Emerging Influencer Balticceo official Becomes the Most Followed Person In Lithuania

Balticceo official has surpassed Yuval Noah Harari and become the most Followed Person in Lithuania.

United Kingdom, Oct 17,2022 Popular social media Influencer Balticceo aka Daniel Sasnauskas has just crossed the most followed influencer of Instagram named Yuval Noah Harari and became the most followed social media influencer of Lithuania. Yuval Noah Harari was ruling the top position with 500k+ followers while Balticceo has just crossed 1 Million followers on popular social media application Instagram leaving Yuval with a great difference behind.

Balticceo is the most followed Instagram influencer of country Lithuania. He is working as a real estate investor. As of now, the official Instagram profile of balticceo is bustling with a whopping volume of 1 million followers. The leading influencer posts snippets of memorable moments of his life on Instagram, his achievements, trophies, and many such interesting contents. His latest post is about a spectacular Rolex watch that he has got for himself recently. Popular adult actress Emily Willis is a good friend of balticceo and an ambassador of the profile. Recently Emily had sent a cute video wishing balticceo “happy birthday” which shows in the highlights of his official profile.

 “Daniel Sasnauskas, also known as balticceo, said while addressing the viewers that he has only one Instagram account. Due to the increasing number of fake profiles created by people who are pretending to be me, I have decided to make this clear to all my followers. These individuals are scamming my followers out of their money and I am worried about their safety. I love them and appreciate their support, but I would like to make it clear that these individuals are not sincere and are only scamming my followers.”

In order to avoid getting tricked into clicking on a link that says that it is my profile, please avoid following any other person or group that claims to be me on Instagram. Even if the page has my name and photos, it is still not sincere. The official Instagram account of balticceo has over a million followers. The prominent influencer posts various interesting content about his life and achievements on his page. In his latest post, he talked about a new watch that he got for himself.

In his latest post, balticceo revealed that he got a new Rolex watch for his birthday. He is a good friend of Emily Willis, an adult actress. Recently, Emily sent a video message to him, wishing him a happy birthday. To make his fans believe that his Instagram account is real, he has written "its /him" next to his name, Daniel Sasnauskas.

According to a popular UK-based influencer, impersonations are not unusual, but his team had the authority to monitor and control the fake profiles. Even though his official Instagram account has over a million followers, the number of fake accounts has started to increase. He said that it has become very challenging for his team to keep track of the individuals who are impersonating him.

After reaching a million followers, the number of fake profiles on his name started to increase. He said that it has become very challenging for his team to keep track of the individuals who are impersonating him.

Balticceo is also one of the youngest real estate investors in Lithuania and founder of an online jewelry store, The Drip God. Talking about his jewelry business he said “The Drip God is your one-stop destination for unisex, chic, and high quality jewelry at highly affordable prices.”

For more information, you can visit his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/balticceo/. 


Daniel Sasnauskas aka Balticeo is basically from Lithuania and right now he is one of the youngest emerging social media stars of Lithuania who has recently crossed 1 Million followers on Instagram, launched his jewelry store and also got his hands on real state business. 


Contact Person: Daniel Sasnauskas

Country: United Kingdom

Instagram: balticceo

Email: [email protected]

Business Instagram: thedripgodsofficial

This Season, Why Everyone Is Talking About Real Gold Particle Shampoos

The arrival of winter brings with it sweater season and yes, those new boots we have been dying to wear. However, winter's icy temperatures also create hardship for those of us with long hair. We have all experienced how our hair gets tangled and snagged more often during the cold days. 

A little known fact may surprise you. 

Winter’s lower temperatures cause your hair growth to slow down considerably. Your hair grows fastest between May and September. After that, hair growth slows down as the temperatures lower the humidity in the air. Since moisture is essential for healthy hair, lower humidity makes your hair far less hydrated. Lower temperatures also cause your natural oils to gradually disappear from your hair. This makes your hair brittle, more frizzy and easier to damage. 

Problematic is the reality that cold temperatures make your hair more susceptible to snags and knots forming, requiring often painful brushing to remove - and hence further causing damage. This is one of the reasons why supermarket commercial shampoos add wax to their products such as paraffin, because it reduces tangling. 

However, paraffin and other harmful ingredients such as sulphates, come at a cost. They dry out and leave your hair vulnerable to breakage, while drying out your scalp making it flakey. The path to healthier hair can not be found in modern chemistry, but rather we must return to all natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs and yes, surprisingly - real gold particles. 


One of the most exciting developments has been the addition of real gold nanoparticles to shampoos. Of course many commercial products use artificial gold flakes for aesthetic purposes, but there is more gold in the ring you won at the fair than can be found in supermarket shampoos. Continuing research evidence supports the conclusion that in the presence of real gold particles, other healthy ingredients such as essential oils like jojoba or avocado oil - penetrate deeper and more quickly into your hair and scalp, leaving it naturally moisturised and nourished. As a result, gold particles help to reduce hair loss and dramatically reduce a flakey scalp.

 Real gold particles even help to naturally cleanse the hair. Interestingly, by regularly shampooing with gold-based products, you are able to reduce the concentration of environmental pollutants present in your hair and on your scalp. According to a study published in 2017 in Environmental Nanotechnology, gold nanoparticles are very effective in shampoo because they allow for more thorough cleaning of hair follicles. They act as an optical sponge that attracts and absorbs dirt effectively while having the added benefit of smelling nice.

Regular exposure to pollutants causes excess oil production on the skin, which leads to acne and skin damage. Gold nanoparticles are able to carry dirt and excess oil away from the skin via electrostatic charge during cleansing. 

This allows for more thorough cleaning while reducing skin irritation due to excess oil production. Real gold nanoparticles are much gentler than harsh detergents or soap without sacrificing performance. They're also much more effective at removing dirt, oils and other impurities from the skin.

 Finally, real gold has lots of amazing power to both intensify and accelerate other nourishing ingredients found in high quality natural shampoos which promote healthy hair growth and scalp health. It promotes new growth by increasing circulation and strengthening collagen bonds in the scalp and hair follicles. In harmony, natural essential oils and herbs work in tandem with real gold particles to promote healthy hair growth. Finally, there is the obvious cosmetic benefit in that real gold particles are the best proven way to increase shine and radiance in your hair.


Now that we understand why we should be using real gold particle shampoo, which one is the best? We took a look at two boutique natural shampoos on the market and rated them based on:

Their Ingredients - we did not even consider shampoos containing sulphates, paraffin or preservatives. Only all natural, vegan-friendly shampoos made our list

Real Gold Content - we only tested shampoos which had real gold particles as a primary ingredient. We therefore ignored products where gold what the last or one of the last ingredients

X Factors - do we like the brand story? Not all companies are alike and we know that more women are paying attention to sustainability, women empowerment and often prefer niche boutique brands over large companies looking to pump out the latest consumer trend 

STONISHINGLY ONLY TWO SHAMPOOS MADE OUR CUT: Dr. Gabriella Golden Shampoo (UK) - 250ml / Euro 68.95

Anna Farrell All Natural Gold Particle Shampoo (Switzerland) - 250ml / Euro 35.00


We begin with Dr. Gabriella’s Golden Shampoo from the UK, which at almost double the price of the competition, had a steep hill to climb to convince us. The price is unsurprising in light of the celebrity endorsements found on their webpage. Even Sarah, Duchess of York.

But this review is not about how well the shampoo is marketed, rather how well it cleanses and nourishes your hair. Firstly, we loved the amount of lather and how clean our hair felt after shampooing. However, the perfume they use is quite strong and may not suit sensitive noses. We also felt that the shampoo was a bit watered down, which detracted from the perception that it is a premium shampoo.

After drying, our hair felt smooth and was quite manageable, maintaining moisture even after blow drying. All in all, an excellent product, but as our pro and con analysis reveals, many of the results are achieved through chemistry and not natural ingredients. 


Sulphate and paraffin free
Rich lather, but we found the perfume added to be a bit overwhelming Essential oils including Argan Oil and Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil


Double the price of their competition
The shampoo includes silicones and polymers as a means of fooling you into believing your hair is more moisturised than it is. (Acrylates Copolymer, Dimethicone) and more concerning: Triethanolamine which is environmentally toxic and potentially carcinogenic
Not as concentrated as we would expect from a premium shampoo

Manageability is achieved largely through chemical means (Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride) rather than using more expensive and healthier natural oils.

Next we turn to the new shampoo on the block, namely Anna Farrell Swiss All Natural Gold Particle Shampoo. We

were naturally curious about a real gold particle shampoo from the country known for its gold! In a sense, this is a bit of a “David meets Goliath” review, as Dr. Gabriella’s product is from a large and well known beauty clinic in London, and Anna Farrell makes one product and one product only: her all natural gold particle shampoo.

Perhaps it is this very fact which allows for such focus on what she is doing, and as our test confirms, in our humble opinion she is making the best gold particle shampoo in the world. As we stated, one of our key criteria is the amount of real gold particle content in the shampoo. In the case of Anna’s, it is the third ingredient versus the 10th in the almost double priced Dr. Gabriela Gold Shampoo.

Like our experience with Dr. Gabriala, the lather is both luxurious and plentiful. However, the scent of Anna Farrell’s shampoo is how I imagine the afterlife to smell - it is that extraordinary. What a wonderful bouquet greets you during washing. We particularly appreciated how concentrated it is, as even at half the price of the competitor we reviewed, we are still keen to get as many washings as possible from the 250ml bottle.

After rinsing, your hair feels smooth and thankfully just the right hint of that wonderful scent remains. We loved how moist and shiny the hair felt and looked after drying - not a tangle to be seen. Equally nice, was that we didn’t feel the need to wash it again until well into day three. Her shampoo genuinely and gently cleans, while locking in moisture and radiance. No doubt about the quality and quantity of the gold particles, you definitely visibly notice the difference which they make. On a side note, we love the story behind this brand. Anna is passionate about making a great product, as well as doing so in a sustainable and responsible manner, while having an impact on women entrepreneurship. We are always excited to see young women entrepreneurs experience the success of their hard work.


Sulphate and paraffin free
Rich luxurious lather, with a heavenly scent you have to experience to believe

Exclusive essential oils including rarely seen Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil and Persea Gratissima Oil which brought soothing moisture to our scalp
High concentration of real gold particles leaving the hair beautifully shiny and radiant

Boutique shampoo brand with their heart in the right place - vegan friendly, not tested on animals and sustainably produced


At Euro 35.00 for a 250ml bottle, unfortunately still out of reach for many of our readers

“Made in Switzerland” means higher cost to import as it is not an EU Member Availability of her shampoo - as demand has been very high 


In the gold particle shampoo scene, we have a winner: Anna Farrell Swiss All Natural Gold Particle Shampoo. She has created a unique shampoo which delivers the full benefits of real gold particles. To be honest, it is refreshing to see that boutique shampoos are resonating with customers. Large shampoo companies can always out market and out produce, but consumers are increasingly demanding products which are not just of exceptional quality, but also sustainably produced. These smaller producers have a clear market opportunity, because they are in a better position to produce exclusive formulas with healthier and more beneficial ingredients. When customers’ needs are more important than shareholders, that is definitely a winning formula for success! 


TAL WATCHES: Cosmos Red-Eye Chronograph

TAL WATCHES was established in 2020. We offer you an innovative way to shop for the fine

watches made in Switzerland you are looking for and to purchase online from the convenience of your home or office, at affordable prices. As a strictly Internet business, we can eliminate much of the cost associated with a retail watch store and pass along the savings to our customers. We hope you'll enjoy your shopping experience with us and we invite you to stop by as often as you like. We will be here for you! We are an authorized dealer for Chrono AG Swiss-Made Watches based in Switzerland. Lastly, we offer 2-3 days FREE shipping to all 50 states within the United States. We also offer international shipping at a cost.

We are actively promoting the Cosmos Red-Eye Chronograph timepiece featuring a precise high-quality ETA G10.212 Swiss quartz movement. This extraordinary timepiece comes with top quality and a premium 316L stainless steel wristband with exquisite craftsmanship. It Never gets rusty; it feels solid, sturdy, and comfortable on your wrist. This Swiss-made timepiece is water resistant to up to 50 meters or 165 feet. We will also add that we cater to a league of extraordinary gentlemen, so if you feel that you are extraordinary, purchase one of our

Swiss-made timepieces today on our website: www.talswisswatch.com All our timepieces come in original packaging and a Warranty Card from the manufacturer. You may read the specific details on how to utilize the warranty effectively. TAL WATCHES in partnership with Chrono AG provides warranty coverage of generally two years from the date of purchase on all of our brand-name watches. Our warranty covers the watch against defects in manufacturing and workmanship.

Please contact us at [email protected] via email or by phone at +1.347.543.5346. We look forward to connecting and doing business with you soon.

Instagram: @theartofligel_watches

Facebook: @Theartofligewatches


Amazon: Amazon Brand Store

Walmart: TALWATCHES Brand

Exclusive interview with CEO& Founder of 4dshades Jenssy Benzant

Jenssy is a proud afro-latina mother and entrepreneur, originally from the Dominican Republic. She has a passion for tech and fashion. Currently works in the tech industry as a senior cloud engineer and is a founder of 4dshades. 

Jenssy created 4dshades brand out of her desire to be an entrepreneur and create something within the fashion industry. She got the idea for the brand when she was looking for sunglasses that she could wear for different occasions and that were durable. When she found a pair she liked, they were way too expensive. Through online research and contacting manufacturers she soon found out that that the usual markup was more in the brand than the actual production; this led to her  decision to create something for the market that would have realistic pricing and offer stylish quality sunglasses at a fraction of high-end retail pricing. 

The newest collection, Lavish  offers classic shapes with a modern twist and feel. The combination of stainless steel and acetate gives a unique and stylish look that is bold and versatile. The quality of 4DShades starts with the lens,CR-39 lenses offer UV protection, ensuring your eyes are not damaged by the sun. 4DShades frames use stainless steel for the metal for durability and a high-quality acetate which is light, durable, and hypoallergenic. We met Jenssy to ask everything you wanted to know about the 4DShades sunglasses!

CP: Hi, Jenssy! How are you today?
JB: I am great! Excited to be talking with you.

CP: So, how has your journey as an entrepreneur so far?
JB: The journey so far has been illuminating and challenging at the same time. Learning how to create sunglasses and about the quality of materials needed, distribution and logistics has been a great experience with its handful of challenges along the way.  

CP: We are so happy to have you here! Since sun becomes more and more aggressive, sunglasses are a must have for every woman nowadays! 4dshades look so stylish and amazing! Can you tell us how did you manage to create these styles? Who is the designer?
JB: I am proud to say I am the designer, the designs are based on my own aesthetics and are very influenced by the New York city look which is bold and confident. I also  wanted with this collection to accentuate the eyebrows which most sunglasses tend to cover up

CP: Not only style they offer, the lenses you use are also high end. Like CR-39 lenses that are used by expensive brands. So how did you achieve such affordable pricing for your product?
JB: I grew up in an entrepreneurial family so I learned negotiating skills at an early age. Using these skills I have been able to negotiate lower rates with manufacturers. We also don't spend a lot of money on marketing which is a cost saving I can pass to the consumer.  

CP: LAVISH TRAPEZOID, one of the most awaited models is available for pre-order. When do you expect the launch?
JB: We are very excited to have the collection available in october.

CP: What is your best tip for those who want to become an entrepreneur?
JB: Just do it! 

CP: What is your biggest dream right now?
JB: To see a famous celebrity like Beyonce wear a pair of 4DShades.

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?
JB: Some people wake up everyday to see what happens, some wake up to make things happen.

Get your pair of quality sunglasses at 4dshades.com

Innovative skincare at convenience of your home!

The VoeuxTM project set out with a mission to be the brand that offers leading designs and customer-relevant innovations in health and beauty. Our core values include striving to go above and beyond to ensure our customers get the very best in health & beauty devices. More specifically, VoeuxTM has adopted the idea of introducing premium and innovative skin care devices. We believe that health and beauty go hand in hand where one results in the other, and vice versa.

We met with the VoeuxTM project founder to ask everything you wanted to know, but was afraid to ask!

CP: Hi, How are you doing? We have lots of inquiries about health and skincare products. So when we came across VoeuxTM project it seems like a great fit! Can you please tell more about the innovative devices you offer?

VoeuxTM: Hey! I’m quite fine and thank you for having me. I’m really excited to share some insights into VoeuxTM and discuss what we’re all about. At the moment we have introduced our first release, the Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush. We have many other great devices and skincare products lined up, so make sure to follow us on social media @voeuxglobal to be the first to know. Also, we have a lot of incredible promotions for these products so you won’t want to miss out on these great offers!

CP: The VoeuxTM Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush is a great invention! Would it be suitable for oily or acne prone skin?

VoeuxTM: Absolutely!  The functionality of our cleansing brush is meant to treat with a variety of skin types. The brush is equipped with high frequency vibration which delivers just the right amount of pressure and vibration to remove dead skin and blackheads with ease. It allows water molecules to seep into your pores and exfoliate oil, dead skin cells, and dirt build-up.

The high-frequency vibration provides a gentle massage, helping decrease the appearance of puffiness and boosting the skin’s natural radiance. The vibrational effects assist in the absorption of skincare products. Facial massaging assist in lymphatic drainage and boost your skin’s ability to absorb all your trusted skincare products a lot quicker. The silicon does not absorb bacteria unlike many other brushes which can do more damage to the skin.

Additionally, the LED photon rejuvenation technology has so many benefits and complements our brush. The cleansing brush has 3 photon light settings: one for skin brightening, one for collagen activation and another one for anti-acne cleaning. Specifically, for acne prone skin, the Blue LED targets bacteria, sebum production and nodules.

CP: We’ve heard a lot about LED technology, however this treatment is quite pricey. Is it possible to get the collagen activation treatment with the LED of VoeuxTM Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush?

VoeuxTM: Yes, we recognize the importance of collagen to overall skin health.  Our Green LED therapy is used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, and dark circles while also stimulating collagen production. In addition, the Red LED is focused on treating the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin but through absorption of the light, collagen proteins are also stimulated.

CP: It seems like an amazing device! What is the price point of the brush? I want one at my home!

VoeuxTM: The Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush is $59.99 USD. However, we do have our launch promotions where you can save 15% now by using the code: isaved15 on checkout. But for the Cosmo Press family we are gifting 20% off for a limited time!!! Simply use the code: cosmopress20 to take advantage of this incredible offer today.

CP: Wow! That is an amazing price! What is your shipping policy?

VoeuxTM: Shipping throughout the USA is absolutely free! We also ship to Canada, United Kingdom, and selected parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

CP: Thank you so much for revealing the secrets of the beautiful skin! We are looking forward for more releases!

Get your own Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush at 


Meet TikTok star Doctor Blondy!

We are excited to present TikTk Star Doctor Blondy @doctor.blondy who shared her beauty secrets in exclusive interview to "Malina" magazine. Read about newest fashion trends, beauty and art of miu tachibana in this issue! 

"Cosmo Chic" August is out!

We are excited to present you a new ultimate guid to fashion and style "Cosmo Chic" August 22 issue. Our gem in this issue is interview with amazing Aida Maria Guran, niece of the famous Gheorghe Zamfir!

Now is the Time to Flip the Switch

Shedding light on past changes for both the present and future. It was a massive shock, like a bolt of lightning.

It occurred at an "art group exhibition" organized by a junior colleague. For some reason, I was drawn to attend.

On the day of the exhibition, as I was looking around the works one by one, several pictures jumped out at me. 

They were images of beautiful, graceful, and fantastic women. It was an extraordinary scene.

I stood there and couldn't take my eyes off of them.

How many minutes had passed? When I snapped back to reality, I felt the urge to create something with my own hands. I couldn't stand still.

I was completely inspired by the photographer's work. 

It had flipped a "creative switch" inside me.

A month and a half after that memorable day, the second "art group exhibition" was held. 

To my surprise, I was invited to display a large installation there. I had never created artwork before, but a junior colleague,

who was theorganizer of the previous "Art Group Exhibition”, approached me.

 A number of synchronous and miraculous occurrences happened in relation to my creation, and the exhibition was more successful than I could ever have expected. The response I received on that day changed my outlook on life.

Later, I was fortunate enough to hold a solo exhibition and began to receive orders for my art. It was a bit of a strange turn of events. Despite many twists and turns, I continue to create artwork.

My creative activities started suddenly in response to a single photograph. I would be incredibly happy if

I could flip an “important switch” in someone else’s life through my activities.

I still get a warm feeling in my heart when I remember that picture. 

It is still an important part of my life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my junior who called me on that day to attend the exhibition.

The ballet photo is from a "wedding dress shoot" in which I was a model and producer.

This image would never have been created without the inspiration I received on the day of the exhibition.


From Japan with lots of love.

by miu tachibana

(Artist, Aesthetic Space Stylist, Intuition Counselor)


miu plans to send out more and more messages to the world.