.

The one major issue, which I always faced, was that as the days, weeks and months go by time just seems to start blurring and blending into each other and these videos became the only ways I have to trigger my memory of all the good things happen to me. These 10 second videos became a way to bridge that gap and remember everything I have done weather its my first bungee jump, first trip with a random stranger, motivating speech you found online or falling for someone from a foreign country or anything that’s interesting, I have it all captured by me. 

Read the full article in "Rich&Beautiful" November issue.

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He says: "If you find a seek guy recording himself or his friends doing weird stuff, there is a good chance it’s me."


Why Do not fall in love, de kharYsma Arafat NZABA featuring Rick Ross

Hey guys, great news! We are happy to annouce the release of the single: Why Do not Fall in Love, by kharYsma Arafat NZABA featuring Rick Ross; Available this November 15, 2018. 

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All About the Cheese in the Cheesecake

All About the Cheese in the Cheesecake

What makes cheesecakes adaptable to any culinary style is their cheese. Back in Ancient Greece, every market sold cheeses to those who cannot make their own. By the time the fourth century B.C. came, the most accepted white Greek cheeses were being seasoned with spices and baked in a manner similar to pies and cakes. Even the Romans, during the height of their power, used a great deal of cheese in their cooking. They preserved cheese using a salt-based sauce and provided the recipe for the celebration of the wedding cake, which still contains cheese as the main ingredient.

The Americans and Their Cream Cheese

 A soft, mild-tasting, sweet, white cheese is the cream cheese. Generally, cream cheese contains at least 33per cent milk fat and a moisture content of not more than 55per cent and a pH level ranging from 4.4 to 4.9. Cream cheese is not usually matured and is meant to be consumed fresh. This makes it diverse from other supple cheeses, like the Neufchatel and the Europeís Brie. The taste, production and texture of the cream cheese are more comparable to that of the Mascarpone and Boursin.

Cream cheese was known to originate in the United

States during the year 1872. In Chester, New York, a dairyman developed a richer cheese made from whole milk and cream. During the year 1880, A.L. Reynolds, one of the cheese distributors in New York, first began issuing cream cheese, which was then covered in tin-foil wrappers, called the Philadelphia Brand. Hence, the name Philadelphia Brand cream cheese was adopted by the Reynolds for the product since, at that time, the quality of food products were related to the city where it originated. It was not until 1912, when James L. Kraft created the pasteurized cheese. This invention eventually led to the improvement of the pasteurized Philadelphia Bran cream cheese, which is not the most fashionable cheese used in making cheesecakes.

The French and Their Neufchatel

 While the Americans like to use cream cheeses for their cheesecakes, the French used Neufchatel cheese in their own culinary style of creating cheesecakes. Neufchatel is a flavorful cheese that provides cheesecakes with a light and airy texture and eventually became the basis of the modern American cheesecake. The French Neufchatel is slightly crumbly, soft and mould-ripened made in the region of Normandy. It was one of the oldest cheeses in France with production dating back as far as the 6th century. Neufchatel cheese is somewhat similar to camembert in appearance, with a white, dry and edible rind, but with a sharper and saltier taste. Additionally, Neufchatel cheese has the aroma and taste of mushrooms. What makes this cheese different is that unlike other cheeses with soft and white rinds, Neufchatel cheese has a grainy texture. Although Neufchatel has been less popular after the World War II, several cheesecake recipes still use the cheese. In fact, there are also Americans who like to use Neufchatel instead of cream cheese when making cheesecakes, which they can purchase at several gourmet shops.

 The Italians and Their Ricotta

 When the Italian adopted the cheesecake recipe, they used ricotta cheese to make their cheesecake a little drier. Ricotta cheese is a whey cheese made in Italy. It uses whey, which is a limpid, low-fat and nutritious liquid that is the by-product of cheese production. In its basic form, ricotta is also an un-ripened and uncooked curd, which is normally un-drained of its way. It has a fresh, creamy and grainy white appearance, slightly sweet in taste and usually contains around 5% fat.

Featured story: Amanda Marie Music, a rising star Country-Pop Vocalist, Nominated This Year for Numerous Music Awards


 As her star just continues to rise, Amanda Marie Music is getting more recognition than ever for her mesmerising vocals and presence.  Now the artist is also represented by Country Music Vibe's Public Relations Firm with the mission of seeing her make it to the top. Delivering powerful, emotionally charged vocals sure to stir up deep feelings from listeners Amanda Marie Music is a young Country-Pop artist who is quickly becoming recognized for her remarkable ability and energy behind the microphone.  In exciting news the vocalist recently celebrated being nominated for a number of high-profile music awards and in a move sure to help her career, she's brought Country  Music Vibe's Public Relations Firm as her professional Public Relations team to help manage her growth in the industry.  The excitement surrounding her work is high. 


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Artist On The Rise Jo-Bread

Label: @Bread_GVNG
Artist: @WestFordhamBread
Photographer: @Jordanhiraldo 
Jacket by: @Cultofindividuality 
Sneakers: @Jumpman23

Delicious Mango Lassi Body Scrub — Food for your body

Hi friends, today we'd like to present to you the yummy food... for your body! It's a delicious Mango Lassi Body Scrub made of 100% Natural ingredients, with some key ingredients of the organic source means there is Zero Synthetic Chemicals used that may have any adverse effects. Not tested on Animals and doesn’t include any animal derivatives, it is 100% suitable for a Vegan lifestyle.

Mango Lassi Body Scrub is used while you are taking a bath, you take some of it and rub your body, leave it for few minutes for all the goodness to be absorbed then rinse with warm water.

It Helps to Exfoliate
Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine for body

It Helps to Hydrate
Helps Hydrate your skin, it helps increase the amount of water in your skin cells, which results in a healthy, smooth and plump complexion.
Vitamin E and Glycerine are the two ingredients inside the body scrub | mango lassi helps to hydrate your skin

Helps with Skin Detoxification 
Body Scrub |Mango Lassi a great partner for weekly detox. When body scrub| Mango Lassi is used in the shower, the warm water and steam give the pores a chance to open up and toxins to be flushed out. While these natural ingredients assist in detoxing in the body.

We also would like to present you Zaharah Beauty Essentials, a local Australian family owned skin care business, who are local outstanding new business award finalist for 2018. All products are 100% Australian Made, from Aussie ingredients, made packed and delivered in Australia within the local community.

To learn more about the product and order, visit the website and follow on social media:

ICO NYC Artist Marko Stout's art is making our August R&B Cover

    New York artist Marko Stout is considered by many to be the coolest and most relevant multimedia artist working today. Stout’s raw and gritty style has made him a sensation in New York, particularly with the millennial crowd who “connect” with his work. These younger fans have carried the social media buzz and developed a cult-like admiration for Stout, which has gained him even more attention. This has been noticed by art collectors, causing an increase in both the demand and the prices of his work. Today Marko is telling us about his vision of art, inspiration and sex.


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