Marina Kufa: "I broke the Guinness Record"!

Marina Kufa — abundantly warming and charismatic producer AND HOST of NOW News Of The World, that has and continues to be an inspiration to a large number of her fan base. With her devoted 15 years of experience to the media/entertainment industry, she has helped broaden the horizon of being the voice and drive of global humanitarianism through her talent! Marina Kufa is honoured with Guinness World Record with ITAP as well She produced several documentaries accompanied by NAT-GEO. You can see her Hosting show Red Carpet Of Hollywood with top celebrities. She works with public relation teams of CMPR producers of THE VOICE and ZTPR. You can see her every year on few out of may on red carpets like All Star, Pro Boxing, Make A Wish Foundation, George Lopez Foundation, Harold and Carole Pump Foundation with A list celebrities. Recently she Marina had produced documentary film — Round Earth Test in collaboration with National Geographic. Action and Stunt Actress — worked on Miami Vice, Rock of Ages as well as Step UP 4 Revolution, Charlie’s Angels as well with Carlos Santana on FIFA music Video “Da Rum Jeto” and David Tutera show with Dennis Rodman. Marina also got her hands on production of the film directed by Wes Miller written by Emmy and Oscar nominated Douglas Day Stewart. Currently she launched NOW Music channel that already had 5M hits in a week. 

R&B: Hi Marina, glad to see you today! What’s up?
MK: So excited to be here! Thank for Having me!

R&B: Always sunny, always looking gorgeous! You created a lot of impact through your various projects! Do you sleep at all? What’s your time management secret?
MK: Thank you so much. I surf with the sharks and Dolphiens... haha in Laguna Beach CA, the secret is to stay connected to the universe, surround yourself with negative ions and learn how to use them.

R&B: Your fame started from PlanetE!, is that correct? What was the most memorable moment from behind the scenes?
MK: My hard work began way back in Miami where we shot Miami Vice movie. The most memorable moment was converation with Jamiee Foxx when he relly took his time during brake and expalined to me (european) the meening of the word MOJO (print on the T-shirts), that was made specifically for the movie.

R&B: I can’t wait for asking you about your Guinness World Record! That is huge! What was the cause? Tell us all the details!
MK: Now, this was more than a dream come true! I was contacted by ITAP rep one of the sourses to do full coverage on this World Guiness Record thet took place on the race Track here in CA for electric vehicle that was made 90% out of recycled batteries and other electronics. My crew thought this is fantastic procect, so we took it on. We were driving this vehicle for 4 days straight non stop to reach the desired mileage that broke the WGR as the first recycle vehicle in the world. The full documetnary is coming out soon. So this is how I got in to the Guiness Record, we just became part of the ITAP TEAM and got to WORK.

R&B: You recently collaborated with National Geographic on the documentary, was it tuff experience for you? What sacrifices did you suffer to make it happen?
MK: One of the most interesting adventures, I tell you… I was contacted by Independed Investigation Group to do coverage on Round Eart Test. Basically flat earth belivers are arguing with scientists on earth shape evidence so there for the scientists decide to prove it. Both of groups were present, Flat and Round earth believe groups. So — we did it again! We did 3 days of scientific experience in colaboration with National GEOGRAPHIC. What a amazing experience! Our documentary is going to be released Dec 1st 2019. It is  called “Round Earth Test”- Dont miss it!

R&B: You are going to be the Red Carpet host in upcoming PRO Boxing World HeavyWeight Title in LA. When the magic happens? Is it invitation only event? How can we follow?
MK: I'm so excited! I can wait! This is going to be a WAR like they said - Ronald "The American Dream" Johnson vs Sergio "Tota" Ramirez. You have no idea. Keep it in mind —Tota already lost a fight with Johnson previously, but is not giving up. Johnson said: "You asked for it? So now You gonna Get it!" Heavy Weight GBO Ron Johnson is trained by the legend of Boxing World Floyd Mayweather Sr. Another legendary trainer will be there — Milton Lacroix with his rising Star Nicolas Irizarry. Milton trains Youtube Sensation Logan Paul and many other famous celebrities. I’m truly honoured to be "Supremacy Showdown" Red Carpet host. Come join us! And take a picture with me on the Red Carpet — we will have selfie contests on instagram for all the fans! You'll find out more when you get there. Magic will take a place October 12th 2019”. Supremacy Showdown "Pico Rivera Sports Arena 11003 Rooks Rd Pico Rivera CA 90601. This place is "on fire" already! We are also have fighting undefended 8-0 with 4 nockouts La Cobra and Brandyn Lynch "Bad News" 9-1 with 7 kos the nephew of Eddy Murphy.

Anyone can purchase the tickets are on sale:

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Heather Fay shared her beauty secrets with "Cosmo Chic" readers!

Heather Fay, who has toiled to have her music heard without the backing of a record label, is now poised for a run up the charts with her first single, released at the end of March this year through Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Dist. 

Leggy beauty Heather Fay sparkled in her bikini on the covers of glossy magazines showing off a stunning figure and her unbeaten body.  Makeup artists recognized Heather as the most beautiful star who doesn't even need makeup!

Today, in an exclusive interview to "Cosmo Chic", Heather confessed what price she payed for her beauty and what she does to look amazing despite the tight schedule.

CC: Hi Heather, great to see you! You look stunning, as always!
HF: Thank you so much and it’s great to see you as well, thanks for having me!


CC: Congratulations on your single "The One"! Are you happy with your choice of the label?

HF: Yes! Thank you! I am thrilled with the set up that I have as an artist.  Having artistic and creative control along with the support and respect that every artist needs within their team is a great position to be in.

CC: You have a pretty tuff schedule now. Despite this you manage to look fantastic, from toes to hair :) What is your usual morning beauty routine?

HF: I start every day off early with meditation, which is very important if you want to glow from the inside out. Mind, body, and spirit all three are very much connected. Also before I even get out of  bed I have a glass of water. This helps your body to wake up and start functioning properly. On top of that I drink hot tea every morning with a tablespoon of coconut oil stirred in. Coconut oil is an amazing source of organic energy, it’s really good for the brain and helps you get through the day. With all of these morning habits you begin to glow naturally without the need of much else to look and feel great! Water, tea, and coconut oil are great for you skin, hair, and nails as well so you can’t go wrong with these three essentials.

CC: What make-up brands do you use in your day to day life? Do you have some preferences while your professional makeup during your shows?

HF: When it comes to mascara I have to use the pink and green Maybelline. For lip creams and liners I really love NYX, they have a lot of different options for lips and you can’t go wrong with any of them. When it comes to the pros I just let them do their thing! I will say that I enjoyed it when a make-up artist used Fenty Beauty for my make-up. It went on great and the way everything was packaged and presented was beautiful!

CC: All make-up artists admit your stunning beauty and very little necessity for make-up. Evil tongues speak that you had your nose, breast and lips done. Is any of this close to reality?

HF: I guess I will take that as a compliment!  Lol. I can appreciate that some might look at me and think that I have had surgery done but NOPE, I am all natural and have not had any work done!  #TeamNatural

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Interview with American music producer J Chamberlain

CP: So Chamberlain you've been making music for awhile. What inspires you? 
It's Several things honestly. As a music producer or "beat maker" I feel free when I'm in my creative zone. I feel I have unlimited freedom. It's very full filling to display my creative skills. I want people to get a natural high from my music. 
CP: Your from a small town in Texas. How did growing up in Texas affect your music style? 
Well growing up in Texas by Houston screw music was a big deal. That music is legendary down there. I grew up listening to everything. I would listen to rap station, 97.9 the box and the alternative/pop type station 104.1 KRBE. I just never wanted to be closed into a box. I think a lot of Texas music is closed into a box. It's crazy because I'll start working with a rapper from the Houston area and they say they want to be unique. They end up trying to sound like some other southern rapper that they really like and it's just kind of lame. 
CP: You've had some music deals and placements. Do you feel you can open up the door for more local Texas rappers and other independent artist internationally?
I just want to work with great artist that want to make great music. Artist that want to set their own trend and not scared to think outside the box. Just real people that have the passion but know that it's a business. They need to have a budget to promote their music. Some artist want someone to hold their hand. This is the wrong business for babysitting. You either going to push your product or you not, period. 
CP: What have you learned in the last few years about yourself in your music journey? 
I've learned to just be myself and never get caught up in believing your better than you really are. You can always get better and you must continue to develop your craft. You can't get complacent and hurt your brand. I just focus on grinding harder each day and finding a way to be successful.
CP: We can talk about music all day but tell us what's your favorite things to do in your spare time? 
I like to chill at the beach and wake up to that ocean view and relax. I will take myself out to the movies on a "me date". Just to go watch a movie by myself. My other favorite thing is attending sporting events. I'm a big sports fan and a Dallas Cowboy fan forever. 

American music producer J Chamberlain


CP: What projects do you have coming up?
I'm continuing to make new beats monthly, work with new artist on their projects, and working with GQ Radio. I have some tracks in my catalog I want to release. I'm just trying to put it together for a quality release. I will release some music late in 2019. My website will have the updates on all my upcoming projects. I'm shopping some tracks around and getting interest. I just don't want to rush it and it's not done the right way. 

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Exclusive Interview with French pianist Aurelien David 

 Our exclusive interview is with Aurelien David, French recording artist, singer and pianist. Today, Aurelien shares his time between Germany, France and Israel. Aurelien David’s first album “Adon Olam” is an eclectic mix of pop ballad, influences from French Chansons and reinterpreted traditional Hebrew texts and melodies, accompanied by a piano arrangement inspired by classical composers.

Aurelien David began playing the piano at the age of 7. He received classical training with renowned international concert pianists and singers. At 16, the path was set for him to pursue a career as an artist, but he decided to study engineering, politics and business instead. After completing his master's degree at 21, Aurelien began his successful international career. 7 years later he founded his own company for international development cooperation. Since then, he has been traveling around the world working for government institutions, helping to realize sustainable projects. For a long time, he has been dreaming about reconnecting with his first passion by producing his own music. Inspired and surrounded by great people, he finally decided in 2018 to launch his own label and realize a project that is very important to him, the album "Adon Olam”.

Glam: Hi Aurelien how are you doing today? 
AD: I feel fantastic. Full of energy, right in the middle of a creative rush.

Glam: What’s up in your music life now? What are the ongoing projects today? 
AD: I am currently recording my next singles, building up to my first album, working on my first music videos concepts. It is a very exciting and vibrant period in my life. I have so many ideas, things are happening at a mind-boggling pace at the moment. It’s crazy.

Glam: Your album “Adon Olam” is sort of a mixture between poetry, prayer and classical pop music. How did you come up with this? 
AD:  I have a deep connection to Judaism and was always captivated by this musical heritage. I want to radically break down all boundaries between religions, music styles, languages, the old and the new. 

Glam: Actually, you’ve been playing since you were 7, but “Adon Olam” is your first album, right? How comes you only recorded it now? It is quite particular, memorable, signature voice of yours. How did you come up to your personal expression in music? 
AD: As you say, I have always played music, all my life. I was trained as a classical pianist and singer, but decided to study engineering, politics and business instead when I was quite young. Then I launched my international career, which was very successful and kept me traveling a lot. I kept doing music all the time, but of course I was caught up in my daily business and projects with a lot of responsibility and little time. I wanted to do a music project that is very personal for a long time, and now the time just seemed right to just do it! I decided to follow my heart, be brave, and try to make something unique. I love the timeless motives, melodies and deep feelings Hebrew music expresses, I believe it comes from the soul and touches something universal. 

Glam: You’ve had your share of experiences besides music: studying engineering, politics and business. Do you regret that you spent time on those things instead of going to music right away? 

AD: Not at all. As I said, I always played music. And in my career I really had the opportunity to see the world, realize big projects focused on sustainability, things that made sense to me and make a contribution to do good things – and don’t forget, it helped me gain true insight on the human condition, which is the basis of inspiration for my music and my message as an artist too.

Glam: How long did it take to actually put your album together from the idea to the final product?
AD: It has been an extremely dynamic process – especially considering I have a “day job” that keeps me flying all over the world on other projects. We started about 6 months ago – and I expect to be finished recording the first album in 2 or three months. So it is still work in progress. 

Read the full interviwe in the August issue of "Glamourama" magazine!

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Exclusive interview Peter Collins for "Lounge Club" July

Songwriter Peter Collins has emerged as  a new force in music combining R&B, Soul and Jazz sounds with an Inspirational foundation. His silky vocals are often accompanied by his guitar playing which is quite impressive and skilfully remarkable in its own right.

A Jamaican, Cuban American native of Newark, NJ, Peter’s passion for music originated and grew with guidance and support from his parents. As a student at Arts High School in Newark, NJ, where he cultivated his artistry, Peter excelled at vocal classical music performance and contemporary music performance. Here is Lounge Club Exclusive with Peter Collins.

LC: What is your music background?

PC: My music background is in Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Gospel, Classical music etc. I started off learning from family at home which later expanded to hearing music outside of the house and going to a performing arts high school and being trained classically. 

LC: Who are your biggest influences?

PC: Oh, I am influenced from many things like Life, my father Osmond Collins –a renown gospel singer, Gospel artists like Kim Burrell and Cece Winans to R&B like Usher to new pop artists like Tori Kelly and more.

LC: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

PC: The music I create is an eclectic mix of R&B, Soul, and Jazz with an Inspirational and classical foundation.  There are so many old school ideas, sounds and essences in my music that I aim to give a whole new energy to. It is this binding together of the past with the present moving into the future.

LC: What is your song writing and creative process like?

PC: The process varies depending on how the music is received. Most times I would receive a melody and jam to that melody and then the topic and lyrics follow. Often I write pretty quickly but sometimes the song has to simmer. I also love singing in hallways with ambience, yet I could write in pure nature outside, there are really no limits.

LC: Tell us more about your albums, what are your songs about?

PC: I actually just put out my Debut album “Love and Mind” and it comes from a place of love yet is also the shaping of the mind. It speaks of peace, joy, and life, the ability to love in all aspects, then shifts into the deconstruction, construction and elevation of the mind.

LC: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

PC: I would love to collaborate with H.E.R, Tori Kelly, and Bobby Mcferrin. 

LC: If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

PC: I would open for Ed Sheeran because I have an acoustic sound, and he started off with a similar sound.

Read the full interview in the "Lounge Club" July issue!

Meeta Vengapally is the founder & CEO of Garnysh is Our Cover Girl


Meeta Vengapally is the founder & CEO of Garnysh, a Silicon Valley-based fitness and technology company that uses real-time tracking and analytics to support fitness and nutrition goals with a growing database and custom-prepped meal plans.

CP: Hi Meeta, how are you today?
MV: On top of the world!  

CP: You look great! How would you describe your style?
MV: Depends on my mood. I can really take just about anything & add my touch to it and create a remix of any look. 

CP: Are you a shopaholic? Where do you usually shop?
MV: I wouldn’t say shopaholic but def have a good appetite to enjoy life. I shop anywhere and everywhere where I can find stuff that fits. Being curvy also means that I have to get fits custom made. Most of my formalwear is mostly custom made and that process is absolutely my fav. The collaborative process with the designer and stylist truly brings out my utmost creativity. It’s so much fun to see and wear the finished product! 

CP: Besides being a successful business woman, you are a happy mom. How do you manage your time?
MV: By living a full throttle life. I don’t believe in work-life balance, I love to integrate all parts of my world to feel whole. That feeling is unmatched. 

CP: What is you best tip for planning?
MV: Planning for me comes down to one thing, simplify, simplify, simplify. By doing so, the process of planning not becomes an easy task but by peeling away all the layers it usually becomes a matter of having some concise steps in place to follow. 

CP: What is the best thing for you being a mom?
MV: The satisfaction I feel is unreal. The most challenging part is the insane amount of patience it takes sometimes, and having an awareness about it. 

CP: You are a successful owner of a fitness company, how did you come up with this idea?
MV: It cake from personal struggle. I wanted to lose my baby weight but it all cake down to paper and pen to track my fitness progress. I wanted to change that.


Follow Meeta at IG: @meetamoment 

Personal site: 

Photo Credits @chasingfaces_ 

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"Cosmo Life" July is out!

Cover Girl of July Issue is a holywood actor and comedy queen Yui Shibata, leading actor in “Stalking Elvis”.

Creating a movie based on a real story is not always a simple thing to do. While some stories basically write themselves, there are also some that are very challenging and you do need to figure stuff out on your own. “Stalking Elvis” is a great movie that features Yui Shibata in the main role and the entire thing is based on true stories from factual mentally insane lunatic stalkers.
This is a SAG-AFTRA movie directed by Joseph Guinan. Josepth has been a casting director in Hollywood for a very long time. His specialty is casting people of color and a lot of his films/TV series feature those non-white actors. He is the creator behind Miss Igetu Soun, one of the most iconic characters in recent memory. It’ s truly exciting to see how everything comes together into the movie, and the casting of Yui Shibata is indeed perfect for this role. The name on its own is very catchy, it’ s similar to a Bond girl name, and it immediately attaches to your mind in ways you would not imagine.


The fact that this is based on a true story brings in a rather meta experience to say the least. You rarely get to have something like this to begin with, and the entire thing is so distinctive and also quite iconic that you will enjoy it immensely again and again. 

Written by Ella Herada. Read the full article in the “Cosmo Life” July Issue.


Exclusive interview with Lu Tirado — model, actress, singer and IT girl

Today we are happy to have Lu Tirado  model, actress, singer and IT girl  all easily combining in her fragile personality. Easy going and sunny, she shared few insides of her backstage life. 

CP: Hi Lu, we are happy to have you! You describe yourself as a fangirl that occasionally is singing, acting and modelling. It is such an easy attitude to life! Is everything you do comes easy to you?
LT: Some things do come naturally, but I’d say a lot of work needs to be done in order to accomplish bigger and better things.

CP: You've moved to LA at 18, how would you desicribe this city? 
LT: I absolutely love LA, it’s a city full of art, I feel like LA, it’s a city where you can be yourself and express yourself freely with no one judging you, everyone does their own thing.

CP: What made you move to Mexico? Do you prefer it to LA? What's special about it? 
LT: I was born and raised in Mexico City, so pretty much my whole life was here, and my parents decided it was time for me to come back home and persue a normal career, but I’m still working my way into the industry here.

CP: Now you devote your space time to modelling. What was the most fun collaboration you've done? 
LT: I did a boudoir shoot with “cuarto secreto”, it was super fun, since it’s something I had been wanting to do for a while, but opposite to what everyone thinks, I’m actually super shy, so I had to find the courage to do it. It was a photoshoot where I felt the most confident and free, it was an awesome feeling when I started to let go of my fears during the photoshoot, I didn’t want it to end.

CP: How would you describe your personal style?
LT: I have a difficult time explaining myself.  I can’t fully classify as edgy, preppy, boho(y), or girly. I do know that I lean towards modern, looking more for flattering pieces and color, lots of color.

CP: Are you a shopoholic? Where do you usually shop? Which are your favourite designers? 
LT: I don’t consider myself a shopaholic, although, I do love to shop for clothes every once in a while.
I usually shop online, Dolls Kill and stradivarius are my go-to shops. If I do shop in person and I’m in the mood to splurge, I usually go to top shop or free people.

CP: What is more important for you making financial success or having fun? 
LT: Having fun, definitely. I feel that the most important thing about a career, is to enjoy it and have fun, since it is what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, so it has to be something you have to have a pasion for, I never want to do something for the money, that’d be selling out, which is something I’m never going to do.

CP: How did you chose what you wanted to do?
LT: Since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be an artist, that I wanted to entretain people, I remember watching tv shows and saying that someday, I was gonna be on a tv show, of course my parents, thought it was just a phase, that I’d get over it, but I never did, this has and will always be my career path. But looking back, I think the moment I really set my heart on it, was when my aunt took my brothers and I to see the Lion King the broadway musical, because after that, I could only think of being on a stage.

CP: Do you have any proyects coming out?
LT: Actually, I do! A few days ago, I was honored to be part of Carlos Said’s new music video, which will be coming out later this month, he has an amazing team, and he is an amazing person and artist so it was truly heartwarming to be given this opportunity.

CP: What is your biggest dream?
LT: My biggest dream is to be able to have a stable job in the industry, doing what I love, and making people happy. Also, one being on a magazine cover would be pretty awesome.

CP: How did you learn to sing? You have an amazing voice!
LT: Oh, thank you. Actually, I’ve never taken a singing lesson in my life, my family never let me, since they thought it was a waste of time, and jr was just a phase, so I think it must’ve come naturally, since I’ve been singing my whole life. My technique, comes from trying to imitate Demi Lovato, and also I learned a few things from youtube videos.

CP: What has been the most difficult situation that you’ve gone through or are going through in your artistic career?
LT: One of the most difficult things is finding castings since most of them are invite only and as of right now, I donmt have management. Another difficult thing, is having people bigger than you in the industry, trying to take advantage, promising things they won’t ever do and they end up just stepping all over you. Also, not having my family’s full support is pretty hard. Luckily, these past few months, I’ve found incredible people, who actually want to help me and want to see me succeed, people who believe in me and keep pushing me to believe in myself and let go of my fears and shyness.

CP: Thanks a lot Lu!
LT: Thank you for having me!