Inspired by surviving the California Wildfires, Bestselling author Catherine Bybee tells a story of hope and renewal in My Way To You

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee has written thirty-four books that have collectively sold more than seven million copies and have been translated into more than eighteen languages.


CP: Hi, Catherine, it’s exciting to meet you!

CB: It's my pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. 


CP: When talking about yourself, you always outline that first of all you are a mother. Is it important to you, that your sons are proud of the work you do as a writer?

CB: It certainly factors in now. I think the key word there is "sons". Considering I've made a name for myself in romance novels... well you can imagine how that was received growing up. Their guy friends gave them a hard time and tried to read the kissing parts out loud which grossed them out. Their girlfriends always wanted copies. But as the dust settled, their views have changed. And now that they are 23 and 20, they are very proud of what it is that I do. At the end of the day, I'm just mom. And writing is my work. 


CP: Being best-selling author with more than 7 million sold copies of your books, your story echoes with the one of J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter creator. Similarly, she’s been a mother while her success in writing was not something she took for granted. Have you thought of this parallel? Do you somehow associate yourself with Joanne?

CB: I can honestly say I've never thought of that parallel. At least not with J.K. Rowling in particular. However, I have met many writers that were also parents. We carve out time in the day and night, between kids, school, sports...and we write. In the end becoming successful is a surprise to us all. Never in a million years did I dream or believe I'd have the reader base that I do. Writers write because we have stories in our heads that need to come out. It doesn’t surprise me any longer that many of our stories are the same.


CP: When you were young, you moved to South California to become a movie star. Do you still have this dream?

CB: Do I stand in front of the mirror singing into my brush? Or shout out one-liners like, “No one puts Baby in the corner.” Yup. But I no longer have the desire to act for a living. I could see myself on a community theater stage as a cameo. I absolutely loved “becoming someone else” on stage. But now I can become every character and direct their actions and words with every page I write. So in a crazy kind of way, I achieved that dream.


CP: It was not always that you earned your living by writing. At some point you worked as a full-time nurse. Did you translate this experience in one of your books?

CB: Absolutely. My years as an Emergency Room RN in a level two trauma center often finds ways into my work. There is simply too much material in those years to now draw on it in fiction. I have characters that were nursing students, trauma nurses, ER doctors, doctors and Nurses Without Boarders. I’ve placed other characters in the hospital with sick kids, accident victims, and survivors of abuse. Not Quite Enough and Not Quite Forever are two that stand out. But several more have bits and pieces of my life as a nurse.

CP: When was this moment when you realized that writing is something you would like to do full time?
CB: I remember that day. I had written my first manuscript. A whole book with a beginning and a middle and an end. Characters grew and stuff happened and the book was awful and will never be published. But I learned that I could write a whole book and immediately got started on the next one. It was two chapters into Binding Vows I realized I wanted to do this forever. I re-read those chapters and told myself that I could do this. I told my then husband that I was going to be a writer. He asked what we were having for dinner.


CP: What experience did you put as a base of My Way To You?

CB: On July 22, 2016, the Sand Fire erupted out of the hillsides and onto my property of twenty years. My home was backed up against the Angeles National Forest with dense and moisture starved vegetation. California was in its seventh year of drought and that fire consumed over fifty miles of hillsides before it arrived at my doorstep. I was just pulling out of the fog my divorce had created and doing everything I could to keep my children in their childhood home so they could graduate from high school without a traumatic move. Only the universe had other plans. My home was spared, but much of my property and barns were not. I truly thought the fire was the hardship, but then mother natured dumped 200% of her normal rainfall and my property was covered in tons of mud for the next six months. Like with every difficult time, there are heroes in the mix. From the firefighters to the public works employees, I had so many blessings in that dark time. So what’s a writer to do? I wrote a book. I did everything in my power to give a voice to the silent heroes and show the world what it is like to survive such a difficult time.

CP: What is your biggest dream right now?

CB: I want to continue to do what I do and reach even more readers. I have very personal stories I want to share to inspire others to rise up and achieve great things. But at the very basic level, I want my family healthy and happy so we can grow old together.


CP: What would be your advice for the beginner authors who are afraid to take a big step and make writing their career?
CB: My answer to this is always the same. WRITE! Write the books and learn your craft. Rejections are part of the landscape so expect them, but don’t let them knock you down. Learn and grow and keep writing. This is the absolutely best job in the world and if you’re a storyteller, you owe it to yourself to try.


CP: Thank you so much for the interview! We wish you lots of success with the launch of My Way To You!

CB: Thank you for having me.


My Way To You by Catherine Bybee is on sale March 10, 2020. For more information visit:


For her new single "Last Summer Rain" the singer has joined the rock story "Lost On The Way".

This project, created by german musician Matulla, includes over fifty song features with singer from around the world packed in a rough motorbike ride through the United States. "Last Sumer Rain" Is now out on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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Haley has modeled in NYC, LA, Nashville and Phoenix. She has experience in print and runway modeling. She is published with Adidas, the Henna Shop, Flipside, Whipped Hair, Xenon 2016 calendar, and more. She has walked for designers of Arizona, New York, Los Angeles, Italy and Sweden.

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Aurelien David: "I Want To Radically Break Down All Boundaries Between Belief Systems, Music Styles, Languages!"

On the cover: Aurelien David, French recording artist, singer and pianist. Aurelien shares his time between Germany, France and Israel. Aurelien David’s first album “Adon Olam” is an eclectic mix of pop ballad, influences from French Chansons and reinterpreted traditional Hebrew texts and melodies, accompanied by a piano arrangement inspired by classical composers.


His way of music started as early as at the age of 7. Later, Aurelien received classical training with renowned international concert pianists and singers. At 16 he made his mind to pursue a career as an artist. With the need of intellectual food, young Aurelien began to study engineering, politics and business. And upon receiving his master's degree at 21, Aurelien began his successful international career. 7 years later he founded his own company for international development cooperation. Since then, he has been traveling around the world working for government institutions, helping to realise sustainable projects. For a long time, he has been dreaming about reconnecting with his first passion by producing his own music. Inspired and surrounded by great people, he finally decided in 2018 to launch his own label and realise a project that is very important to him, the album "Adon Olam”.

Aurelien has always had a deep connection to Judaism and has always captivated by this musical heritage. The mission of his music is to radically break down all boundaries between religions, music styles, languages, the old and the new.


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Phinova & Anfisa: The Story Of Success

Phinova & Anfisa is totally becoming a huge successful EDM duo. The duo which was formed in the autumn of 2015 in Shanghai, China, consist of Phinova (international MC and hypeman) and Anfisa known as DJ Anfisa (popular as a fashion DJ in Asia).With the release of their most recent single 'Bomb', a collaboration with Hip Hop producer J Strong, and the closing of a successful tour in China, they are now preparing to tour outside of ASIA.'Bomb' is their third release and follow up to their previous singles 'Power Bank' and 'With You'.Their first release "With you" rushed into the Spinnin Records talent pool and was featured on MTVrock official website and Billboard music. As a result, they also get involved with massive Instagram and Twitter support. "With you" was added to several playlists including the Spotify playlists and the single with huge streams in Google Play.The ever-impressive artistry of the China-based duo of Phinova and Anfisa has never failed to surprise the audience. Nominated as the best upcoming EDM artist in 2018, this dynamic duo has electrified the ambiance with their hard-hitting EDM release ‘Dedication’. As suggested by the title, this track is a motivational shout out to all those who are grinding their mental and physical health to reach the ultimate goal. The soul of this track relies upon the enchantingly energizing and heart-thumping beats. The inarguable proficiency of both artists can be well-observed through the dynamic impact of this sonic delight.The duo are quite active and popular on social media promoting their music. Besides Google Play, Soundcloud is used as a playground to release "non-official" tracks for free downloads, gaining about thousands or songs for Soundcloud blogs for repost.Before they started producing together as Phinova & Anfisa they have been active since a resident deejay / MC at different clubs in China.Phinova has been MCing for top 100 DJs such as Mike Williams, Bassjackers and Diego Miranda and performed in Japan, Korea, China, Ukraine and Russia so far, whereas Anfisa has performed as a Porsche and Baidu international and toured many festivals in Asia.Phinova & Anfisa are a creative duo with different mindsets creating a unique universe around them both in the studio and while they're performing.

Besides being very talented they also have lots of experience with LIVE touring, enabling them to perfect their craft, their dj and MC skills.


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Neil Nayyar: Meet the world's Youngest Multi-Insrumentalist!

You won’t believe it! At the age of 14, Neil Nayyar has already mastered 107 different musical instruments. If you love a particular type of music, chances are, Neil plays it and he plays it well. Classical, Bollywood, jazz, rock, and sounds from all over the world flow from this musician, but this is not the only amazing thing about him. He is only 14 years old and getting better every day!

At the age of five years when most of the kids can just sing along to the tunes hearing from the media Neil’s parents realised his talent and how good he was to the instruments. After seeing his talent they got registered him for summer camps where Neil learned how to play several instruments. He has music teachers from across the world; China, India, Italy and several others remotely.


Neil holds the Assist Foundation’s world record as the youngest person to play all those instruments from all parts of the planet. He is also recognised with Medal of Mayor given by Mayor Steve Ly of Elk Grove, California and has been awarded by World Records India for title “Worlds’s Youngest multi-Instrumentalist”.


CC: You’ve shaken the world by your talent, 107 music instruments - it’s unbelievable! When you take a new music instrument, what do you usually do? What is your process of mastering it?

NN: When I pick any new instrument, first I like to play without any help. I figure it out myself. Then I look for techniques on youtube or Books and learn them. Some instruments, I go offline/online take lessons with professional musicians/Teachers as well. To master, it takes time/dedication/focus. That is continuous process. I practice around 8 hours per day to refine my skills on variety of instruments. We, all musicians/artists keep refining as we move on on this journey.


CC: You’ve started playing at the age of 5. Do you remember your first steps as an instrumental player?

NN: I started with Drums. I remember I picked up drum sticks and started to make beats right away and amazed the kids.


CC: What was the first melody you played?

NN: My first melody was to play Drums along with Jai Ho Song from movie "Slumdog Millionaire" at school recital. That was my first performance at age of 6 or 7.


CC: That’s amazing! And at the age of 12 you’ve set a World record by playing 44 musical instruments. Were you recognised by the Guinness World Records?

NN: We contacted them and waited for 8 months. But they were not able to figure it out to make it as a world record. Now I am working on my album which will include 107 world music instruments. We will submit this album for Guinness World records. Hopefully, they will approve it.


CC: Of course, we hope for you! Adding to this, music is not the only thing you've mastered. As far as we are concerned, you can paint, is good in martial arts and even Bollywood dance. Are you home schooled? 

NN: Yes, I am homeschooled from grade 1 to up to now in 9th grade and will continue. It gives me more time and flexibility to adjust my schedule. I can choose my study time according to my schedule. 


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Eating Cheap In Vegas

A Las Vegas vacation for many people is an experience to enjoy twenty-four-seven food, drink, and of course gambling.  That is the very reason that many people visit Vegas and it is also one of the main reasons that the city of Las Vegas and the gambling empires that have been built, crumbled, and been rebuilt again and again have had many of the rocky rides that offer more bumps, dips, twists, and turns than you will find on many of the roller coasters that also inhabit this great city.

Las Vegas has so much more than that to offer its visitors.  This city of bright lights and empty promises is quickly becoming a city that offers world-class entertainment and excitement to its residents and its visitors. Las Vegas has some of the best dining on the planet. Many of the wonderful dining experiences are associated with the casinos of the area but they would not be as successful as they are if there was not a reason to keep the tables full. Diners don't tend to dine if the food isn't good and a for a restaurant a bad review will travel around the world three times before ten good reviews will make it once. This means that the world-class fine dining restaurants really must earn their stripes in order to bring in the business required in order to stay in business.

I personally tend to look for the dining bargains and that is what this particular article will focus on. There many great places to eat in Vegas that will not have you busting open your piggy bank. Now my guy is a steak and potato kind of man so I always try to look for a good steak bargain. For him, I love Arizona Charlie's Boulder Sourdough CafÈ. Here you can get a 14-ounce Porterhouse for $7.99 this includes soup or salad, choice of potato or rice (5 pm-11 pm), veggies, and rolls. You can also get spaghetti and meatballs for $6.49 and Chicken Penne Primavera or fried chicken for $6.99. This is good food at its best at a price that easy on the budget. 

This is just one of the many places a person or family can get a relatively good meal inexpensively. Not all great bargains involve steaks but there are many great food bargains to have. Be aware of coupons you may find around town offering two for one food purchases or dollars off of entree purchases. It may not seem like much or two but if you can manage to save $2 per two people for 10 meals during your stay, that adds up pretty quickly to forty dollars that could buy a little time on the slot machines or tickets to one of the many great shows.


 Eating Cheap In Vegas

Christine Reidhead, Founder and CEO of AfrikRising: My Best Role is a Mom!

Educator and Humanitarian, Christine Reidhead, is an Assistant Professor and the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Organization, AfrikRising. The youngest of five children, she was born in Mesa, Arizona to Phyllis and Daniel Cluff. Christine is a native of Benson, Arizona, where she learned the importance of hard work and dedication. She had the pleasure of growing up in a great and supportive community. Today, she works at Navajo Technical University as an Assistant Professor of Business and Program Manager for the Department of Transportation Grant. She is also a Business Department Chair and Faculty Vice President. 


Alongside these roles, Christine serves her own nonprofit organization, AfrikRising, which provides critical resources to the children of Africa who face starvation, educational limitations, and health disparities. Whether it is in her own local community or multiple populations across the world, it has always been her desire to help others, especially children. She also hosts her own podcasts, which focus on nonprofits, advocacy, the Tribal College Movement and sports talk. She just published her Tribal College Movement Podcast with the Tribal College Journal.


Outside of this and her career, she works tirelessly in serving as a positive example for her two amazing sons. It is her mission to make certain that they always know the importance of education and feel the joy of helping those who need it most. 

We decided to meet this inspirational woman and ask her about her life, career and dreams. 

CL: Hi Christine, how are you feeling today? 
CR: Im doing great, thank you!

CL: It is always a pleasure to meet woman that inspire, and you are definitely one of them! You have so many roles: being an assistant professor, faculty vice president, serving a non-profit organization for helping children in Africa and being a mom of two. What role do you consider the most important of all? 
CR: Definitely, being a mother. My boys are amazing and I love being an important part of their lives. They are growing up too fast!

CL: You’ve been born in a large family with five kids. Was it tough being the youngest? 
CR: I had older brothers and a lot of male cousins so I had to hold my own, but I loved it! It instilled toughness in me and a sense of fight.

CL: What is the warmest memory from your childhood? 
CR: I was always involved in sports and really loved the relationships I built through that.


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