Meet Said Bilani: Top Fashion Cover Star!

Said Bilani is using his considerable fortune and philanthropic status to fundamentally rethink humanitarianism while making philanthropy fashionable. Top Fashion magazine is proud to showcase this philanthropy power player in our Summer 2021 Cover Issue.

It’s a short drive from well-known Savannah, GA, but to the less well-known—it is America’s Favorite Island, a place not to be seen or heard, but a place to live loud in luxury. Consistently ranked one of the top Islands in the United States, Hilton Head has it all. From beautiful beaches, world-class golf courses to exceptional restaurants and high-energy water sports, this boot-shaped sea Island will satisfy even the most demanding summer checklist. Hilton Head Island was also voted #1 Island in the Continental U.S. and #2 Island in the World. Among other accolades, Mr. 23 “Michael Jordan” himself calls it home and frequents its golf courses every summer.

From sunrise to sunset, we cherished every moment on this magical Island! It was a delight to follow our cover star, Said Bilani, around Hilton Head, from the Harbour Town Marina to the famous Sea Pines Resort to Coligny Beach to learn first-hand how philanthropy doesn’t always have to be reduced to dreary imagery but could comprise luxury. A morning jog on Coligny, an afternoon doorless helicopter ride over the Calibogue Sound, a sunset dolphin yacht to the Harbour Town Lighthouse (the site of our photoshoot), and interspersed throughout the day; putting around Hilton Head’s luscious green links, delivering a virtual commencement speech to 2021 graduates, and communicating over phone seemingly every other minute with his staff, partners, and assistants, through it all, Said not only defined philanthropy but redefined it, amalgamating it with luxury and Top Fashion. 

Through the jet-set, we found the time to sit and sometimes jog with Said as he answered some of our most pressing questions for our Special Edition Summer 2021 Issue. 

Read an exclusive interview with Said in the "Top Fashion" summer special!
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"Cosmo Chic July is out!"

Meet Amir Shah, the executive producer and star  of the web series “Are you Amir Shah?” Season 2, Episode 4. This episode has a stardom of cast: features the Ikki twins from MTV's “A double shot at love”, Egyptian influencer and actress Yasmeen Scarab, acclaimed French actress Nathalie Boyer. Last year Nathalie was nominated as a critics choice pick “La nuee”, french psychological horror thriller on the Cannes Film Festival.


Series “Are you Amir Shah?” has won trophies for best web series from film festivals in Chile, Singapore, India, Bhutan, Gangtok and is currently nominated for a Jean Luc Goddard award from Krimson Horyzon International film festival in India.  And many more nominations and awards are currently ongoing!


We met Amir to ask him all the juicy details about his success.


Read exclusive interview with Amir in "Cosmo Chic" July issue!


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Surprise from Japan! Magical cream for psoriasis.

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Why is Cell Cica so special?

They mixed their original cellvate for psoriasis in Japan and combined 10 ingredients, such as Madecassoside Fluid stem cell culture medium.

This cellvate contains centella asiatica, which has remarkable benefits according to a WHO announcement in the 21st century, in which they said centella asiatica must be protected.

Centella asiatica is also known as tiger grass and, indeed, there is a myth that once a wild tiger was hurt and applied this herb to heal.
This cellvate will support the best skin and enhance the body's metabolism.

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Cell Cica will be a great hope for anybody suffering from psoriasis.

If you, your friend, or a family member is suffering from psoriasis, we highly recommend this special Japanese cream called Cell Cica!

“Cosmo Life” cover story: Jantoin TheDon

The facets of music and its ever-evolving nature have given rise to a new breed of artists and musicians.  Jantoin TheDon is a leader in the new school of contemporary artists and he is constantly pushing the envelope and reinventing himself and his sound. He is a self-taught multi-talented recording artist, producer, engineer, songwriter, and entrepreneur born and raised in Detroit, MI.  Jantoin TheDon is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and express himself in an  innovative and creative way.

Born Jantoin Thompson, he previously went by the moniker of Jay Money and later rebranded as Jantoin TheDon.  He is the embodiment of originality and uses his experiences and musical acumen to create an amalgamated and original sound.  Jantoin TheDon has had a vast array of musical influences however he accredits the pivotal influences and inspiration in his life to a group from his hometown known as Rock Bottom Entertainment as well as giants such as 2 Pac, DMX, and Jay Z. This all culminates in Jantoin TheDon producing a musical experience that is enjoyable, easy going but also authentic and grounded in reality. It is music that is relatable to people and infused with positive energy to allow for an immersive experience. His overarching ambition is to tell his story and inspire those who resonate and relate to his music and to create something different unique and memorable.  He wants to be successful and provide his two amazing daughters with the life they deserve.

We are happy to feature Jantoin on the cover of “Cosmo Life” and ask him all the questions you always wanted to know.

Read the full interview in "Cosmo Life" June issue. Get your copy!

Meet TR-Gang, rising star from Bangkok

TR-Gang is a talented DJ/Producer from Bangkok, Thailand. His music is hype and gritty with an electronic charm. Let's learn some more about TR and his career.

TR-Gang is influenced by classic EDM artists like Skrillex, DJ Snake, and DJ Soda. He likes how these artist create their music in new and creative ways. You can hear this same charm in TR's music. With his song "Hard" you can see the influence that hard EDM has had on him. Go checkout this song below.

Learning how to produce music professionally can be a daunting task, but TR learned how to do it by himself. He would watch YouTube tutorials to learn different techniques and eventually mastered his craft. In addition to his international influences, TR found that local DJ's like Queen Rana in Thailand really helped him formulate his sound. He actually began making music as a joke, but it ended up turning into something real.


-Signed: Blanco y Negro Music (spian)

-Signed: Jaywork (Italy)

--Signed: D.o.M (USA)

--Signed: Seven Hip-hop (USA)

-Signed Future House Radio

-Top 10 indie Alliance UK radio show

-Win vote Trust the Doc UK radio show

-Rix Victory

-Top 1 Spinning record talent pool

-Top 1,2 VIRPP genre Dustep


-Burn TR-Gang ft.Bindi the first

-Coco TR-Gang ft.Kandi bard

-Dream TR-Gang ft.Tim moyo

-Lit TR-Gang ft. Honey B Sweet&Slim spitta






Lounge Club April is out!

Nathalie shared the peculiar facts about her life after "games of Thrones" in "Lounge Club" April issue. Get to know amazing japanese danser Eri Chikusa. Meet "Family Plan" - the band that established rock music for Japanese community. Get the lounge looks to chill out. Learn about summer trends with Zara Wong. All this and much more in the "Lounge Club" April issue.

"Cosmo Life April" cover story Melisa Ruscsak

Successful writer, podcaster, businesswoman Melisa Ruscsak agreed to meet with us to share the secrets behind her success inan exclusive interview for the “Cosmo Life” cover  story.

“People look at me and see a woman who looks put together. What many don’t see is my struggles to get here. From a rough childhood, two failed marriages, and a medical emergency that should have never happened. You see where I am today , yet without the strength from my past I would never have gotten this far. Without finding mentors who have believed in me, I wouldn’t have been able to change my mind set to what I need for my company to succeed.” - says Melisa. The strength of Melisa shines from within letting her spread her positivity, love and kindness to the world. We are proud and excited to ask Melisa some questions you’ve always wanted to know.

Hi Melisa, we are happy to have you on the cover! What projects are you presently working on?

Oh, wow. Projects that I’m working on? Well, let’s break this down a little as I do too many things all at once. So in the realm of publishing I have just released the first issue of Trient Press Magazine for Authors and Entrepreneurs. My new novel “The Secret of the Sword” which is book 1 of “The Obsidian Chronicles” Is just  coming out. Plus, my publishing house is releasing several new releases. Then there is the Radio show and Podcast that is awesome to be able to talk to others on.  


But let’s switch gears a little bit as I also have a few modeling and acting gigs coming up. Nothing big as this is my hobby. Where, as my screenplay writing also has several features coming up.  


How has stardom changed you?

Stardom? Oh no, I’m not a star, or at least I don’t see myself as one. I’m just a person chasing a dream that very few would dare to chase.


How do you balance your work and private lives?

Work life is easy, everyone calls me by M.L. I keep set business hours although my version of set hours is not your 9-5 est. it’s a time slot where I can reach anyone regardless of country or time zone and still have hours to sleep. 


Now private life. If you look at my social media you won’t find too much about my private life. It’s private. I may post something about my daughter but that’s proud mommy moments. Everything else is private.

Read the full interview with Melisa in  the "Cosmo Life" April issue!

Exclusive interview with a really Unique songwriter, producer and author Dar.Ra

Today we met with Dar.Ra who makes an Amazing blend of Rock and Soul Music to spill the beans on his secrets in an exclusive interview!

CP: Hi! How are you doing today?

DR: Happy to be alive, its getting warmer in the UK and I’ve been decorating the house, walking the dogs and getting ready to Mix my next single ‘No Time For Tears’ which is based on the last moments of the Last Russian Tsar and his family. I had this idea about Love being stronger than Bullets. 

CP: Let’s start with your current Album ‘Ballads For The Downtrodden’ and current EP ‘Kings n Serfs’.  What is the power strike behind these two releases? 

DR: The album is a collection of my best ballad driven songs from the past few years starting with tracks off my first Solo album ‘Soul Hours’ in 2009 and picking up tracks from Albums and various EPs up to the present with tracks like ‘Whisky n Honey’, ‘Lights’ from the ‘New Kinda Normal’ Album and ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ The two are connected in the fact that its about people standing in Solidarity and not feeling powerless to change anything for the better, just because they are not standing in the corridors of Power. 


CP: What are your personal experience that you learned during this Pandemic period?
DR:That humans are basically surplus to requirements. The Planet doesn’t really need us as much as we like to think it does.

I think if this period of time makes us less egotistical and a bit more humble about how we live on this amazing Rock then maybe some good can come out of it.  

Having had Covid and got through it has made me value my time here even more, and stay as creative as I can, release as much Music and make as many cool films as I can while I’m still on the planet  


CP: You also released a hypnotic single “Rise Like the Sun” lulling listeners into its incredible rhythm. What inspired you for it?
I think what passes for Mainstream popular Music is a pale shadow of its former glory. I came from a time when Popular music meant something, it had 3 to 4 minutes of glory on a piece of plastic, that made you feel someone cared about you and what you felt. Pop Music gave you a place where you could fit into different worlds where you believed you belonged. 


I’m not saying that’s not happening today its just more fragmented than it was. Movements like Punk, Mods or even Skinheads wouldn’t happen today. Looking at the scenes now we where lucky to of come of age in the House Music revolution of the 90s where we experienced that fresh sound of the 909 pounding kick, the drugs and craziest parties on earth where One Love was the order of the day. Not sure that’s the case now. 


A lot of things have reached a turning point now though and I guess things need to implode for them to re invent themselves. Football is another thing of the people, that has got to the point where it just doesn’t represent its community anymore its just about money and that quickly becomes boring when you sell out passion for Cash. So ‘Rise Like The Sun’ is basically saying do not get phased by the illusions crashing around you because all you have to be is True.

CP: Did you have a musical family? How did you get into music? 

DR: Yes I did. My Mum’s side all played the piano and sang and my father was a writer so I guess those two elements combined to make Dar.Ra

I was always into making sounds happen. My Mum encouraged me from an early age though and bought me a Premier Drum kit when I was 10 and then helped me get my first studio together when I was 16. I got signed to EMI when I was 20 and then carried on from there really making records. 

CP: When you were little boy, did you ever dream of landing number 1 spots on Rock Radio stations around the USA, play-listed on TV stations LA TV, H2O NYC, Nashville Music TV, landing on the front covers of various magazines? 
DR: I always felt I was different as I’m a mix of races and never really fitted in at school or even in society if I’m honest. You get used to feeling like an outcast so Music becomes a place where you seek sanctuary, it’s a place that doesn’t care where your from or what colour you are or how rich you are, it just accepts You. 


It’s a space far away from 3rd dimensional and goes beyond form. Those who go out there and try to bring inspiration back know what I’m talking about. It’s there for everyone, all you have to do is shut up and listen to what’s out there, once you hear it you’ve got a friend for life that never judges you. 

Its just keeps giving you what you need in order to seek solace from an often cold world, where even your own family or so called friends can turn against you. It’s always been there for me and never let me down.

CP: Is ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ somewhat autobiographical for you?

DR: That came from being on tour in Australia a while back and going days without sleeping, working long hours in Recording studios and playing pretty hard. There was a girl who I used to hang out with that used to say it all the time and it just stuck in my head. It’s based on a wild period of time with some wild people who just wanted to live their best lives and be who they wanted. If you can convince Yourself you’re a star then who else matters, you a Star in Your own head and if you need to fake it to convince yourself for a while then why not.


CP: Among all your successful singles and EPs, what if your personal favourite?

DR: I think they are all-good in their own way and sum up periods of time for me. If I was to pick one it would be ‘Whisky n Honey’ I just felt I got that feel and storyline of the man who sold his soul to a Neon Wasteland right.  

CP: How does it feel being famous?

DR: I’m just cool to still be making music and finding new possibilities for the craft to move it forward.

CP: What is the funniest/weirdest story that happened to you interacting with your fans?

DR: I seem to attract stalkers and have had a few who have freaked me out a bit. I had one woman a while back from Korea who somehow got hold of my phone number and used to phone me at 3am in the morning and scream suggestive dirty words down the phone, which my girlfriend didn’t find amusing. I changed my number, which helped.


CP: You’ve written two books, both getting top reviews on Good Reads and Amazon Books. 'Road Tales’ is about amazing people with life changing stories that you’ve met while touring the globe. You wanted to share these stories with the world so that those stories were not forgotten, did we get that right?
Yes. Its 15 chapters with different people who all seamed to enter my world with tales that made me think that anything was possible. From Aboriginal faith healers to Native Indians in Guatemala who where standing up for land rights to an Australian artist who helped a girl to speak again after suffering from a serious trauma. It’s a celebration of what’s amazing about Humans.

CP: 'The Night That Jimi Died’ your second book tells about changing the DNA of the World through Music. Do you believe that music will save the world?
I think music can play a part in healing our scars and mending our broken connections. Ultimately though its down to Humans to transcend the Primitive Survival brain. When we wake up and see we are stronger as a Human race then we might stand a chance. We have some growing to do though. Humans are pretty basic in their thinking still.


CP: If you could play with any musician, dead or alive, who would that be? 
DR: Wagner or Beethoven or Scot Joplin. 

CP: You have many faces: songwriter, producer, author. Which role you currently enjoy the most? 
The framework I’m working on at the time. 

CP: What is your biggest dream right now? 
DR: It’s a funny time because all the established structures are coming to an end, so a lot of things like the Grammys don’t mean much anymore, not saying I wouldn’t accept one as I do have Grammy award wining tunes for them to award me for. My only dream was to make Recordings that people enjoyed and I felt where worth putting out, if I can keep doing that, then I’ve kinda won really.

CP: Do you have upcoming events in 2021? 

DR: I’m looking to buy a farm and finish off my next album this year.

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?
DR: ‘Rise Like The Sun and Never Dim Your Light For Anyone’

CP: Thank you so much for being with us today!
 Been a Pleasure. Big Thanks to all the readers for giving me their time.