A Must Read: “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia” is out soon!

You can’t miss this out! We are beyond excited to present you the third book of a series by the talented author Christopher Laird.


Christopher Laird is an author from Detroit, Michigan. He has been writing science fiction since he was 15 years old. He has only now realised his dream of publishing two best selling novels(ORIGINS AND ETERNITY'S PAST). Mr. Laird is also working on a stage play for his upcoming short story THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS: FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF AN ALIEN, which is the third book of the ORIGINS series.


Christopher Laird is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Laird is currently studying at Harvard University to deepen his understanding of Psychology. Mr. Laird is  also an active member of The Detroit Institute Of Arts and The Detroit Zoo to help them to become world recognised institutions.


Join Christopher Laird as he reaches new bounds in his journey to write compelling stories. He currently has stories that will be adapted into stage plays and his Amazon best selling novel ORIGINS is in the process of hopefully being optioned for a motion picture. Keep up to date with Chris Laird as he continues to usher us into a new era of science fiction. Join his Facebook fan page to keep up with him: facebook.com/chrislairdscifi. You can also check out the news section on his site: www.chrislaird.net 

We interviewed Christopher about the upcoming “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”.

CP: Hello, Christopher! How are you doing?

CL: I am doing well, thank you.


CP: We can see the Covid period was really productive for you, since you are coming with the third book! So exciting. Or was it already finished?

CL: During this difficult time, I had more than adequate time to put the finishing touches on the novel. It has really benefited me. Although it was nearly complete, this down time as allowed me to expedite the process in my favor.


CP: How in general was Covid-19 pandemic for you?

CL: It was certainly an interesting time. It was a great time of introspection. It really helped me to put my life in perspective and evaluate where I am in my life and what I need to do to improve on myself.


CP: The two first parts of the ORIGINS series became Amazon best selling novels, that’s impressive! Do you expect to beat this success with the third part?

CL: We certainly hope so, that is our goal. With the parameters of the pandemic, it may impede several marketing avenues we have used in the past. We just have to improvise and try new things to get the word out. Doing virtual book tours via Zoom and other formants are options we are going to pursue.


CP: Well, let’s come to our main topic. Tell us about your inspiration with “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”.

CL: It has been a fun series to write. I have enjoyed continuing the series as fans have been throughly entertained. I enjoy the characters as they continue to progress through their arcs. They are evolving and that is what makes writing about them more exciting.


CP: Is the third part final in the series or do you plan to have a continuation?

CL: We plan on doing a continuation. As long as fans continue to buy, I will continue to write. There is even a possibility of the series extending beyond its current plot if people want more of it.


CP: Your reader’s testimonial: “this would be a great movie if they ever decide to do it”. Actually, do you plan to create a movie script based on the novels?

CL: We already have a stage play based on a short story from the series. It was set to debut this winter. Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone it until December 2021. It is called "The True Meaning Of Christmas: From The Perspective Of an Alien. In addition, we are also working on getting the series on the big screen. A script is currently in the works, but nothing has been green lighted as of yet.


CP: So when is the release of the part 3 planned?

CL: It will be released this fall. It is currently in the final editing phase and will be released sometime in the 4th quarter of the year. Fans can go to my website www.chrislaird.net to stay updated.


CP: Thank you so much, Christopher, for you time! We are looking forward to the release of “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”!

Joy Ahn Ngu's latest Hit on God TV - Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn

Joy Ahn Ngu is the fashion-forward mother of two who has helped her parents, beloved Pastor Ché Ahn and his dynamic wife Pastor Sue Ahn, add and develop a media brand to their internationally-recognized Christian networks including Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California and HIM International Ministries which comprises tens of thousands of churches worldwide. Poised for success, Joy was raised in the Christian ministry from the early days when her parents would hold services within their own home for just friends and family.

Soon, though, the ministry grew and the Ahn family name became synonymous with Evangelical Family success stories. “My parents have always sought to be vulnerable and to use our family experiences as testimony whenever possible,” Joy explains, “which is why I believe that we are relatable and likable and have had a profound impact in the communities they Pastor.”

Today, Joy Ahn Ngu lives in Pasadena, California with her husband and two small children. She has executive produced and co-hosts a break-through show on God TV called Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn where sought-after Christian leaders such as Cindy Jacobs and Mark Chironna discuss a multitude of fascinating topics and everyday interests. “The show was entirely my father’s vision. What I love about my dad is his ability to relate empathetically to all people. I have a deep respect for him because he is Kingdom minded - to him it is always about how he can help others,” Joy explains, “The show provides a look inside personal relationships, personal stories, and very real vulnerable moments. It’s very special and like nothing else, because it

brings internationally recognized preachers, evangelists, leaders and prophets into a safe space and introduces the viewer to their most relatable sides.”


Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn airs Tuesdays at 8:30pm EST on GOD TV!


Watch here!


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Exclusive Interview with Angela Foxworth

CP: Welcome Angela! Tell our readers a little bit about you and what you do?

My name is Angela Foxworth a.k.a. “A Fox.” I am currently a television talk show host and Customer Success Manager for Xperienc On Demand television, a 2-time Best Selling and 1-time International Best-Selling author, a red carpet celebrity host, the Chief Atlanta Correspondent for 2 Savage Magazine and the reigning Mrs. Georgia Woman US Majesty 2020. I am a woman truly passionate about seeing others win and I use all of my platforms to educate, motivate and inspire.


CP: Great! Now we all know that the pandemic has given us all a “New Norm.”  What does that “New Norm,” look like for you and how do you keep the motivation and momentum to keep going!?


The new norm for me is finding ways to entertain myself at home and not venture out so much because of the pandemic. I do exercise more outside to enjoy the beautiful nature scenes and not get too claustrophobic at home. Most of my shows and business meetings are via zoom now too.


CP: You have been one busy lady! If I understand correctly, you have been apart of 2 Best-Selling Book projects and recently 1 International Best-Selling Book project all during the pandemic. Most people struggle to get one book out: but you have been a part of 3 Best-Selling books. That is Outstanding!  Tell our readers briefly about these projects and what is YOUR SECRET to making it happen? 


For me, the pandemic has truly been about staying focused and really working hard to pursue my dreams. Coupled with an absolutely amazing publishing house (Jesus, Coffee and Prayer) and the mentorship of International best-selling author and owner Minister Nakita Davis has made the transition from normal outside life to a new creative and innovative way of bringing my voice to the masses through writing. It has been priceless! The secret is just using the time given to work hard on what you’ve been putting off and it will pay off!  


CP: 2020 is not what most people expected, but you still found a way to WIN.  Through it All, what did you find out about you, and what encouraging advice would you give to our readers?


I realize that I am blessed with resilience and strength that I never knew I had. In the midst of the pandemic, I have also had my own personal tragedies and losses. But, through it all, I am blessed to use my pain and convert it into a passion that has allowed me to elevate. My encouragement for your readers is to push past whatever challenges and obstacles come their way. Speak positive affirmations daily until they become second nature to you and then work diligently, consistently and proficiently on whatever it is you desire to do or become. The results are going to be lasting and you’ll soon realize one victory begets another.


CP: Okay A.Fox~ I know that’s the name your fans affectionately call you!  Tell us one Fun Fact…something Awesome that most people don’t know about you.


Well, I am a great singer, but I am too shy to sing in public! 


CP: Thank you again for your time A. Fox!  You are truly a remarkable gem. Anything BIG coming up that our readers should be on the lookout for?


Yes! My television show (The Angela Foxworth Show) is debuting officially on xperienc.tv, so please download the app on your smart devices (XOD Network.)  Soon, I will also find out on September 12, 2020, if I won the title of National Queen~ so wish me luck! 


CP: Please also let our readers know how they can keep in contact with YOU!


I can be followed on Facebook as Angela Collins Foxworth and Angela Foxworth 

Instagram- @afoxradio and therealafox 

Twitter- @theafoxshow



CP: A.Fox, Thank you for your time. Continued to Success to YOU!

"Top Fashion" summer collection is out!

Kelvin Boon makes the cover of "Top Fashion" August issue. An author and an owner of model agency BoonModels reveals the secrets about becoming a model. Get our hot statement necklaces, be inspired by our fashion addictions. Read how Daniella Kallmeyer makes woman's personalities shine. Learn how Dakota Johnson worked at the local store and did odd jobs. All this and much more in this issue!

Therése Neaimé Radiant New Single For Summer 2020 – “Dance Love” is getting Global attention!

International sensation Therése Neaimé is heating up the summer of 2020 with a brand-new single to follow up her previous chart top 20 at Music Week.


Therése Neaimé Radiant New Single For Summer 2020 – “Dance Love” is getting Global attention!
International sensation Therése Neaimé is heating up the summer of 2020 with a brand-new single to follow up her previous chart top 20 at Music Week.

International sensation Therése Neaimé is heating up the summer of 2020 with a brand-new single to follow up her previous chart top 20 at Music Week.
Dance Love is designed to bring bodies straight to the dancefloor through a wildly colorful & catchy infusion of radiant sound – “Dance Love” was officially released on June 22nd and is already making some spectacular noice worldwide getting airplays in citys like London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Berlin. Dance Love is also playing in stores worldwide. Ranked nb 1 on Kings of Spins, nb 21 on the Global Latin DJ chart, entering the Official European Indie Chart top 100 at nb 17, played by the Top 40 billboard stations in North America
A song written by Therése Neaimé, Maria Marcus, Gunnar Nordén and Jon Hällgren
Produced by Maria Marcus and Jon Hällgren
Masterered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room
Released by Yellow Rhinestone Records

·       orcd.co/tessdancelove
·       www.instagram.com
·       www.facebook.com

Heather Fay is the Girl of the Month!

Heather Fay makes the cover story of "Malina" August issue truly iconic! Read why everyone is so obsessed with blonds story. Find your jewellery inspiration with Tiffany. Get to know the iconic skincare with Audrey Soie. All this and much more in new issue of "Malina" magazine!

Marc Marut Makes Cover of "Cosmo Life" August Issue

Dealing With Pandemic Using Humour 

The new release "Fuck You COVID-19" by “Cool Ass” not only sticks it to the coronavirus, but is also set to cheer up the world during this pandemic. It's mission is to show that despite all the social distancing measures, we can still find a way to come together and have fun. For the music video, fans from around the world unite with footage of them rocking out to the song, which is sure to bring a smile to your face. The video is available on YouTube and will also be aired on MTV. 


Critics Love It 

"Fuck You COVID-19" was released on June 19, 2020 to critical acclaim. Up Up Music describes it as "the Covid-19 anthem that we didn’t even know we were waiting for", and Stepkid.com writes "this artist really has a lot of talent" and "seriously, this song is damn good.”


Cool Ass Music 

“Cool Ass” was created by Marc Marut, with a sound that's reminiscent of 90's alternative. Combining a hard hitting, toe tapping, energetic rock style with other influences, “Cool Ass” music gets people moving as much as the lyrics get them laughing. Not only is Marc a musician/songwriter, he is also an accomplished actor. He has starred in feature films such as "The Paperboy (1994)", as well as many TV shows such as "Goosebumps" and "Road To Avonlea". Marc does all the composing, recording, and audio engineering himself. 


Today we are excited to have the founder of “Cool Ass” Marc Marut for all the tea about their recent release. 


CL: How did you start your music career?

MM: When I was nine I was lucky enough to break into acting by doing musical theatre, so I got to hang out with members of the orchestra and I really learned a lot from them. They'd help me do things like transpose sheet music into different keys for auditions, or the conductor would guide me in terms of my vocal performances... they were professionals, and as a kid I was blown away at their talent! As I got older, I spent lots of time in studios laying down vocals for commercials and TV shows. I also started taking piano lessons, but quickly got discouraged with my music teacher because she wouldn't let me add any style. So that inspired me to get into playing guitar, and of course I was in a band in highschool. 


CL: What inspired you to launch “Cool Ass”?
A few years ago a song popped into my head that was so catchy, it got stuck there for months until I just couldn't ignore it any longer... and since I could already play some instruments, I set about recording it and learned how to do all the audio production myself. I was so pleased with the final result that I decided to share it with the world, and so Cool Ass was born. 


CL: Tell us about your recent release "Fuck You COVID-19"? 

MM: Like all my music, it just popped into my head one day. I was actually getting ready to record some other songs at the time, when suddenly out of nowhere we got hit by this virus and everything changed. This "new normal" took a lot of adjustment for me, and when I finally adapted to it, this new song was stuck in my head... it was such a catchy tune and was so relevant to how people were feeling, I had to put all my other plans on hold and record this one instead. 


Read the full interview with Marc in "Cosmo Life" August issue
Visit coolass.tv to watch the music video and learn more about the artist. Join the Cool Ass mailing list to keep up to date and never miss anything new.