Exclusive interview with Sidney from Sidney Kay Designs

Sidney Kay Designs was founded to help local businesses build the essential digital marketing solutions to effectively improve their online presence and promote business growth.

Sydney is a consultant at Sidney Kay Designs. She helps busy small business owners simplify digital marketing with local marketing systems that are focused on local search visibility, website visitors, more leads, and sales. Sidney is spotting and filling in the gaps in marketing strategies that promotes growth of the business. 

“Your brand deserves a strong foundation and clarity and that’s why I’ve dedicated years and service to helping clients since 2014 hash out their most pressing marketing dilemmas.” Says Sidney, - “It’s my mission to help you take your business online with the digital marketing essentials that you will need to support your traditional marketing efforts and campaigns.”

We met Sidney to ask her everything about marketing and business growth!


Hi Sidney, how are you doing today?

I’m doing great! It’s an honor to be here today, love your magazine, you've had some impressive guests.

We are so excited to hear about your company Sidney Kay Designs. Sounds like everyone needs it! Marketing is a hard thing especially for small businesses who don’t have huge budget for promotion. Which are the most common mistakes business owners make it their strategy?

Not Having A Digital Marketing Plan
One of the most common mistakes that small business owners make in their digital marketing

strategy is not having a marketing plan. You may get lucky, but you will waste time and money. It’s important to have a marketing plan that spells out your marketing strategy, specific tactics you’ll use, how much they’ll cost and how much time they’ll take can streamline your efforts and increase chances for success.

Refusing to Try New Marketing Activities

Most small business owners are overworked, time-stressed often juggling multiple priorities at the same time. Which makes it all too easy to fall victim to complacency in their marketing activities. However, marketing is ever-changing and it’s imperative that you show up consistently to promote your business, and remain open to new ideas and different types of marketing. Make decisions based on your analytics, reporting, and be patient. There isn’t always a quick fix, but pick the most appropriate marketing strategy and tactic that addresses where you currently are and what you’re trying to achieve.

Using Social Media as a website replacement

Believe it or not some small business owners feel that there’s no point in having a website when you can have a Facebook page. Choosing to have a Facebook page over a website, is like building a house on rented land. Your social media efforts should drive people back to your website, promote brand awareness, generate leads, or even book appointments. Take advantage of all the wonderful things that social media has to offer, but don’t forget that social media is rented property, you own your website so make smart, savvy, and strategic decisions.

Overlooking the power of local marketing

If your business caters to a local audience, has several service areas, and/or has a brick and mortar location, local marketing is a must-need strategy. This is the most common overlooked marketing tactic that brick/mortar small businesses tend to make. Local marketing allows you to hone your resources on a select audience, one that can actually respond to and shop from your digital and print advertisements. Small business owners that are having success in their local marketing efforts tend to to have or have done the following.

  • ●  Have a mobile friendly website

  • ●  Localize your website.

  • ●  Claim your local listings on third-party websites and directories.

  • ●  Invest in local SEO.

How did Covid-19 impacted digital marketing?

The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of having an digital marketing strategy and having the infrastructure to take your business online, engage with your customers, and have e-commerce solutions to generate revenue. The pandemic was truly a reality check for the businesses that weren’t prepared and haven’t invested in their marketing before the pandemic hit. Most businesses that I’ve encountered and had the pleasure of working with continued their improvement/transformational digital marketing plan throughout the crisis. Covid-19 really forced small business owners to slow down and look at areas of their marketing they may have neglected,as well as explore new exciting marketing activities. Small business owners are strong, and are the fabric of our economy. Through digital marketing they have continued to build their brands and generate the required leads and sales.

What is the best social media platform that you would recommend for businesses with small budgets?

There are several social media platforms, from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram to one of the latest popular platforms TikTok, however regardless of what platform you choose to invest your time, effort, and marketing dollars on. You should define your target audience before you spend any money on social media marketing campaigns. As well, as find out what platforms your customers are using, then pick one and do it well. Make sure that you develop and track your content success. Facebook and Instagram tend to be user friendly for small businesses and offer an abundance of insights and targeting to help you get the most out of your marketing budget. But at the end of the day, no social channel is better than the other; it simply depends on the audience that you are trying to reach.

Is it possible nowadays to get organic growth on social media?

Yes, it’s indeed possible. Organic social media can be an effective strategy to grow your social media channels if you’re ready to think outside the box to engage with your audience. You have to be consistent and look at your audience and content and figure out what social channel fits your audience best. You can reap lots of rewards from organic social media marketing, including boosting your SEO, increasing your brand loyalty, and connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

A lot of small business owners try to manage everything themselves. Do you have some time management tips and tips on how to start delegating?

That’s a great question! The first tip is to not take everything on at once, instead determine what tasks will be addressed, and keep each project narrowed and focused. And use project management software where it makes sense to do so. We use Asana and most of our clients use it as well. Once you define your project objectives, you should then take time to plan, and assign tasks wisely, leverage partnerships with reliable partners and nurture those relationships as they are vital for bringing your marketing and projects to completion, as well as running a profitable business.

What kind of services could one get at Sidney Kay Designs?

We specialize in local search marketing, website design, social media, and branding. We also partner with Shopify and provide e-commerce website design and consulting. We love small businesses and our services are tailored to fit specific needs of small business owners and niches. We’re also launching a digital marketing course specifically for small business owners that covers everything you need to know before investing in digital marketing.

How could one get in touch with Sidney Kay Designs?

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram @sidneykaydesigns and on Twitter @Sidneykdesigns. We’ve also launched a Facebook Group called Business Essentials. It's a private Facebook group for small business owners, entrepreneurs can connect, share resources, get access to free masterclasses, DIY marketing tips.


What is your motivational quote of the day?

“Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are” – Theodore Roosevelt 

Ballads For The Down-Trodden Album release by Irish Artist Dar.Ra

Another quality long playing release from one of our favourite Irish artists Dar.Ra who happens to be based in the UK and raises the flag for dedicated Song-smiths around the globe. 

In essence it’s a collection of some of the more laid back moments from various albums and EPs over the years with an uncovered unreleased gem called ‘Evermore’ which was penned for his Mothers sad early passing when the ‘Soul Hours’ album came out in 2008.  

As the album suggests with its title it’s a mixture of joy and sadness as only Ballads can deliver, subjects roll from losing someone too early on both ‘Rewind’ and ‘Evermore’ to the thought of walking up with the perfect girlfriend who happens to be transgender, on a track called a ‘Girl Like You’. 

Nothing is as it seams on any first listen with Dar.Ra and his song writing, as digging deep into subtexts reveal another whole level of storyline and subliminal messages, not that anything sinister and mind controlling is at work but merely to suggest that not everything should be handed away so easily on first experience, which all Art should do. 

 ‘Safe in Your Arms’ is ambitious in its conception deeply layered with a string quartet surrounding; some George Harrison inspired chordal movements. There is a acoustic guitar solo, reminisant of the solo on The Beatles Rubber Soul album track ‘Girl’ which served as the inspiration, The Russian sounding lamenting guitar runs, hold the track in perfect cadence with the subject matter of being a long way from home.  The track first featured on the Soul Hours album and holds sway after being written over ten years ago, a credit you would find hard to give to most music released ten years ago. 

 ‘Wolverine’ and ‘U Kill Me’ written for the Now Is Now EP in 2012 also hold sway as acoustic ballads. ‘Wolverine’ is a call to get back to nature while ‘U Kill Me’ was inspired by French Film Noir Betty Blue, and features a French speaking apart, which could have been written for the film. 

‘Do not follow me as it will lead to your demise’; is the core takeaway from a rough translation. 

 ‘Whisky N Honey’ was released last year, brings us up today date, before we head back into the classic vaults. 

Through the height of the pandemic Dar.Ra put out three world class EP’s and singles, Whisky being one of them, while a salute to the Key Workers on ‘Stand Up For The Heroes’ also finds its way onto this collection. ‘Whisky n Honey’ has a Bowie esq quality about it and would not of sounded out of place on one of his post Ziggy Stardust albums. 

 Slipping back into the time tunnel ‘Red White and Blue’ comes up again from the Soul Hours album a track that questions our belief in fighting for flags, written while Coalition troops where wading through Iraq and Afghanistan. Dar.Ra had protested against those Wars at the time and clearly takes an Anti War stance in his belief system. 


‘I’m all dressed up in Red White n Blue 

I’m all dressed up cause it suits my moods, 

I may just have to add a little Black for someone, 

whose never coming back’. 


A Lyric, which begs the question why we keep on doing the same thing while expecting something different to happen a clear definition of insanity. 


We battle on as best we can and sometimes the past becomes too much of a burden to carry as the track ‘Start Again’ suggests written while on in New Zealand and Australia in the naughties. Driven by a downward descending piano riff, overladen with some clever guitar work creates a tension entwined with the asking lyric 


‘Every time I try 

I keep falling 

Every time I try 

I keep slipping

Wont you help me to 

Start Again’ 

While the song starts off with the knowledge that 

‘Everything starts with the flick of the green

Money changes everything’


Therapy is for people with deposable income while the rest of us have to put up with the demons or slay them ourselves.

 The album traces out with the final shot ‘Lights’ the version that found itself originally on the ‘New Kinda Normal’ album released in 2019 a release that gained a lot of support from Radio and Press alike, signing its praises and bringing a new genre called ‘Rock Step’ which can be heard when you tune into it. 

 ‘Lights’ was written for Robin Williams when the world heard of his tragic passing and the taking of his own life. For a man that brought us such happiness it was a brutal end for such a genius. ‘Lights’ is a plea to ask; if we are in the darkness may someone pray and keep the ‘Lights’ on for us in our time of need. 

 There are some beautiful moments on this track, epic builds and drops with incredible words that convey the battle lines we fight on every day of our lives that sometimes drown out the beauty of this amazing World we live on.

 This is an album to bring the chills, draw some tears and leave you with some hope that someone is still carrying the banner for Music that moves you on all levels. 




Feel free to make contact









e- kushadeep@yahoo.co.uk 

Tiktok Dar.Ra1



Dar.Ra New Kinda Normal 








Exclusive interview with Jada Allen

We are proud to present Exclusive interview with Jada Allen!

"My name is Jada Allen aka as Jae, I’m a 20 year old singer and song writer. I’ve recently started my music career in 2020 with my song closer and recently released my latest single “self love”. My goal to do with music is to branch out enough to be able to inspire young girls creativity and show them what it means to be a true artist but most importantly a business woman. It’s always important to know exactly what you want and to be assertive with your career. If I could give up and coming artist like myself any advice it would be. Don’t worry about how you’re viewed as much as you’re worried about your ability to creative and push your empire to the next level. Don’t focus on the end goals as much as you focus on the very adventure “making it” is. Remember that money, fame and status isn’t the end goal , the goal is to have the life and dreams you’ve always desired and nothing more over shadows that. Hard work and dedication is the key!"


Franchise TYG Drops New Album for the Fans

Good news for the fans of Franchise TYG finally came through with the artist’s new album to be released soon in January. For fans of music artists, waiting is one of the most hectic situations that one can imagine. However, after waiting several months and while pandemic restrictions ruined everyday lives, the news has surely uplifted the spirits.

Marquise G. Lightfoot or as the fans know him Franchise TYG is a hip-hop artist from DC. He became a sensation for the industry with his song "Ice on Me" Remix. The song was released back in 2019 and started to gain listener growth. By September 2020, the song was widely listened on Spotify, and Franchise TYG gained successive growth in the industry ever since.

The song peaked at no.11 on iTunes, which is when the artist paid attention to introducing new collections of his hip-hop remixes. 

In an up-close and personal interview, sources were able to get some insights into what the artist is working on. "Everyone has an opinion. You just need to take it with a grain of salt," TYG replied when asked how he perceived his critics. "Right now, I’m focusing on my new album’s project, making sure that it’s perfect not just for the fans but for me as well.”

“If I had known what I’m looking forward to doing, I would’ve engaged with my music a lot differently. From budget allocation to music location, marketing, and all that, I would’ve considered every factor with the knowledge I know now,” TYG replied when asked regarding the difference between him today and back in 2019.

His interests are somewhat different; though TYG was caught in a hurdle when asked what he would prefer listening to all his life. The 3 albums the artist mentioned included N’Sync’s No Strings Attached, Jay Z's Greatest Hits, which was still difficult for him to choose from, and lastly Bruno Mars' 24k Gold. Though the artist felt a little bad for not picking up anything from the King of Pop Michael Jackson's greatest hits.

One of the keen elements about Franchise TYG was his confidence. “I’ve learned a lot of lessons but there wasn’t anything that had stunned or surprised me,” the artist replied when asked regarding his what he found surprising during his journey.

Just like other artists, Franchise TYG prefers working alone when writing his music. However, he’s a team player; yet according to him he “likes working when the environment is in his control.” 

Every artist has his favorites and for Franchise TYG, Jay Z or Drake are the ones that he would prefer opening a show for. Even though he aced his school with A’s, TYG was clear about how he felt regarding his twice arrest and jail for possession with intent.

Whatever the past may be, Franchise TYG is now focusing on improving and progressing in his music career with all zeal. The artist is all clear regarding himself and what he needs to put in his music for the fans to recognize him. 

Artists like TYG need to focus on creating music that would stir emotions and zeal among the fans. This has been one of the keen focuses for the hip-hop artist and TYG is making sure that he becomes the apple of the eye for his fans.

The music industry sees unreal talents now and then. For Franchise TYG, the journey has just begun, and launching his new album can surely create his space as a hip-hop icon. 

Cosmo Chic February is out!

“You may want to remember the name - SKAG - a band with a wild techno industrial vibe. Their harsh and abrasive sound combined with the characteristic vocals of Lincoln Torreyson is hard to forget. But it’s more than music. SKAG creates visuals that compliment their music just right. Halloween-like costumes add atmosphere and mystery, just like those created by the sound they play! We are excited to have Lincoln Torreyson for an exclusive interview and ask him everything you wanted to know about SKAG.” 


CC: Hello, Lincoln, we are so excited to feature you on the cover!

LT: Thanks! It's a pretty dope mag you guys got here and it's my pleasure to be the cover story for this issue!


CC: How’s 2020 been for you? We’ve all been locked up! How did it result on your music?

LT: 2020 has definitely taken its toll on us all for sure...as the new normal starts to seem normal I ask myself why but I think the truth is as much as we don't wanna hear it, this stuff happens and by "stuff" I mean crazy shit! Crazy shit has been happening since the beginning of time and it's well documented its just our turn to experience it. As far as music goes, I've recorded a lot of material! I'm constantly mixing and sampling something new all the time! It's literally my therapy through all of this crazy!


CC: Everyone’s moved to online it seems! What in your opinion would be the influence of COVID-19 on the music industry?

LT: Anyone that's an artist with access can upload and stream! That's a great thing! As with more and more artists emerging everyday the web just becomes more and more saturated and it makes it harder for those newer unheard of artists to stand out. Music has changed so much since I was a kid it's crazy! COVID has definitely pushed a more digital market for sure.


CC: Do you think people would go as far as organising ZOOM concerts with thousands of people online? Would you be up for something like that?

LT: I could totally see something like that being organized and absolutely without a doubt would participate! It's a beautiful idea! But don't get me wrong when I say that it will never compare to the real thing, the real deal is the best of the best and it always will be!


CC: We love the vibe of your music! It’s harsh and industrial! Just like the name of your group sounds. Is there any particular meaning under the word “SKAG”?

LT: SKAG is old school 1970's slang for heroin… so it simply means dope! With that being said I'm glad you enjoy the vibe!


Read the full interview in "Cosmo Chic" February issue.

Check Out SKAG on ReverbNation! 


Check out SKAG on #SoundCloud


Check out SKAG on Facebook


Check out SKAG on Instagram


Check out SKAG (@SKAG69official): 




"Cosmo Life" January is out!

"Cosmo Life" January proudly features on the cover Dr. LaVern McCants, reputed author and educator, a woman that changes the world! Get your favourite fashion styles and learn how to bundle up! Share the magic of Cirque du Soilel with Rikki Carman &So Breezy Babe. Enjoy our top picks to watch, read and listed. All this and much more in "Cosmo Life" January issue.
Get your copy here.

Exclusive interview with Award winning author J.M. Pozon

CP: Who Is Author J. M. Pozon?

Who is the woman behind the book “Star Dust”; one of this year’s most prolific reads? You may have seen her? If you haven’t, well then, you’ve been living under a rock, because lately, she has been all over the press. As seen on Fox, NBC and CBS. And, featured in multiple magazines, media and newspaper outlets. From the covers of Black women rising magazine, Writer’s Life Magazine to the LA Tribune.

CP: Well, who is she?

Jovahna Marie, better known by her pen name is a four-time published, award winning author, who has taken the literary world by storm. She first garnered acclaim with her fiery romance novel “Setting Fire to the Darkness.” And her gritty and soulful, poetry book “Whiskey for the wounded.” Which received five stars and was regarded by the “Urban Reader” as a spiritual catharsis in written words. Striking again, Author J .M Pozon Released two more poetry books this year. Her highly acclaimed book “Star Dust,” which has been deemed as a hymn to spirituality and women empowerment. And of course, the Steamy, hot, erotic poetry book, “Passion Fruit”; that has everyone talking. Both books can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Still, want to know more? Well, lucky for you, we caught up with Author J. M Pozon and we asked her a few questions. You can check out her answers below.


CP: Please tell us about your latest book, “Star Dust: From Heaven to Earth, We Fall.” What made you write it, and what is it about?

Well, I wanted to use my words, poems, and quotes to take women on a journey of spiritual Awakening and self-enlightenment. As far as what it is about, Star Dust is a call to action, prompting women to remember and operate in their truest forms. The poems and quotes contained within the book serve to remind women of their worth, encouraging them to see themselves as more than flesh and bones. We are soul, spirit and energy, limited only by our earthly bodies. It teaches us to acknowledge ourselves as spiritual beings, accepting the fact that within our fleshly domains, an entire universe resides. And once we understand the power, we hold within us, we can draw it out, use it to manifest all our hearts wants and desires.

CP: What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Find your purpose, operate wholeheartedly within that purpose. Don’t dip your toes, instead dive in headfirst and give it everything you have. Have unwavering faith in your dreams, refrain from internalized judgment, skepticism and doubt. You have to truly believe in your dreams before anyone else will.

CP: Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

For me, it is about using my God -given talent and gifts, using them to inspire others. I don’t measure success by how much money I have made but instead by how many lives I have touched.

CP: What’s next for you?

As of late, I’ve been doing much more screenwriting and acting. So, you can definitely expect to see some of my movie projects in the near future.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more. People can find out more about me and my book by visiting my Amazon author page. amazon.com/author/jmpozon

Or by following me on Social Media IG: https://www.instagram.com/author_jovahnamarie/

Facebook: https://facebook.com authorJovahnamarie/

Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/jovahnamarie?lang=en

Exclusive interview with Jolanta Young

Atomic Creative Studios is an Influencer Marketing Agency made for brands and influencers to connect with one another on projects. Our goal is to help influencers get in front of major brands. Atomic Creative Studios was founded by CEO Jolanta Young. Jolanta's background as an entrepreneur, fashion photographer, and social media strategist helped her build the agency. We are excited to have Jolanta in an exclusive interview in Cosmo Press! Stay tuned for it!

Visit Atomic Creative Studios to learn more: https://atomiccreativestudios.com/atomiccreativestudios/