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Exclusive interview with Award winning author J.M. Pozon

CP: Who Is Author J. M. Pozon?

Who is the woman behind the book “Star Dust”; one of this year’s most prolific reads? You may have seen her? If you haven’t, well then, you’ve been living under a rock, because lately, she has been all over the press. As seen on Fox, NBC and CBS. And, featured in multiple magazines, media and newspaper outlets. From the covers of Black women rising magazine, Writer’s Life Magazine to the LA Tribune.

CP: Well, who is she?

Jovahna Marie, better known by her pen name is a four-time published, award winning author, who has taken the literary world by storm. She first garnered acclaim with her fiery romance novel “Setting Fire to the Darkness.” And her gritty and soulful, poetry book “Whiskey for the wounded.” Which received five stars and was regarded by the “Urban Reader” as a spiritual catharsis in written words. Striking again, Author J .M Pozon Released two more poetry books this year. Her highly acclaimed book “Star Dust,” which has been deemed as a hymn to spirituality and women empowerment. And of course, the Steamy, hot, erotic poetry book, “Passion Fruit”; that has everyone talking. Both books can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Still, want to know more? Well, lucky for you, we caught up with Author J. M Pozon and we asked her a few questions. You can check out her answers below.


CP: Please tell us about your latest book, “Star Dust: From Heaven to Earth, We Fall.” What made you write it, and what is it about?

Well, I wanted to use my words, poems, and quotes to take women on a journey of spiritual Awakening and self-enlightenment. As far as what it is about, Star Dust is a call to action, prompting women to remember and operate in their truest forms. The poems and quotes contained within the book serve to remind women of their worth, encouraging them to see themselves as more than flesh and bones. We are soul, spirit and energy, limited only by our earthly bodies. It teaches us to acknowledge ourselves as spiritual beings, accepting the fact that within our fleshly domains, an entire universe resides. And once we understand the power, we hold within us, we can draw it out, use it to manifest all our hearts wants and desires.

CP: What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Find your purpose, operate wholeheartedly within that purpose. Don’t dip your toes, instead dive in headfirst and give it everything you have. Have unwavering faith in your dreams, refrain from internalized judgment, skepticism and doubt. You have to truly believe in your dreams before anyone else will.

CP: Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

For me, it is about using my God -given talent and gifts, using them to inspire others. I don’t measure success by how much money I have made but instead by how many lives I have touched.

CP: What’s next for you?

As of late, I’ve been doing much more screenwriting and acting. So, you can definitely expect to see some of my movie projects in the near future.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more. People can find out more about me and my book by visiting my Amazon author page. amazon.com/author/jmpozon

Or by following me on Social Media IG: https://www.instagram.com/author_jovahnamarie/

Facebook: https://facebook.com authorJovahnamarie/

Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/jovahnamarie?lang=en

Exclusive interview with Jolanta Young

Atomic Creative Studios is an Influencer Marketing Agency made for brands and influencers to connect with one another on projects. Our goal is to help influencers get in front of major brands. Atomic Creative Studios was founded by CEO Jolanta Young. Jolanta's background as an entrepreneur, fashion photographer, and social media strategist helped her build the agency. We are excited to have Jolanta in an exclusive interview in Cosmo Press! Stay tuned for it!

Visit Atomic Creative Studios to learn more: https://atomiccreativestudios.com/atomiccreativestudios/

Tips To Increase Your Instagram Visibility

You recently opened an account on Instagram and wondering how you will increase your reach within a short time. Below are snapshot strategies and tactics that you can use to improve your engagement as well as space. 

However, with these tips, you will guarantee more people into your account. 

Post Unique And High-Quality Content

According to Instagram, ranking higher on your followers' list goes hand in hand with producing high-quality videos as well as great content. There is no brainer here; the most shared liked content on Instagram is often visually striking.

When making a shot, consider bold colors and breathtaking landscapes. Make a video to stop everything they are doing and hit 'Like' on your post. Even if you are in a boring industry, high-quality videos will elevate your position. 

Make Use Of Crazy Filters

The multitude of filters available on Instagram can elevate a poor-quality video to breathtaking with just a few screen taps. Instagram researchers have found that filtered images have 21% more viewership chance and 45% more likely to get a comment than those without filters. 

They also found that the most useful filters add some 'warmth' to your post. High contrast images will improve the exposure of your pictures.  Filters create an excellent first impression, which is essential for your post. 

Connect With The Audience

The most important thing on this platform is your audience. Try and respond to every comment; even a simple 'thank you' will make your brand appear personable. 

The most successful brands rely on visually compelling or captivating stories to connect with the audience. This can be done by sharing beautiful stories accompanied by interesting or unique quotations. Here, look for anything you think will capture the attention of your views. 

Consistency Is Key

According to Buffer, the most consistent brands on Instagram posts an average of 1.5 mages in a day. While putting up videos or contently is vital, ensure you don't bombard your audience with too much boring content. The trick here is to find a magic number that works well for your audience. 

When posting, think about everything from filters, the colors, lighting, and caption to develop your identity. Moreover, it is essential to create a unique visual identity to recognize your brand. 

Don't Forget To Use Hashtags 

Another easy way to increase your following is by the use of Hashtags. If you are not sure how a hashtag works, think about your brand's primary keywords. If your target audience is based on a particular region, use location-specific hashtags. 

If you are stuck and still unsure how to go about it, use online resources. Enter a hashtag related to your post, and a list of popular hashtags will automatically pop up. 

Take Your Time And Study The Competition

Look at the brands related to yours, particularly those with a massive following. Check what they are doing right and what you are not doing. Examine the difference between the content they post and your content. 

While copy-pasting is not the best thing to do, implement those techniques, consider that which your competitors are doing right, and implement them as your strategy. 

Reach out to influencers

Influencers are individuals with a massive following. A study conducted by Nelsen found that 92% of consumers trust individuals over brands. While numbers are a good thing, it's not always about quantity; quality also matters. 

An influencer could have a considerable following that does not fit your buyer persona. Putting your money on such an influencer is like draining down your cash for no fair use. Invest your money on an influencer that will make your posts generate comments. 

  Evaluate Your Success

Ask yourself why one of your posts will generate 100 likes and another 500 likes. Did you use filters in one? Is it about a hilarious caption, or the post just resonated with your audience? 

Once you figure out why some posts are famous than others, you can go ahead and capitalize on what you did right buying cheapest Instagram views on your prominent posts. 


While you do all this, remember the most important thing is to make your brand as relatable and personable as possible. Make high quality and relevant content, and the algorithm will reward you at the end of the day. 

The Sultan in an interview about "Monsters", his love for Halloween and integration through music

Dear Music Lovers,

With "Monsters" the Hamburg singer The Sultan released his latest work in style of the spooky season. The single is not only a must-have for every Halloween playlist, but also convinces between the lines. As an oriental sultan in a turban, he sings and dances like a Western pop star and thus unites two cultures that are particularly close to his heart. We have now spoken to the Sultan of Pop in an interview about his new single "Monsters" and why his art contributes to inclusion and integration. We are happy to make the interview available to you royalty-free.


As pop sultan you have created a unique music project. What does it mean to you to combine Eastern and Western influences?

The Sultan: It's about combining the best of both influences into one positive concept. I have always been good at finding common denominators. At home we used to live oriental values, among friends and at school I adapted to the Western culture. That's how I got to know and love both sides and therefore I know exactly how to convey this feeling of unity in an entertaining way. The Sultan of Pop is supposed to make people curious - I mean, a guy with a turban who sings and dances like a Western pop star?

Through my unique modern oriental style I want to bring people of different cultures and different ages together. The whole thing is presented with a big wink, so that my art stands for inclusion and integration. In the long run I want to make The Sultan an experience and thus a kind of paradise world, where everyone can dive into and be motivated. My music is like a flying carpet that takes you there.

Your new single is called "Monsters" and is the Halloween hit par excellence. What was your motivation for making the song?

The Sultan: In the style of the 80s and 90s, such as Michael Jackson's legendary thriller mini-musical, I wanted to create a Halloween song that would put people in a good mood and carry them away. In the music video we playfully deal with the topic of fear: After all, the biggest "monster" we can encounter in everyday life is our own insecurities, nightmares and “one’s weaker self".

Do you have a soft spot for the creepy season?

The Sultan: I have always celebrated this day, even though the American trend has long gone unnoticed in Germany. I'm terribly happy that Halloween also plays a significant role in Germany today. In fact, the Sultan of Pop was also created at a Halloween party. I dressed up as the Sultan like in Aladdin and became the star of the evening.

You’ve created a great music video with zombies. How was the production for you and what is behind the idea of the video?

The Sultan: I‘ve had pictures and ideas for the realization of the video right from the beginning of the song and wanted to combine the coolness of the 90s with today's technology and quality. And the focus is on The Sultan as a modern oriental figure. The music video was produced very elaborately: We worked on different sets and shot almost 24 hours in a row. Nevertheless, all team members were fully motivated and after each scene it was a great pleasure to see the first pictures on the camera monitor, close together. The team was simply great!
With your music you are mainly in the pop sector. Are there other genres that influence you in your songwriting?

The Sultan: I’ve completed my Master of Arts in innovation studies, so thinking outside the box is in my blood. I grew up with pop, RnB and gospel, but I know no boundaries in music genres, and I get inspired by all influences, such as classical, rock or EDM.

How does the development process from a song to the final release look like for you?

The Sultan: It is totally different, I don't have a fixed schedule. Sometimes I just play a note or a chord on the piano and continue to develop the sequence. For "Monsters" I first had a melody in my head, then I spun a chorus to it, very intuitively. The rest of the song was created around the Halloween theme.

How do you continue after "Monsters"? Do you already have new songs in planning?

The Sultan: I do have new songs and themes in the pipeline, but I don't want to give too much away yet. Of course, I want to produce a new music video for every project. I'm pretty sure that you will like the next songs as much as "Monsters".The single "Monsters" by The Sultan is available on all download and streaming portals. Purchase link:: thesultan.lnk.to/monsters

Further information about The Sultan (Bio, cover, press photos) can be found in the press lounge: www.macheete.com/presse/the-sultan and on www.thesultan.com


Media Contact

The Sultan

c/o Cube Music

Großer Burstah 45

20457 Hamburg


E-mail: info@thesultan.com 


Monica Yvette is a cover girl of "Cosmo Chic" November issue!

Oh, this girl is hot! You can't take your eyes off her? We are not surprized! Cosmo Press Publishing House is excited to present model Monica Yvette as a cover girl of the "Cosmo Chic" November issue! Find the latest fashion ideas, check our hot pictures of models and fitness tips! Read about A$AP Rocky and his style. Find new shoes for the season! All this and much more in this issue. Get your copy today!


Tips&Tricks for dry skin from Kim K

Sometimes skin has a low level of sebum, which is the natural oil that is produced by skin glands.  It is called dry skin and it cannot hold moisture and will look parched and feel tight when washed and in some extreme times, it can show some signs of chapping and cracking. The wind and very high or low temperatures can steal the natural moisture and make the skin feel tight across the bones. Dry skin can cause embarrassing flakes and any mark or dry skin will be very dull and show up on cheeks and near the eyes.  You may also find dry skin on the knees, hands and in the mid section.


The most common cause of dry skin is the lack of sufficient moisture from sebum. In some cases, this can be due to genetic conditions. There are also environmental causes like exposure to sun, cold, cosmetics, chemicals, and wind can cause dry skin too.  Other reasons can be poor diet.  A diet that is deficient in vitamin A and B is more likely to take away the skin’s moisture.  Skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea are causes of dry skin.  It can be a result also of other conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism and the use of certain drugs like diuretics, antispasmodics, and antihistamines.


Dry skin is also going to need a lot of easy cleansing, massage to stimulate the sebum production and a lot of quality in moisture and oil.  When you are washing your skin with soap it will take out the natural protective oil along with the dirt.  Use of a good moisturizer will return lost water content to the skin.  You can use neutral not acidic or alkaline products for washing the skin and abstain from using commercial soaps.  After the second cleansing you need to treat the skin lightly with moisturizing cream.


Once you have taken a bath or shower, you can apply baby oil over the skin. The area that is around the eyes needs to have a bigger application of the oil. You can also massage your face and apply some homemade remedies that are suggested by a doctor. 


Every morning you should treat your skin with a spray of mineral water.  You should then apply some beauty mask for dry skin and mix together one egg, teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon of olive oil and a couple drops of rose water.  This makes a great mask to use on your face and body. 


Eating a good balanced diet that is loaded with vitamins and minerals is a great idea. You should include some sulfur containing foods like onion, garlic, asparagus, and eggs as part of your diet.  You can eat more carrots and yellow and orange vegetables.  You should refrain from alcohol, caffeine, coffee, tea, and sugary drinks.  Other items to limit are French fries, and other junk food that are high in grease or fat.  This will help to keep your skin healthy and stop it from drying out.


"Rich&Beautiful" October issue is out!

We are so excited to present you Kim Kardashian as a cover girl of "Rich&Beautiful" October issue! Check the awesome pictures of Alexis Guerrero, First Princess of Miss Belleza Mexico USA! 

Read about Steven Vitali playing himself in "COVID-19 Call to Prayer God's Army" and Jesus is determined to show others that we need to come together in prayer during this pandemic. J chamberlain updates us on getting over the toxic ex and his music plans. All this and much more in this issue! Get your copy here!