I’ve revamped my eyebrows and recovered my eyelashes after extensions. Here’s how I did it!

Hi ladies!

My name is Anna, and I am 26 years old. My eyelashes left much to be desired not so long ago. When I finally settled into a good job with decent stable income, I decided to pamper myself. I bought expensive cosmetics, got mani-pedis more often, and splurged on eyelash extensions. 

Unfortunately, not all these investments panned out the way I wanted them to. In fact, I was left feeling even more unhappy. The extension specialist used substandard (and quite frankly, dangerous) materials that eventually destroyed my eyelashes. I was devastated and regretful, until I found Toplash Lash & Brow Booster eyelash growth serum. Not only did this powerful serum save what was left of my lashes, but it turned them into the full, luscious ones I’d always dreamed of. Let me share some more information about this miracle serum with you.

Background: How my eyelashes died

At first, eyelashes extensions seemed like one of mankind’s most brilliant inventions (yes, even cooler than an iPhone). Get extensions put in once and then chillax for 3-4 weeks without worrying about putting on mascara or falsies. After only one visit to the specialist, I was hooked for several months. She was a reputable technician who had worked at a high-profile beauty salon where a single session costs 50$(way too expensive), so seemed to be trustworthy. I was so wrong. One day, I decided to remove the extensions to give my eyelashes a rest. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was horrified, exclaiming: "What on earth has happened to my eyes?!"

 She glued the lashes on too thick and used, as it turned out later, materials and adhesives of uncertain origin. The little that remained of my normal, medium-thick eyelashes were thin and frail. I’m not a confrontational person, so I didn’t post any complaints about it, but I literally cried the whole night. When I calmed down a little, I began to surf the web in search of a solution. To my delight, I found Toplash Lash & Brow Booster eyelash growth serum.

Toplash Lash & Brow Booster serum: What it is and how I use it

Toplash Lash & Brow Booster is a product that is suitable for both eyebrows and eyelashes, although I initially used it for eyelash recovery. It’s made with all natural ingredients, like east tui leaves extract, root ginseng extract, and active component Myristoyl Pentapeptide 17, which enhances the hairs, making them grow thicker and longer. 

I use the serum every night before going to bed. According to recommendations, the serum works best when your eyelashes and eyelids are closed. The kit includes an applicator which makes it super easy to apply. I just wash off my makeup and swipe the serum along the upper lash line. Then I’m ready for my beauty sleep! 

In no time, I noticed my eyelashes looking more and more beautiful. In just three weeks, they had completely recovered. I have been using Toplash Lash & Brow Booster for more than two months, and my hair has become even thicker and longer than before the extensions.

Curious, I began to apply the serum to my eyebrows to see if it would have the same effect. My brows were sparse in some areas after many years of over-plucking. Like magic, the serum breathed new life into them. My brows became thicker, stronger, and even shinier! They look so great on their own, I’ve even stopped coloring them. I just carefully shape them with Toplash Fix & Grow Brow. 

Ladies, don’t wait! Purchase Toplash Lash & Brow Booster natural serum at toplash.com, and let your eyelashes and eyebrows shine with natural beauty. Don’t waste your money on expensive extensions that might even damage your hair.  

How to Become an Instagram Influencer and Make Money Fast?

2022 is shaping up to be a big year for influencer marketing on Instagram. A recent study found that nearly 60% of brands will increase their influencer marketing budgets next year and that spending on influencer marketing is expected to reach up to $15 billion. This growth is being driven by the increasing popularity of Instagram among both brands and consumers. Brands are finding that influencer marketing effectively reaches new audiences, and consumers are increasingly turning to social media for product recommendations. As a result, we expect to see more brands using influencers to promote their products on Instagram in the coming year.

Are you also an aspiring Instagram influencer wondering how to make money fast? You're in luck. Making money as an influencer might be easier than you think if you have a concrete plan to follow. Today, we'll share tips on becoming an Instagram influencer and start making some real money. So, whether you're looking to supplement your income or just starting your social media journey, read on for the best advice. 

Find Your Niche 

Anyone can be an influencer these days, but it takes more than posting pretty pictures to build a following. If you want to become an Instagram influencer, the first step is to pick a niche according to your interests and personality. That might mean becoming a fashionista, a foodie, or a travel junkie. Once you've found your niche, the next step is to start posting quality content that will resonate with your target audience. That means sharing exciting photos and videos, along with helpful tips and sage advice. But even if you're posting great content, you won't get very far if you don't have a strategy for growing your following. So be sure to spend some time each day promoting your account through hashtags, comments, and other engagement tactics. 

Master the Art of Creating Engaging Content 

If you're thinking about becoming an Instagram influencer, one of the most important things you'll need to focus on is creating quality content. This means more than just posting pretty pictures - you'll need to engage with your audience, produce original content that's interesting and informative, and make sure that your overall message is clear. Luckily, if you're willing to put in the work, becoming an expert at content creation is achievable. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Plan your content in advance. This will help ensure that your posts are cohesive and have a clear purpose.
  • Experiment with different content formats. Don't be afraid to mix things up - posts don't always have to be photos, videos can be a great way to engage with your followers.
  • Pay attention to the details. From captions to hashtags, every element of your post should be carefully considered.
  • Be authentic. Authenticity is vital for building a successful online presence - people want to follow someone who feels real and relatable.
  • Have fun! Creating content should be enjoyable - if it feels like a chore, your followers will be able to tell it, and you won't get the desired engagement. 

Follow an Optimized Posting Schedule

The key to becoming a successful Instagram influencer is to post content when your audience is most active. That means understanding when people scroll through their feeds and tailoring your posting schedule accordingly. Generally speaking, the best times to post on Instagram are during lunchtime and evening. However, it's also important to consider factors like time zone and day of the week. For example, if you're targeting an international audience, you'll need to take different time zones into account. And if you're aiming for a weekday crowd, posting in the evening or on weekends may not be ideal. By understanding when people are using Instagram, you can make sure as many people see your content as possible. 

Write Relatable Captions & Hashtags

One of the most important things you can do is write relatable captions and hashtags. That way, people will be able to find your photos more easily, and they'll be more likely to engage with your content. But don't try too hard – the key is to strike a balance between being relatable and being authentic. Be yourself, and people will be drawn to your unique voice. If you can master that, you're well on your way to becoming a successful Instagram influencer.

Share Stories Regularly 

If you want to make money as an Instagram influencer, it's important to post engaging stories regularly. That means creating content that your followers will enjoy, whether it's funny, inspirational, or informative. It also means staying on top of the latest trends and using the platform to its full potential. For example, did you know that you can now add music to your stories? This is a great way to add some extra flair to your content and keep your followers entertained. Your active followers will love these little updates.

Engage with your Followers 

It's important to engage with your followers if you want to make money through Instagram. There are a few key ways to do this: first, make sure you post interesting and engaging content that will spur conversation. Secondly, respond to comments on your posts - even the negative ones. This shows that you're accessible and open to feedback. Finally, don't be afraid to reach out to your followers through direct messages - they'll appreciate the personal touch. Following these simple tips will help you build a strong rapport with your followers and make money from Instagram.

Summing Up 

Thanks to this platform's complexity, it's not a simple ride if you want to make money from Instagram. You can't just post a bunch of pictures and expect the followers to start rolling in – you need to put in some effort if you want to stand out from the crowd. Also, if you want to become an Instagram influencer, you might be wondering how much money you can expect to make. The answer is: don't expect a lot, at least at first. It takes time to build up a following, and most brands are only willing to pay a small amount to new influencers. However, as your following grows, so will the money you can earn. Also, keep in mind that there are other ways to monetize your account, such as selling products or promoting affiliate links. If you're patient and persistent, you can eventually earn a decent income from Instagram. Use free tools to track Instagram followers and analyze your brand performance so you know how to best reach your audiences. Happy Instagramming! 


Meet Wekney Ferguson, fabulous musician and fashion icon

With her charismatic stage presence, keen business-savvy, and jaw-dropping looks, Wekney Ferguson has emerged as a vital new talent in the entertainment world. Born in Cuba and currently based in Miami, she is proudly bringing the beauty of Afro-Cuban culture to a global audience. Now, as she turns her attention directly towards music, this mystical goddess is on the brink of achieving global stardom.

We are proud to interview Wekney and get you all the tea about her star-rocketing career.

CC: Hi Wekney, how are you doing today?
WF: Amazing Grateful, to be experiencing another day on earth.

CC: You revealed an exceptional musical talent at a young age. What is your brightest memory from the Cuba's School of Arts?

WF: I was a dance student at that time I was able to play live Latin percussion cowbell at the school salsa orchestra because they were missing a musician last minute and they gave me the opportunity perform since they knew I had a great ear for music and would be able to deliver what they were looking for. Felt like magic.

Read the full interview in "Cosmo Chic" May issue - buy your copy here!

Follow Wekney Ferguson on social media: @miss_ferguson_

Meet Krishna Sriram, cover story of "Cosmo Life" April

With 17+ years of experience in system design, development, analysis, and implementation, Krishna is a wealth of information, which he now uses to expand the collective knowledge of IT and its many applications. 


Over the years, Krishna’s roles have spanned a variety of industries and enterprise types, including players in tech, energy, HR, logistics, and more. He began his career as a Software Developer in the early 2000s, using his command of multiple programming languages to empower users with new tools and capabilities. A few years later, he transitioned into roles focused on SQL database management and optimization. 


In recent years, Krishna continued to advance with positions as Senior Cloud Architect at  RiverRock Systems, and Principal Cloud Solutions Architect at EdgeSoft Corp, where he remains today. Krishna is proficient in a total of 11 programming languages, with specialties in TSQL, YAML, PowerShell, HTML, and CLI. 

We are proud to feature Krishna in our exclusive interview and cover story.


CL: Hi Krishna, how are you today?
KS: I am good, thank you…!

CL: Through your carreer, you’ve been a leader in the information technology field. We are impressed with your accomplishments! Among them, you’ve been setting up hybrid cloud environments and automating Cloud Infrastructure. Can you explain to our readers in simple words the importance of the automating Cloud solutions for the business?
KS: On the cloud, enterprises just pay only for the assets they use. There's no requirement for inactive foundation in light of the fact that erasing assets is a low-contact process. Consequently, it's not something similar for actual IT arrangements. As a matter of fact, you would require extra equipment to test or convey another element. Yet, to exacerbate the situation yet, you would need to hang tight for the sending and dispatching of the actual servers.

To find actual success, IT groups should use cloud robotization and organization as opposed to depend on physical work to perform even the most unremarkable assignments. In this manner, mechanization is a competitive edge that smoothes out your IT tasks. Consequently, this frees unused assets and ensures ideal use of basic ones.

CL: What is your opinion on the influence of Covid-19 on the digitalization of the society?
KS: The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted an unavoidable flood in the utilization of advanced advances because of the social separating standards and cross country lockdowns. Individuals and associations all around the world have needed to change in accordance with better approaches for work and life. 


An expansion in digitalization is driving firms and instructive foundations to move to telecommute (WFH). Blockchain innovation will become significant and will involve research on plan and guidelines. Gig laborers and the gig economy is probably going to increment in scale, bringing up issues of work allotment, cooperation, inspiration, and parts of work over-burden and presenteeism. Working environment checking and technostress issues will become unmistakable with an expansion in computerized presence. Online misrepresentation is probably going to develop, alongside research on overseeing security. The guideline of the web, a secret weapon, will be essential post-pandemic.

CL: Speaking of the digitalization of society, many people say that money will be digital, too. What is your opinion on the cryptocurrencies?
KS: Old ideas are precarious. They're not viewed as old ideas yet as essentially "the status quo." So as the world beginnings changing, individuals go after the apparatuses they've generally referred to and view new devices as patterns or trends.


For instance, one of the previous apparatuses underestimated is cash and the financial framework. How regularly do you consider where your cash comes from, who makes it, and how things may be unique? Take a stab at having a discussion about getting rid of our cash and somebody will unavoidably recommend a trade framework. That is the means by which restricted our creative mind is - and the way in which well public monetary forms have marked themselves.


Be that as it may, throughout the most recent 30 years, we've encountered an extreme change in how data is made and shared. As the scattering of information became decentralized, the brought together data power structure imploded - network TV, papers, distributing houses, and the mail center. The web came like an unrest, drastically democratizing data. Thus, today everybody has a platform, is a columnist, a movie producer, a photographic artist, a craftsman, or even an encyclopedist.

CL: Do you believe that one day cryptocurrencies will fully replace banks and cash?
KS: Many accept that we could supplant banking and money effectively with a more proficient computerized decentralized economy. Be that as it may, will it work out? Banking and legislatures hold the most power on the planet. It very well might be credulous to believe that they will hold on as crypto and blockchain supplant them. Charges should be paid, and the public authority needs its cut. Now, practically all world powers have thought about letting a computerized variant of their cash out of their national bank - the primary explanation being to head off Bitcoin and crypto from picking up an excessive amount of speed.

The new reality will in general resemble concentrated specialists will take on blockchain answers for stay away from the gamble of becoming terminated. Rather than a free self-administering perfect world, what's to come is coming to fruition to coordinate conventional monetary organizations and saves money with blockchain innovation. Be that as it may, numerous national banks are befuddled with respect to what they can offer of real value. All things considered, they are contradictory to the first reason of Bitcoin, which was to give a decentralized and private technique for executing.

CL: With the knowledge you acquired, were you thinking of creating the tech community?

KS: Yes, Ofcourse, I am working on multiple social media channels to share my knowledge and help others wherever possible at the same time, I tend to learn new technologies on daily basis with latest research across the world from many great minds.

CL: What is the best way for people can connect with you?
KS: People can connect with me via LinkedIn or Medium


Follow Krishna Sriram:



8 reasons to select Brows By VJ


  1. Vidhi Jaiswal, a leading Browologist and an Aesthetician created a mind-blowing service to create custom brow shape to outline your expressions an personality.
  2. With years of experience, VJ created her signature Micro-Feathering Brow Technique that delighted devoted clientele and the fashion world. 
  3. VJ has an amazing eye for individual face shape, and it has changed the way women and beauty insiders see and experience their brows.
  4. Brows By VJ operates only at the highest standards in cleanliness for your health.
  5. Spend only a few hours for the look and get the perfect brows for anywhere between 18 and 30 months!
  6. VJ is passionate about her art and each her eyebrow treatment ia a live masterpiece!
  7. Brows By VJ ensures that each client experiences quality customer service throughout the entire treatment process.
  8. Swipe the impressive before and afters and get inspired!

    Book your appointment or learn more:  
    Get to know VJ in our new "Cosmo Life" print issue. Get your copy here!

Meet Irena Hadzi Dordevic, Talented Production Designer

Irena Hadzi Dordevic is a talented production designer emerging from Serbia, currently working as an art director and production designer in the USA.

Growing up in a family of classical musicians, she was trained in different art forms from a young age playing the violin, drawing, dancing.

At the age of 17, after 3 year of highschool she chose to focus and pursue a career in design, enrolling in the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, department of Scenography. Since then she worked on more than dozen short films and theater plays as a designer before she decided in 2017 to enroll in MFA in Stage Design at prestigious Northwestern University and move to Chicago, USA.

Right after her thesis defense in 2021. Irena was hired to work as an art director on Sand Dollar Cove, a Hallmark feature film starring Chad Michael Murray.

After Sand Dollar Cove, Irena kept getting called back and earning credits as an art director in Taking the Reins, Hallmark fall feature and Next Stop Christmas, as an art coordinator - Hallmark Christmas feature, starring Christopher Lloyed and Lea Thompson - famous cast from Robert Zemeckis Back to the Future.

After spending a few months on locations in Connecticut, Irena decided to go back to Chicago, where her home base is at the moment and production design a feature mystery film Silent as the Grave, directed by Brad Podowski and Dan Gremley which is currently in post-production.

She is thrilled and excited to work in movies in the USA as she loves creating and building worlds for screen characters.

"I love working on films!, - Irena says, "The sense of community that exists within the art department is incredibly inspiring and motivating for me. I love to bounce ideas with my teammates and I love the pressure that movie deadlines have. Every time I work on a movie, I get a huge adrenaline rush that is hard to explain to someone not working in the industry and it is something that makes it worth it going back."

Irena also confessed: "Film as an art form for me is an absolutely essential form of escapism. The ability to be able to tune out for 2 to 3 hours and walk in someone else's shoes still feels like magic to me. As an art form it enables you to become someone else for a moment, learn from other people’s experiences in a most intimate way and gives you the ability to unplug from reality, which I consider a superpower especially now when we are still in a pandemic. I can’t imagine humanity going through covid without movies. I think our job is essential in a way that provides massive relief and comfort to so many people around the globe. I am grateful to be part of it."

Meta-Art Artist James Von Gordon Introduces A New Online Gallery

James Von Gordon is a US artist specializing in Meta-art creation, a new  form of art style. His new online gallery showcases stunning artworks with unparalleled technique and unique art style. This long-awaited gallery is addressed to worldwide audiences that can reach all levels of art lovers and welcome art collectors to purchase original art, prints, and merchandise from the artist.

Get to know all the tea about the gallery creation in our exclusive interview with James Von Gordon!

G: Hi, James! We are so excited for the big news! How are you doing today?
I’m excited to announce my new online gallery . As a painter, I have been selling art since I was a teenager. I hope that the worldwide audience from Dadaism into a new art movement and style containing beauty, you can see my latest artworks called Meta Art, and I’m looking forward to having my artworks hung on their walls, or put on hats, shirts, cup etc...

G: Oh, wow! We are so much looking forward to seeing all this beauty! How would you define your artistic style?
My painting themes focus on Meta-art creation. Meta-art style is an eclectic style of art combining the dimensional beauty of oil paint with the spectra versatility of acrylics, and brush, with the dimension quality of pallet knife, including pour, in the same artistic offering. This combined with vivid color contrast, but the painter must be able to conceptualize and actually  visualize past events and then faithfully recreate them, while staying faithful to science and history.

G: Your recent artworks reflect maturity in art and artistic versatility. You use diverse objects to make stunning artworks in various mediums. This is what Meta-art is, right?
Meta-Art, in its final construct, contains elements of Impressionistic-Surrealistic Fantasy, although presented in a Meta-Art Matrix. The presentation is to be a transcendental dynamic narrative of a harmonious paradigm shift toward a serene soul. I desire mankind to look at my art and think, imagine, and relax, and the answer to your question is yes, I do use all the mediums available to me in order to accomplish this including Oil and Acrylic in the same painting.

G: It’s so incredible! James, you are of a Spanish descent, you mentioned that you define yourself as a Spanish Basque. How did Spanish culture and art influence your way of creativity?

JG: I am an author, writer, historian, scientist, and I believe the Spanish cave art [Altamira] was accomplished by Homo-sapiens just like us today, and not Neanderthals. My history science book which I had to turn into a science fiction book "Aphina Vampire Nexus" so people would read it takes us back to the Basque, even before The Basque Christoper Columbus [toward the end of his life he went to live among the Basque, indicating he was most likely a Basque.] to the ancient Vedic wars depicted in Sanskrit [which I had to study] where space ships, lasers, cloaking devices, and atomic weapons were used. These wars between the Atlantean Basque [my people], and the Indian Dwarka were fought 1,000s of years ago. I simply took my ability to conceptualize abstract thinking and transferred it to art. The Spanish were conquerors, and had to visualize a new future, and my grandfather a Basque at 13 years came from Spain to Mexico and fought for Pancho Villa and after saving Pancho Villa, he was made a Sergeant at 13 years old and then came to the USA, and here I am still visualizing.  My picture I am finishing now is the Garden of Eden, and from science the sky was stabilize with a water barrier around it at creation, and pink or red because of the randomness of light waves they give an illusion of a shorter wavelength, make our skies look blue today. The snake had wings [as some reptiles have today] according the ancient book of "Adam and Eve," so my painting, hopefully will be like no other Edenic Painting including a pink sky and a snake with wings.

G: We’ve seen you have not only the original art-pieces, but also prints and merch. Do you plan to extend you products to, for example, clothing line?

JG: Yes, I have more ideas, stay tuned!

G: If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

JG: I don't recall any having visualized the past, and reproducing it, but I do like the vivid colors of Youg's art, and the beauty and originality of Afremov's art.


G: Thank you so much for the interview. Wishing you creative inspiration in 2022!


VonGordon’s new gallery and art shop are now available to enjoy on the www.metaartist.website. Anyone interested in Meta-art creation can also purchase artworks available in the art shop. The website is beautifully designed with easy navigation to provide the greatest art viewing and shopping experience. The Meta-art artworks are available in various media. Original artworks, prints, and various merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, porcelain ornaments, and more. 


Be friends with VonGordon at facebook.com/jim.gordon.148553

New multi-media group empowers women


The woman of today is beyond what many a century ago would have thought of, and today’s woman continues to grow and thrive.  However, many suffer in silence, even to their own family.  A promising change is on the horizon.


There is always room for continued growth and advancement.  This is why WIN WIN Women is destined to be a boon to women across the world – one show at a time.


WIN WIN Women is a multi-media social and informational network.  A combination of website, app, television, international work, online education and local circles has plans to branch out and into 195 different nations.


Founder and CEO Paula Fellingham put it best.  She said, “we help women all over the world improve their lives.”


The network is planning thousands of different live programes on 50 different channels.  These are planning to run 24/7 along with plenty of events from local and regional to international with virtual meetings always a possibility.


There are courses planned along with a speaking and business development school, all geared to help determined women thrive and succeed in a 21st century world.


More information about WIN WIN Women is on the website.  Visit www.winwinwomen.com to learn more and to participate.